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heartfelt love | Rui X Reader by Xyouami
heartfelt love | Rui X Readerby Xyouami
"I love you." "What?" "I love you, Y/n." A member of Nightcord at 25, who has a younger brother, Haruto. She loves her little brother and w...
Street Dancer 3D-Alternative Ending by ThatShyGirl350
Street Dancer 3D-Alternative Endingby MalfoyOdair350
This is related to the Hindi movie Street Dancer 3D just with an alternative ending.
| Tender Benign | by Xyouami
| Tender Benign |by Xyouami
Ahem, got into my pjsekai phase so might as well write a wattpad to complete it lol Anyways enjoy this robot x rui kamishiro thing // inspired by chobits!!
Multifandom imagines by Georges_cigarettes
Multifandom imaginesby 𝑾𝑯𝑶 𝑪𝑨𝑹𝑬𝑺?
Multi-fandom imagines!!! As per usual I'll write for anyone and everyone I own nothing but the plot of the imagine!
Decidiste leer la carta by Tho620
Decidiste leer la cartaby .
Una opcion de mi libro "emociones"
ABCD-NHANHAby CụcBông NhaNha
Truyện này mình up lên chỉ mục đích duy nhất là để mình đọc cho dễ. Vậy nên k để tên truyện chính xác để k ai tìm thấy. Hehe, nếu có chế độ chỉ mình tôi như face thi mìn...
Shadow's of Love by KristineXYV
Shadow's of Loveby Kristine San Pedro
This story came from my creative mind, I'm not into writing but I graduated Performing Arts Major in Creative writing and Drama hahaha that's why I'm here to express, ex...
The Power Of Words- KOTLC 'Poetry'(you really can't get it till you read it) by qwertyl0l
The Power Of Words- KOTLC 'Poetry' Batty
The power of words is amazing. One word can break or fix you. One word can help or hurt you. One word can allow you to speak or silence you. And all of this is within 26...
One Word Stories by OddlyWonderfulLife
One Word Storiesby OddlyWonderfulLife
These are some 'stories' me and my friends made up; they were too hilarious not to do anything with.
You Changed Me by cassaleyah
You Changed Meby Ababells
Maganda, sexy, mayaman, maganda at maganda ulit. Naging masaya ang buhay ni Freeya Villarin nang makilala niya si Abcd Santos; na hindi niya lubos maisip na katulad lam...
ALPHABETICAL by PastAndMistakes
ALPHABETICALby PastAndMistakes
Story of Seven boys and the modern Snow White. Charr lang. Story ito ni Madison Parker na walang ibang ideya sa larangang ng pag ibig maliban sa ang maging kaibigan ang...
maximum ride: rewritten by chocolatepie48
maximum ride: rewrittenby chocolatepie48
this is my first fanfiction about how max has a sister named Angelique who's 14 years old and she has a flock of her own. max and Angelique are exactly the same except A...