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Purnama by sakudrat
Purnamaby sakudrat
Naim Daniel once said in his song 'Purnama': "S'moga hatimu kan kekal abadi Terhadap diriku" Based on the original PHC series, just with an addition of a new...
Rich Rivals by lilbatterflay
Rich Rivalsby ca
mr.and ms. rich are used to be rivals since little, but are they going to be rivals forever?
Penat || Abdul Kahar  by LiaDeeya
Penat || Abdul Kahar by Dee
"Abe... Adik penat beh... Tolonglah adik penat sangat..." "Gapo Ayoh benci sangat ke Kahar?! Kahar penat Ayoh! Kahar penat!" "Sikit je lagi dik...
Kapla's Cinta Hati by lilbatterflay
Kapla's Cinta Hatiby ca
when the gangster "kapla" met the carefree girl
hypophrenia | shorts by hydrangeqs_
hypophrenia | shortsby melur
"i know who you pretend i am." - washing machine heart, mitski. written in malay and english, mostly in english started : 28/O6/23
kalau kau okay, aku okay | abdul kahar [projek high council] by plutosworldz07
kalau kau okay, aku okay | abdul k...by uHgood
when the lover girl meets the menace of kudrat - Kahar x oc playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLL9BwaPlw7wAOj4_7BfrxGFAw4FxwfvE_
Just Enemies? by lilbatterflay
Just Enemies?by ca
transferred female student met her first and forever love in KUDRAT
PHC × Ramadhan  by nanidan_728
PHC × Ramadhan by nanidan_728
Memandangkan sekarang dah masuk bulan Ramadhan yang mulia ni, author decide untuk tulis short fanfic of PHC but Ramadhan ver! Khas untuk fans PHC (muslim) yang nak mengh...
Cahaya; Abdul Kahar by lilbatterflay
Cahaya; Abdul Kaharby ca
a story about a girl named Cahaya Citra who survived an histeria case at her old school transferred to kudrat and met with a bebal kaplar
Maaf Kan Aku || Abdul Kahar by MirzaHadzfarina
Maaf Kan Aku || Abdul Kaharby *•.¸♡ 𝕞𝕚𝓇𝔷𝒶 ♡¸.•*
Sy tak tahu nak tulis ape tapi enjoy the story💖
KISAH AKU DAN DIA | ABDUL KAHAR by lovelydniaamuachh
KISAH AKU DAN DIA | ABDUL KAHARby dania slayerz😇🤙
satu cerita dimana adik naim dan fakhri,Nur Alysa Binti Firdaus Ismet telah menyertai sebuah program yang membawa dia dan rakan-rakannye ke kudrat dan dia menjumpa abe k...
Takdir Cinta Kita Ber....Tiga?! (FANFICTION ONLY!) by welovekahar__
Takdir Cinta Kita Ber....Tiga?! (F...by Kahar wives + Fakhri scandal
Hi guys! Cerita NI sebenarnya aku sesaja je buat so kalau tak best jangan kecam ye 😭. Prologue: Hi, nama Aku Seri Mawar binti Ikhwan Syahrizal. Aku kerja kat DM Kudrat...
Aku Kahar by henothing
Aku Kaharby henothing
"Aku Kahar, kapla high council." Everyone thought I was a big bully who was spoiled at home. But no one really cares about me, and I hate it. Desperate to be...
Kata-Kataku || Abdul Kahar by LiaDeeya
Kata-Kataku || Abdul Kaharby Dee
"Ku hanya mampu membisu,". A 16 year old who has been under Selective Mutism almost his whole life suddenly experience the most hectic and crazy year of his l...
kirana ; abdul kahar [C] by kekasihsore
kirana ; abdul kahar [C]by 𝐊𝐒 ✩°。⋆⸜ 🎧✮
"kirana si kahar dan kahar si kirana selamanya" ˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚ started ; 26 march circa 2023 completed ; 12 april circa 2023 lowercase intended @kekasihsore | 2023
my sickness  by mooboomoowekwek
my sickness by mooboomoowekwek
Noor Arisa Ardina was not an ordinary girl, she was talented yet carefree and bright; but at the age of 10 Arisa was diagnosed with leukopenia. Her father is a princip...
PROJEK HIGH COUNCIL One-shot by Dinambroses
PROJEK HIGH COUNCIL One-shotby Dinambroses
Writing about their journey and friendship. Contain backstory that I made it up, might not be similar to the actual story. Some characters is a bit out of place since th...
PHC ONESHOT  by deepblackthoughts
PHC ONESHOT by satanicthoughts
to feeds your imagination ;)
HARAM, project: high council by J0ANOFARC
HARAM, project: high councilby adi <3
"Biar rasa ini, Hanya sekadar engkau tahu; Aku ada bila perlu." abdul kahar x fem!oc