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Don and Colonel fuck each other  by Ember_Draws
Don and Colonel fuck each other by gay ass furry
Lmao colonel and Don fucked
20 Days🌹zdh by Luna_Gold_Night
20 Days🌹zdhby Exhale_Corbyn
--In Which Skylar and Zach get engaged then they later found out she is diagnosed with cancer and has approximately 20 days to live!--
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When You Want To Eat Brainz by icomefromtheyear1563
When You Want To Eat Brainzby i come from the year 15,634,6...
Zack Verose is the main character.... thats all im telling
Curiosità su "Ignoranti per caso" by Kleiner_filip
Curiosità su "Ignoranti per caso"by Kleiner_filip
Queste saranno le curiosità di "Ignoranti per caso" con il consenso del creatore (LittleAnimeBoi).
Welp, I got tagged-- by Ashe_is_Trashe
Welp, I got tagged--by Ashhhh
I got tagged bois here we goooo
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Alcoholics Astonished by emilylovinitreed
Alcoholics Astonishedby emilylovinitreed
One woman on a quest. Will she get her vengence or is their no vengence. Is she just a crazy alcoholic? Or is she gay with a crush covering it up. Keep reading and find...
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i'll be here. by bigbadlawyerdad
i'll be here.by jonathan alexander
this is just something i came up with at like, 2 am because of season 2, episode 19 of the anime adaptation of ace attorney. it's a very, VERY short drabble because iiii...
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Ratownik 100 Sebastian by wolfstuff12
Ratownik 100 Sebastianby Milena X
Gdy Ciel jest w niebezpieczeństwie z mroku ziemi pojawia się Sebastian, który zawsze go ratuje. A czy Sebastianowi uda się pobić misję AA+? Czy ciel w rękach Sebastiana...
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aso ni pusa by johncarlovillaluna
aso ni pusaby johncarlovillaluna
ao mya ay usa ko baww ddkdk
Altered Adventure: The Four Types of Royalty by _VoidlessLove_
Altered Adventure: The Four Types...by VoidlessLove
This is fanfiction over Gizzy Gazza's 'The Altered Adventure' starring the troubles of one particular Guardian. When leaving a party, Sparrow (Voice) quickly has to go o...
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Idea book OWO by Crazycat99YEET
Idea book OWOby ✎ ⒸᖇΔZү ℂά𝔱 ➈❾ ♨♚
a book of my trash ideas i probably will never do
Kermit x Truly Greg by AaylumtaleFrisk
Kermit x Truly Gregby Dead account
True love at it's finest.
The 'A' Book by DenEneRareArtisten
The 'A' Bookby DenEneRareArtisten
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Hunger Satisfied by PeculiarPeregrine13
Hunger Satisfiedby PeculiarPeregrine
Just a little dark story I wrote about a drug addict from the point of view of the heroin needle. I felt quite proud and wanted to share it to see what other people thou...
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The Haircut Experiment by Depressinggreenie
The Haircut Experimentby Depressinggreenie
Tony wonders if Steve really loves him like he says. So he gets a horrible haircut. _____________________ Rating: Teens and Up Characters: Tony Stark, Steve Rogers Pair...
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Hidden Lives by Depressinggreenie
Hidden Livesby Depressinggreenie
Being a secret superhero is hard, as is keeping that secret from your significant other. _____________________ Rating: Teen and Up Characters: Tony Stark, Steve Rogers...
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Embers the Kitten by Depressinggreenie
Embers the Kittenby Depressinggreenie
Steve rescued a kitten from a house fire, he brings her home to Tony ______________________ Rating: Pg Characters: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark Pairings: Steve x Tony (Est...
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