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[ EDIT - ĐM ] Em muốn tin tức tố của anh - Hoang Xuyên Đại by Tsundereee123
[ EDIT - ĐM ] Em muốn tin tức tố c...by Tư Uyên | 姿鴛
Tên khác: Ngã tưởng yếu nhĩ đích tín tức tố | 我想要你的信息素 Tác giả: Hoang Xuyên Đại | 荒川黛 Độ dài: 104 chương + 17 PN Editor: Tư Uyên. Nguồn: Tấn Giang. Cường thế phúc hắc b...
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True love A/B/O by AllyMellyely
True love A/B/Oby Ally
Ve světě se rozmohl virus Alfa, Beta, Omega. Tento příběh je o tom jak se s tím kluci vypořádají, jak se všichni postupem času poznavají a zamilovávají. Je to o jejich ž...
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You, the Moon and Me (taegi) {AU} by raindropsuga
You, the Moon and Me (taegi) {AU}by vans
Yoongi was adopted, so he really didn't know anything about werewolves living along them and the destiny awaiting him. Taehyung knew, as the soon to be leader of his pac...
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Baby boy by Viviana200421
Baby boyby BT21_vkook
Read to find out
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EXPERIENCE | MINSUNGby ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
''why are you doing this?'' ''because i love you.'' started: 08122019 - side ships: chanlix, changjin, jeongmin, seongjin - contains nsfw - omegaverse - for the horny fu...
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Haikyuu Omegaverse • Disarray by w6rship
Haikyuu Omegaverse • Disarrayby Isabella🗿
Book 2 in the HAIKYUU OMEGAVERSE series Description - Disarray: a state of disorganization or untidiness. That 'disorganization' was what made them feel at home. Achiev...
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[Đam mỹ][ABO]Hôn Nhân Lừa Gạt by andy12wu
[Đam mỹ][ABO]Hôn Nhân Lừa Gạtby Metairie Cemetery
Tên gốc: Lừa Gạt Hôn Nhân (欺诈婚姻) Tác giả: Bàn Phím Không Vỏ/ Máy Bán Bánh Ngọt Tiên Nữ (不戴套的键盘/甜饼贩卖机仙女套) Chuyển ngữ: Metairie Cemetery (Clio Trần; Hoàng Linh; Andy) Bet...
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[Danmei ABO] Hòa Hợp 100% by GuyaDi4k
[Danmei ABO] Hòa Hợp 100%by Dương Di Trấn
(❁'▽'❁)*✲゚* đây là hố mới theo gợi ý của mọi người nè!!! ɾ⚈▿⚈ɹ còn gợi ý về Vampire thì tớ xin thảy vào một hố khác làm quà tết nhé!!! (๑꒪▿꒪)* HÒA HỢP 100% Thể loại:...
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Lavender Clouds (Kakashi Hatake x Iruka Umino) by eridol
Lavender Clouds (Kakashi Hatake x...by 🇪​🇷​🇮
Kakashi Hatake is your typical alpha; attractive, strong, talented, and confident. Iruka Umino, however, doesn't like him- and no, it isn't because Kakashi's everything...
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Fucked Up Boyfriends || VMinKook by HeadOfCerberus
Fucked Up Boyfriends || VMinKookby Alex
Started: January 22nd, 2020 Ended: An Omega that's neglected. A Beta that's always being used. And an Alpha that's tired of expectations. - Lessons are learned, and...
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Who would've thought the alpha would be so bad at being one. - Sequel to submissive.
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The Pirate and the Prince - L.S. by _Just_Elli_
The Pirate and the Prince - L.S.by _Just_Elli_
Prince Louis William Tomlinson of England - omega - is on his way to France, meeting the man he is arranged to marry as soon as he turns 19. He isn't exactly fond of tha...
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Zianourrys one shots by WolfstarandLarry
Zianourrys one shotsby Louis'_Butt_Is_Nice
look up you twat Sometimes it takes longer to update then normal. This book is not done until I say. Sorry if I take awhile. I promise it will never be longer then 2 mon...
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Além da superfície by JulianaFerreira122
Além da superfícieby Juh Hime
- P'Mew...Eu queria saber, se... Se você quer ir ao baile alfa comigo?.... Novamente pareceu que tudo havia parado, o lencinho em sua mão, P'Mew diante de mim, o sorriso...
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Apenas.... Negócios? by Jssjbsidhw
Apenas.... Negócios?by Stay Know
Onde Kim Taehyung é um dos chefes do mercado negro de Seul. Mal sabe ele que sua vida de mafioso pode acabar por conta do amor a um homem.
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KINGLY • JIKOOKby Linsanity
"You can't be the one" he lamented like he was defeated "Aren't you happy about it?" he asked moving towards him with filled heart _ An omega was bei...
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RoadTrip Oneshots|| boyxboy by roadtriptvlife
RoadTrip Oneshots|| boyxboyby Sammy🍁
updates will be slow and requests are open. boyxboy only but smut, fluff is included. i never wrote smut before so let's see what happens. also, this used to be a smut b...
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My Alphas by roadtriptvlife
My Alphasby Sammy🍁
An disobedient beautiful omega who only cared about having fun and live life happily. Who is the son of Blue Moon's pack alpha and who is a double bond marked wolf. Lun...
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Natural by namjinkook1234
Naturalby nominthelove
Taeyong is the typical textbook omega. Pretty,sweet and is perfect in all ways possible. The only problem was he would swear himself to one alpha . Jaehyun wants to brea...
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