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Because, Its Halal - muslim Romance #Wattys 2015#YourStoryIndia by zoyasait
Because, Its Halal - muslim zoyasait
Always remember when you Fall in love Make it Halal and take them To Jannah. Here's bringing you a story which will change your view on everything. To make you believe t...
  • family
  • halallove
  • allah
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The Masked Boss by SrKajollover
The Masked Bossby SrKajol lover
"Don't ever enter his room. Master hates that." Margaret spoke seriously and I nodded. She was so sweet during the interview and now, she was all bitchy. I alr...
  • pain
  • sorrow
  • office
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On The Verge Of It  by Toxic_Mg
On The Verge Of It by Bhavna Verma
#23 in ChickLit #91 in romance "You used to hate me." He said. "Hate? How could I even think about hating the very person I loved?" She said...
  • loveatfirstsight
  • wattys2018
  • boyfriend
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SecondWife  *editing* *slow updates* by LovelyLalli
SecondWife *editing* *slow LovelyLalli
Sanyukta aggarwal-a 22 year beautiful girl... who wants live her a free bird....without caring about anything... she is apple of eye to her family a...
  • romance
  • husband
  • sandhir
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HE IS IN LOVE with his ex by JanakiS01
HE IS IN LOVE with his exby Janaki
What if you are married to a man who is still in love with his ex girlfriend and doesn't want you in his life? Terrible? Sindhu had to face the same thing in her life to...
  • breakup
  • arranged
  • friendship
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Married To Mr.Stethoscope by Three_idiots_india
Married To Mr.Stethoscopeby 3MeDicoS
#5 in Romance on 15/5/18. #1 in Romedy hot list. #2 in wattpadindia rankings. "I don't want this!!! " I said. "What?!!" He asked somewhat shocked...
  • wattys
  • wattpadindia
  • hospital
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From being arranged to love!!! #An Indian Love Story by caffecorretto
From being arranged to love!!! Amàira Jàcob
"Please.. you have to go... we can't do this.." she tried. "No... you are mine, only mine." He said once more, reciting the words over and over again...
  • marriage
  • thriller
  • love
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His Destiny Her Love (BOOK #1) ✔ by Rinka_Ritz
His Destiny Her Love (BOOK #1) ✔by Rinka
Book #1 (DESTINY series) [COMPLETED ✔] **Featured in the official account of AmbassadorIN and MysteryThrillerIN Reading List** ABOUT THE STORY: Sapna Verma, a doctor by...
  • romance
  • featured
  • generalfiction
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Fates Intertwined by AnnaBella201
Fates Intertwinedby Niranjana Binoy
Ranked #1 in Werewolf Genre on December 2017 16-year-old Celestine Lucas was a happy-go-lucky girl. She had a perfect family and a perfect life. And almost had her 'Ha...
  • reject
  • mates
  • whitewolf
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The Ex-wife of the Billionaire by ScrivereMagia
The Ex-wife of the Billionaireby ScrivereMagia
The Ex-wife of the billionaire- Sounds pretty cool, isn't it? But living life after that is not as cool. Bridget was another girl from the female population of the world...
  • yourstoryindia
  • prince
  • spain
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His Untamable by SkWookie
His Untamableby Siddhi Kadam
❇ She was a forbidden fruit he desired to have ❇ Ryan Parker- A worldwide popular Hollywood Actor living lavish and luxurious life. Avantika Sharma-A typical middle cla...
  • love
  • romance
  • india
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Billionaire's Heart (CIL series Book 1) by sandyblush
Billionaire's Heart (CIL series sandyblush
[COMPLETED] #1 in Romedy hot list. #6 in Romance Hot list "Laksh!! I will not marry you....because now....I don't love you anymore!!" Neetu said to laksh and...
  • wattys2017
  • family
  • babies
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The Billionaire And His Marriage(#yourstoryindia) by ritz333
The Billionaire And His Marriage( Reeti jha
(Unedited)(#10 in yourstoryindia as on 13/05/2019) Krishtina adam,the owner of the world's biggest textile company is forced to get married . She gets married to Nathan...
  • marriage
  • yourstoryindia
  • troublingpast
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And We Meet Again by RidingLife
And We Meet Againby Richa
"I... I'm scared of falling..." she whispered, looking into my eyes. It was like she wanted to say something more but stopped herself. "I won't let you fa...
  • yourstoryindia
  • warren
  • humor
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I Wrote It All For Me by Euphoric_pen
I Wrote It All For Meby Euphoric_pen
Poems. For myself, of my moods, my life, just me and my feelings. Most of them are fictious (or are they?). I'll leave it to you readers, let your imagination wander.
  • revenge
  • sadness
  • wattys2016
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Sun Sathiya {Completed}  by Purna_Chatterjee
Sun Sathiya {Completed} by Purna Chatterjee
#5 in fanfiction 01/10/16 #12 in fanfiction 28/10/16 Written By Mawara Ejaz
  • true
  • reunion
  • manan
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I Kissed Mr. Popular (IKMP Series #1) [EDITING] by DevilishingDiva
I Kissed Mr. Popular (IKMP Diva
"Be my girlfriend, Bella" He hissed again. ~~ One Friday night party. One popular boy and one ordinary girl. A random kiss, and a sudden proposition. One force...
  • past
  • bully
  • lonely
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The Billionaire Casanova in Love by Meghana_N_S
The Billionaire Casanova in Loveby Meghana_N_S
STANDALONE BOOK! No sequel "Why? I know it's not that you actually care about me. Then why? Tell me." I demanded looking down. "Be MINE, Caroline" he...
  • lustful
  • love
  • romance
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ONLY YOURS ✔ by jungooogle
ONLY YOURS ✔by mikrokosmos
"I-I mean, I'm not a girl of your type, you see. I'm all simple and casual whereas you're so high class, rich and stubborn" She covere...
  • romance
  • royalistsawards
  • innocent
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Hired To Be Mine (#2) by crazygal88
Hired To Be Mine (#2)by _WordSmith88_
His heart was broken, shattered into pieces, by the only woman he ever loved. Spending his life in the busy New York city, the leading Jeweler Salim Sheikh never thought...
  • sports
  • jealousy
  • employee
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