A VK heartbeat by luvwarriorcats13
A VK heartbeatby luvwarriorcats13
Mal is confused. She should be happy. She has the love of her life, her best friends at her side in Auradon. But why does she still think about the Isle? One wrong move...
  • descendants
  • vk
  • disney
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Razón de vivir | Karmagisa | Omegavers. by YukiMayonaka
Razón de vivir | Karmagisa | Omega...by YukiMayonaka
Los demonios, Pre-híbridos, híbridos y los que usan collarín para transformarse Necesitan una razón para vivir, si no la tienen... Mueren Los Pre-híbridos, híbridos y lo...
  • demoniosangeles
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  • karmaakabane
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Red And Brown Are To Be Together by I_iz_gamer
Red And Brown Are To Be Togetherby I'm better off dead
Red's a cannibal. Nick has a major hatred for Red. What happens when Nick gets to know the real Red?
  • craftingdead
  • nickvactor
  • sharkboy09
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Once Upon A Dream (Harry Hook) by Musical_Lady_7
Once Upon A Dream (Harry Hook)by Music Is Life
I am Hyacinth daughter of Hades and Persephone, goddess of the unknown, death, and fears and I've had reoccuring dreams of an unknown pirate. His face is blurred and he...
  • thomasdoherty
  • flowers
  • descendants2
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Paranormal by ZuluYWalker
Paranormalby -Zülü- & ¥Walker¥
Seres paranormales, que caminan entre nosotros, a simple vista no se ven de diferente manera a nosotros pero ocultan un gran poder, seres de otra dimensión, que realizan...
  • karma
  • ansatsukyoushitsu
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Assassin as a student by Lunazul14
Assassin as a studentby La esclavo XD
Vale, esta es una historia que me moló un montón y que con el permiso del autor: @Sea_Lover28 Adaptaré al español (o trataré); la historia originalmente está en inglés...
  • assassinationclassroom
  • tsuna
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Beyond Royalty >> (A Disney Descendants Fanfiction Story) by Rosela2020
Beyond Royalty >> (A Disney Descen...by Rosela2020
A DISNEY DESCENDANTS FANFICTION STORY "Believe me. Love is for those who have hearts. Literally or not." BEYOND ROYALTY
  • mal
  • auradonkids
  • isleofthelost
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Nathan x Reader Lemon by EndMyHeavyDirtySoul
Nathan x Reader Lemonby EndMyHeavyDirtySoul
Some kid I saw is hawt so I wrote this shit for me and you
  • forced
  • ak-47
  • crazyrussian
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Various Anime Guys X Reader : Oneshots! by gorgeouslyshitty
Various Anime Guys X Reader : Ones...by 🐙 takoyaki-chan ✨
▶ Another stupid compilation of one shots from my previous BNHA and AK oneshot books because I'm lazy af. ◀ Edit (09/14/18): uhh.. So I decided to make this a Various An...
  • animeonshotcompilation
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Descendants  Roleplay by -icyking
Descendants Roleplayby Pansexual King
  • isleofthelost
  • heros
  • villans
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The Life of AK by ParzivalTheGreat
The Life of AKby aMiTy
AK's life is as hard as it already is, but then thing get worse as she goes through high school. With the help of friends, she makes it through.
  • romance
  • highschool
  • teenfiction
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¿...? by ZuluYWalker
¿...?by -Zülü- & ¥Walker¥
¿...........? ------------------- -Zülü-
  • äk
  • asesinoliterario
  • nagisa
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Minecraft Crafting Dead: SGCBarbierian by ItsLavender
Minecraft Crafting Dead: SGCBarbie...by ItsLavender{Alyssa}
Minecraft Crafting Dead FanFic. SGCBarbierian
  • sgcbarbieran
  • redvacktor
  • minecraft
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Mal's Younger Sister (Harry Hook) by wayhoozachherron
Mal's Younger Sister (Harry Hook)by wayhoozachherron
Mal and her little sister Maddie where as close as two villains could be.... well up until Mal left for Auradon without even saying goodbye. What will happen when Mal co...
  • uma
  • äk
  • vk
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ĐỊNH MỆNH ANH VÀ EM by tratimphale3112
ĐỊNH MỆNH ANH VÀ EMby Trái tim pha lê
Định mệnh mang chúng ta lại với nhau, nhưng chính chúng ta làm định mệnh thành sự thật. Anh và em là người hoàn toàn khác nhau từ tính cách đến tuổi tác. Anh rất kỵ con...
  • tieuthuyet
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  • tinhyeumangmuaxuatrolai
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harga Senapan angin gejluk ak 47 .  . by snipergun1
harga Senapan angin gejluk ak 47...by Abdullah Mandiri
Senapan Angin Gejluk double power
  • 47
  • ak
  • harga
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Little King John kidnaps you by StillNotObsolete
Little King John kidnaps youby logan2
prepare for what's gonna be a long ride, because you may or may not be able to escape his grasp.
  • fanfiction
  • ratboygenius
  • bdsm
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Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai ❤️ Lyrics ❤️ by RAINALRL
Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai ❤️ Lyrics ❤️by Ayesha
"Kaisa yeh pyaar hai" is one of my most favorite serials of all time. I fell in love with Angad and Kripa! Recently, I have been thinking about Angad-Kripa a l...
  • äk
  • romance
  • lovethem❤️
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Anthony Kiedis by KamiluchyTorres
Anthony Kiedisby Deep Kamiluchy
Para mi Rey
  • anthonykiedis
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Powered! |Eddsworld Fanfiction: 2nd Book| by aleezah_trash
Powered! |Eddsworld Fanfiction: 2n...by Sorry, Not Active Anymore ;-;
It's been a while since they've switched bodies. And it's been a while since Matt has opened that chest again.... But now, it's quiet. Inanely quiet. Ah, who am I kiddin...
  • hillary
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