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Mermaid • Enoch O'Connor by RoyalHemmings
Mermaid • Enoch O'Connorby ❝Becca Hemmings❞
MERMAID | ❝ Yes, you want her look at her, you know you do. It's possible she wants you too. There's one way to ask her it don't take a word, not a single word go on and...
  • jacobportman
  • abe
  • missperegrineshomeforpeculiarchildren
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Slow change of heart: A Hellboy The Golden Army Fanfic  by i_like_pie_1234567
Slow change of heart: A Hellboy Th...by i_like_pie_1234567
Hellboy 2: The golden Army fanfiction Prince Nauda x Oc How the Elvish Prince eventually falls in love. *Completed*
  • completedeventual
  • hellboythegoldenarmy
  • thefishman
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Illustrations (an Enoch O'Connor fanfiction) by FangirlofMany9503
Illustrations (an Enoch O'Connor f...by H Lizzie
Elysia Abernathy always knew she was different. When she turned eight, she discovered her peculiar talent of making things she drew come to life. She practiced her tale...
  • peculiarities
  • mphfpc
  • peculiar
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My Five Husbands by Demz5luv
My Five Husbandsby Demz5luv
I woke up in Vegas with amnesia. I had absolutely no idea what I had done last night but I was pretty sure I had had a blast with my five hot new friends! I'm also pret...
  • said
  • inside
  • brother
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Summer Job ( VA fanfiction)  by TS__18
Summer Job ( VA fanfiction) by T S
All Human.Belikov is the CEO of the Belikova Industries. Rose Muzur is a high school student who wants to get out of her famous father's shadow. She want's to do somethi...
  • comrade
  • belikov
  • zemy
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Reacting to Frostbite by Crazzy2014
Reacting to Frostbiteby Crazzy2014
the second reacting to vampire academy book
  • frostbite
  • dimitri
  • readingthebooks
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Tears Don't Fall (Good morning call-Daichi)  by crystal_urbano
Tears Don't Fall (Good morning cal...by Baby_Sanha
It took me a while to realize that I had some feeling for him. By either way, he will always like the same girl no matter what. So why would he lead me on like that. St...
  • marina
  • uehara
  • mitsushi
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My Teacher,My Husband is a Mafia Lord by user85656541
My Teacher,My Husband is a Mafia L...by Love Mary
basahin nyo nalang po ^-^
  • abe
  • rey
Hellboy x Oc by JJM112
Hellboy x Ocby JM
Two sisters were called to help them with a great evil Hellboy is still sad over Liz leaving him for John when he gave her everything. "I shouldn't be acting this...
  • abe
  • hellboy
  • ocs
hellboy x reader by loversend2o
hellboy x readerby loversend2o
You y/n l/n lives in the City along side your best friend Jade. When both of you find yourselves caught in a jungle of love, saddness , and war what will happen in the c...
  • abe
  • love
  • hellboy
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reacting to Vampire Academy by Crazzy2014
reacting to Vampire Academyby Crazzy2014
Dimitri, Abe, Janine, Alberta, Kirova and Tatiana are made to sit down and read the books. how will they react to the things to come and will Dimitri survive Abe and J...
  • abe
  • readingthebooks
  • rose
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¸.•*¨*'•.Shards Of The Past¸.•*¨*'•. (Prince Nuada) {GOING UNDER EDITING} by Poison_Ivy99
¸.•*¨*'•.Shards Of The Past¸.•*¨*'...by ινу
"Father, what if there was something else than the crown piece that could control the army?" "There is a possibility. I have heard stories about someone...
  • army
  • nuala
  • abe
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Blood Beginnings by readinater
Blood Beginningsby readinater
Previously called After Last Sacrifice. This takes place after Last Sacrifice. Sydney has discovered a way for dhampirs to have kids together. Knowing this Dimitri says...
  • vampire
  • ozera
  • lissa
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Pixie Dust & Wolfsbane (LITWD Part 2) by ElleSmurfitt
Pixie Dust & Wolfsbane (LITWD Part...by Isabel
Second Installment and Spin-off of Lion In The Wolf Den:) I tried, okay? Not as silly... okay, maybe a little... like the title. Tasks Forces follow strict guidelines...
  • abe
  • supernatural-police
  • septimus
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A Little Bit Ninja by XundecidedX
A Little Bit Ninjaby XundecidedX
Living in a world where the dance team is her kingdom, fashion her passion, and judo her secret pastime, Jade Wright’s life is as close to perfect as it can be without h...
  • family
  • secrets
  • death
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Stand By Me [Millard Nullings] by Shrubbythebush
Stand By Me [Millard Nullings]by 🎧🎶Shrubby 🎶🎧
All rights belong to Ransom Riggs, except for some of the storyline and my own OC. Margaret Fichter feels alone in this world. After being held in a wight run work camp...
  • wights
  • abe
  • fiona
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Blood Rose (Vampire Academy Fanfiction) by YoCoco
Blood Rose (Vampire Academy Fanfic...by megan
this is what happens when Dimitri decides to become Tasha's guardian and years later rose joins him. what happens when they leave Tasha all alone? what happens when vict...
  • adrian
  • tasha
  • mia
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Deep Blue Sea (Ade Sapien x Oc) by TheForgottenSongchan
Deep Blue Sea (Ade Sapien x Oc)by TheForgottenSongchan
*HELLBOY I love the movie Hellboy and the 2nd one, Jesus effing christ So I wanted to give a small love story to one of our favoret Blue man Abe. so here we go, and als...
  • ocean
  • abe
  • water
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A Gentleman's Family by AprilHeidkamp
A Gentleman's Familyby April Heidkamp
What if you fell in love but could not marry that person because your parents had set up a union as soon as you were born? What if there was a way to break the union but...
  • roza
  • dimitri
  • prideandprejudice
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You can't die on me love by steeldragonslayer
You can't die on me loveby SteelDragonSlayer
This is a Hellboy x oc story, I don't own Hellboy or it's characters I only own the Oc hope you enjoy and look up the Oc for more information about her. This will be the...
  • hbxoc
  • manning
  • ốc
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