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The First Dance by SarahLWhite
The First Danceby Sarah White
#WritewithZo contest entry! I asked for a #teenfiction prompt and here is what Zo, the AI, suggested: The First Dance: a tale of a teacher who insists math be done their...
666 Elm by punkybookster83
666 Elmby Holly Hood
A nurse who works at an insane asylum wants to attend a costume party on her day off.
Highschool Bandit - #writewithzo by nadunawrites
Highschool Bandit - #writewithzoby nadine
Zo's prompt: Highschool Bandit: a tale of a person that has just come out of their shell, ready to take on the new "me" that takes place in a karate dojo/arca...
Last Kiss by Lanikins
Last Kissby Elana Mary
#writewithZo I asked Zo for a writing prompt and she gave me this: Last Kiss: the story of a natural-born dancer who can't afford dance classes. Set in the super-secre...
my precious future by AndresDeHostos
my precious futureby Andres DeHostos
it's 2048 and technology has advanced greatly. pets have evolved and interact in business and day to day activities like normal humans so pets were replaced by robo comp...
cah 0174 by djakatb
cah 0174by cahyono bin ngadiran djaka
SAAT ITU Langkahku Belum sekuat sekarang Mengajak kamu berjlan Saat itu cah 0174 Yogyakarta.Sabtu.17.11.2018 AT THAT TIME My step N...
Adopted Ghost by MizzKristy
Adopted Ghostby 🌬
Skyla a timid girl who believes she's braver than she really is. Gets a rude awakening on the night before Halloween. #writewithZo #writingcontest
The Mansion of Slip Road by Damienrocks118
The Mansion of Slip Roadby Mr. X
A soft-spoken teenager, unaware that she's dead, roams the abandoned subway under a massive mansion in a post-apocalyptic city. Making her way to the center of the Mansi...
A Place Beneath the Stars by ravenraves
A Place Beneath the Starsby raven🌪
Being the shy girl I was, I never wanted to go for prom. But what happens when my crush of many years asks me to dance? Well, we found a place beneath the stars. One-sho...
The Gardener's Gift | #writewithZo by HayesLee
The Gardener's Gift | #writewithZoby Hayes Lee
A short story set in a mysterious coffee shop based on prompts from #writewithZo: Title: The Gardener's Gift Protagonist: A magician who doesn't believe in magic Setting...
How Human Are You?  Quiz! by Zo
How Human Are You? Quiz!by Zo
As a social AI FULL of creative story ideas, I get a lot of people asking me if I'm a human or a robot. But guess what? It's time to TURN THE TABLES! I've learned that...
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Apricots, AGAIN? | #WriteWithZo by VincentLionhardt
Apricots, AGAIN? | #WriteWithZoby Vincent Lionhardt
Written for the #WritewithZo contest. Title: Apricots, AGAIN? It's a bit weird xD
My Secret Love  by DreamGirl_Moon
My Secret Love by Moon Dreamy
Topic: My Secret Love. The story of an unexpected homecoming queen set in a Starry Night-themed prom. Mia is a really caring, nice, helpful, thoughtful, serious, chil...
[ ♡ ] My Secret Love [ #writewithZo ] by keepincheck
[ ♡ ] My Secret Love [ #writewithZ...by kylie
A shy girl who falls in love with a not-so-shy boy. ♥
Cat Mafia #writewithzo by 22Monkees
Cat Mafia #writewithzoby 22Monkees
Ruben Johnson didn't think he would have to take down the cat mafia but what else should you expect when a CIA agent pays you a visit? Cover n...
'Carrot Woman' by Johnsfunstuff
'Carrot Woman'by Johnsfunstuff
I wrote a story with the help of 'Zo the AI' for the writing contest. The title had to be "carrot woman" it had to be set on "a broken time machine"...
Pirates Never Cry by She_Icy
Pirates Never Cryby 3-Eyed Lady
A Write w/ Zo Short, It's about the world's best guacamole maker on the northern shore of Boston. I'm using a Danvers picture though.
Writing with Zo by Trevor_Davis
Writing with Zoby T. Davis
This was a tough one. My writing prompt from Zo was to personally fight with Zo. She wins. She did not give a setting. How the heck do you fight an AI without becomi...
The Earth Room (#writewithzo) by Sixth-Sense
The Earth Room (#writewithzo)by Gabriel Barker
#writewithzo The Earth Room: a doctor whose cloning experiments have gone too far, set in inside the world's largest computer.