Welcome to my Page! by Wolves0703
Welcome to my Page!by Wolf Soul
A little introduction and a little about my plans for the future
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You are wanted by imaslutforrandy
You are wantedby JRTY54
You are wanted by someone somewhere. ALWAYS remember that.
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The Assassins Daughter by aprilrains4ever
The Assassins Daughterby April Rains
Ava's father was always keeping things from her. Her mother died when she was 4 so her father is the one who raised her. He taught her to fight, to protect herself, to b...
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Serial Killer's Ex-Girlfriend by lilmistletoe
Serial Killer's Ex-Girlfriendby mistletoes
Elliott find her boyfriend cheat on her at the cafe she's working, and that's absolutely where she ends their relationship. She doesn't know if she have tears to waste a...
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Wanted by Margi2c
Wantedby Margi
After a catastrophic car accident, an ordinary girl from Michigan finds herself in a place very different from anything she has ever known. Upon being mistaken for an in...
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Chasing the Past by SuperViperT302
Chasing the Pastby SuperViperT302
So the Family Guy episode "Joe's Revenge" gave me inspiration for a backstory for Luke's prosthetics... and now this exists lol. I started it back in late 2017...
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The Untitled Angle by Loser_an_weirdo_girl
The Untitled Angleby Shannon Meun
A new writing. This is my 2 Poem on my Account.
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Criminal | Kim Taehyung by hottiemilktae
Criminal | Kim Taehyungby tae tae
"You're mine babe. Only Mine." Taehyung bit his lips as he gazes down on Y/N's doe eyes. - YEPPIEE ANOTHER FANFICTION THAT I HOPE I CAN PUT UP WITH cover: @bad...
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Pain That makes my soul Cry by Alirah20
Pain That makes my soul Cryby Alirah20
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The Truth Behind the Lies by misunderstood116
The Truth Behind the Liesby Demi
A story about a girls life that lead to lapses of judgment and forbidden wants in her life. It was cause of her parents expectations and strictness that made her feel th...
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Chasing Back Alleys by eastcoastgirrrl
Chasing Back Alleysby eastcoastgirrrl
I watched as the silhouetted figure stepped in front of the bar entrance, light bathing his dark figure. I could see the anger in his eyes, the knife in his hand. He sto...
  • horror
  • running
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Wanted Boyfriend by dorothyorale14
Wanted Boyfriendby dorothyorale14
Naghahanap kaba ng boyfriend o kasintahan ? ako din eh saan kaya sila matatagpuan ? Kaso yung natagpuan ko pogi naman mabait kaso bestfriend ko kaba bata ko mama...
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Half in, Half out by StJean13
Half in, Half outby Anij St Jean
For longer than anyone remembers the countries of Karna are split in two sectors. One for the Dark featured and one for the light, splitting their society on how people...
  • action
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Dear Unknown by JetLagged0122
Dear Unknownby Lillian
She thought she was okay.She thought that the world was on her side. She wasnt okay The world was against her All expect That one mysterious boy Dear Unknown I know your...
  • romance
  • adventures
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In My Veins by xoxo_read_101
In My Veinsby xoxo_read_101
Jessica Ross wanted to focus of 3 things: Her boyfriend, Cheerleading, and having a perfect life. But when a mysterious boy knows all of her secrets she can't ignore him...
  • drama
  • supernatural
  • powers
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Taken  by clairebear1004
Taken by clairebear
Life was treating Clover Guy pretty good. She had okay grades, a crazy best friend, a nice family with an overprotective older brother. She is a caring, animal lover wit...
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  • kidnaped
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Yandere (Short story) by ram18436
Yandere (Short story)by Kawaii~Chana
(JUST A HEADS UP THIS IS FICTION SO DONT FLIP YOUR SHIT TOO MUCH) I have a personality disorder and this is a short story that the crazy part of me will wright. I am par...
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