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Abandoned Places (Colby Brock) by Broken_Pieces00
Abandoned Places (Colby Brock)by Stupid
Jade and Colby started out as friends. they met through youtube. but what'll happen when feelings begin to form? WARNING: VERY TRIGGERING SUBJECTS ARE BROUGHT UP. INCLUD...
Colby Brock X Sam Golbach X Jake Webber x reader  by ItsDarkCat117
Colby Brock X Sam Golbach X Jake W...by ItsDarkCat117
your a YouTuber with 2 million subs. you explore the world and you have been going to abandoned places. but what happens when you go to the abandoned hospital with a gho...
Abandoned places|| HenPat by IzzyFixxy
Abandoned places|| HenPatby IzzyFixxy
Henry is a young Youtuber who goes to abandon places often with Patrick as well. Patrick was more into the supernatural part of it often bring an ouija board to freak th...
Scary stories by Hawaii_Killer
Scary storiesby Cherry Blood
We at UNiDAYS love a good scary story, so when we asked around to see if we knew anyone with real life spooky experiences, we weren't disappointed one bit. Enjoy our col...
dislocation k.nj k.th  by gothboytae
dislocation k.nj k.th by poop
namjoon explores abandoned, haunted, places but finds something special during an exploration.
Sanctuary by Spbond
Sanctuaryby Shannon Bond
Hello readers! My name is Shannon and I'll be writing and editing Sanctuary week-by-week. The book is roughed in with fifteen chapters. I don't have a posting strategy b...
To the ones that have lost... by BhushanShisode
To the ones that have lost...by Bhushan Shisode
For the one who has lost... You tried...
The Shining (Kubrick Version) by RyanFellowsFitts
The Shining (Kubrick Version)by Ryan Fellows-Fitts
A written version of Stanley Kubrick's 1980 movie, based on Stephen King's 1977 novel. Please note that this is written in my words and that the story is originally writ...
The Hermit Of The Apocalypse  by zombie_inspiration
The Hermit Of The Apocalypse by zombie_inspiration
The one who stays inside is the one who stays alive. How would you keep yourself entertained without going insane?
Turning my Nightmares into Y/N Stories (DISCONTINUED) by baku_bottom4life
Turning my Nightmares into Y/N Sto...by baku_bottom4life
Basically... all the Nightmares that I've had that I remember, I've turned into a story. the beginning chapters are Nightmares I've had maybe years ago that I still reme...
Top 20 Haunted places by majora-moon17
Top 20 Haunted placesby Majora Moon17
20 of my favorite haunted pleases sorry if they are short
♗the freaks of nollenhille♗ by PipsWonderland
♗the freaks of nollenhille♗by ︎♡ pip ♡
The usual music of a carnival echoed throughout the fog, as though a sad clown was playing a melody. Chills danced upon the skin of a man lost in the darkness. He could...
collaborations  by X_Kiera_X
collaborations by x_Kiera_x
Kiera (reader) is with Joe Weller and friends with Elliott Crawford. Kiera is also a youtuber. Lila is with jay Swingler and friends with Romell Henry. Lila is also a yo...
Altered Reality  [[ #TheGrudgeContest ]] by dankdaddyhussar
Altered Reality [[ #TheGrudgeCont...by a ♡
A story of a girl stripped of her reality. She does not know what is true and what isn't. What she does know? Someone or Something is lurking around her. My submission...
Uncontrolled Chaos by zombie_inspiration
Uncontrolled Chaosby zombie_inspiration
A pandemic sweeps the world, unknowing how to react.
Collab/Colby Brock by colbyzxv
Collab/Colby Brockby colbyzxw
Celeste Farris is a 20 year old youtuber who has a passion for dancing and exploring. Colby Brock, a 21 year old youtuber, shares a youtube channel with his life long be...
Begin Again by Lindsey_lolol
Begin Againby Lindsey_lolol
17 year old Sam is forced to leave behind her childhood and all the memories in it after her parents go through a traumatic divorce over summer. Her dad moves away to pr...
YouTube Group (TIFL, Sam and Colby, etc.) by bluestarz2002
YouTube Group (TIFL, Sam and Colby...by bluestarz2002
Jake, Elton, Sam, Corey, Aaron, and Colby. We're/Are roommates they make YouTube videos together they even include their girlfriends most the time Colby and Jake are th...
Creepiest Abandoned Places In The World: Ruins Of A Forgotten World by Crystal_Blooming
Creepiest Abandoned Places In The...by Crystal_Blooming
Change, they say, is the only permanent thing in the world. And the same can be seen in old buildings, cities, railway lines, or even amusement parks across the world. A...