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Jotaro Kujo X Reader   -「 The Calm before the Storm  」 by Fanfic_writing
Jotaro Kujo X Reader -「 The Calm...by Fanfic_writing
An aspiring marine biologist meets a surfing fanatic. What could go wrong?
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AZIMA DA AZIZA (🐍MACIZAI NE🐍) by fateemah0
the story of two snakes sister's, don't miss this story, just cost #100naira only now b4 i ending the story, if i done u would cost #300naira b4 u get the full of the...
Labarin sanyayyar tacacciyar soyayyar ruhi biyu.. Wanda akai wa auren dole da juna, Amman basu san da hakan ba. Shin ya zaman nasu zai kaya idan suka gano? NAUFAL da AYO...
Story of Simon Cowell's daughter by xTeodorax
Story of Simon Cowell's daughterby Teodora
Ann Julie Cowell is a daughter of Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul. When her parentsbreak up in 2012 and her dad gets baby with Lauren Silverman she stays at home with her g...
Smash or pass (jjba characters) by HappyAbba
Smash or pass (jjba characters)by Izu-Kyun
Hello no one who's reading this! I'm fucking absurd and have no life so enjoy ME playing a nice game of smash or pass with random jojo characters. 🥰 If I get 70 reads...
Stand Swap Adventures by Elvisa88
Stand Swap Adventuresby Elvisa88
What if there was an enemy Stand that swapped Stands with their users? The Stands become human and the humans Stands
JJBA x Reader - Oneshots by xPeachy509
JJBA x Reader - Oneshotsby Peachy
A whole lotta self-indulging fanfiction, willing to write for any character. ✧No smut ✧No yandere Warnings// Language, some suggestive themes but nothing huge, pg-13 at...
RAYUWAR MACE by HafsatRano
RAYUWAR MACEby Hafsat Kabir Umar
Rayuwar mace cike take da kalubale mabanbanta! Kaddara ce tsanin duk wata nasarar ta! Ba zata ce ita din rayuwa bata mata adalci ba, sai dai akwai tarin kalubale cike da...
DENA KULANI by rasheedert
DENA KULANIby rasheedert
labarine wanda ya shafe ɓangare guda biyu, masu kuɗi da kuma talakawa, soyayya ,abota da dai sauran su kubiyo domin jin me wannan labarin ya ƙunsa.
Paki vs. Nigga by Roflolmao
Paki vs. Niggaby Roflolmao
WARNING: Very offensive! If you're anti-racist, I strongly advise you to click away. Contains strong language and adult themes. You know those two characters that suppo...
squid game  ●◀︎◼︎ by shiftingbae555
squid game ●◀︎◼︎by 𝐏𝐎𝐏𝐏𝐘
at a train station, a well-dressed man approaches you and asks to play a game of ddakji , in return for money . after the game the man gives you a card , inviting you t...
What Makes You Beautiful by Bar_Ben_David
What Makes You Beautifulby BarBenDavid
The stories behind One Direction's hits