Lovers: Boarding School by Letalis
Lovers: Boarding Schoolby Yves
Highest Rank: #16 for Mystery/Thriller #7 for #psychological "It's just a game." Welcome to Lovers: Boarding School (Lovers BS)...
  • cult
  • teacher
  • horror
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READY PLAYER TWO ; wade watts ; ready player one by -txssa
READY PLAYER TWO ; wade watts ; re...by TIME IS SHORT
P̴̡̱̾̎r̶̫̊͜͠ȋ̷̱͙s̶͖̺̄̕ỏ̷̮̓ň̴̫̰ě̷̢̟r̵̗̐ ̴̞́0̵͇̪͐0̸̫̆̆6̵̖͌7̸̬͋ ̷̨̽Ń̴̰̥E̴̫͂̚E̷̱̥̍D̷̬͂S̶̺̉ ̸̟̼͑ŷ̷̱ǫ̸̙͊̾ṵ̸̅͒r̸̞̼̀ ̷͍͎͊̉h̸͎̃e̶͍̝͐͌l̴̳̿̑p̸̼̣͋.̴͙̓̔ ̸̱͌C̴̢̪͌̉o̶͍̎ń̵͓͘n̸̂...
  • scifi
  • art3mis
  • rpo
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It's A Lie (Shuichi X Kokichi) by Ciel_and_Payten
It's A Lie (Shuichi X Kokichi)by Ciel And Payten
(Post Game AU. Also an AU where Danganronpa is a VR game) Danganronpa V3 was a Virtual Reality game where the creators has a contest to see who would survive the longest...
  • yaoi
  • danganronpa
  • selfharm
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The 10th Circle - Abyss by taivaan_sininen
The 10th Circle - Abyssby A. C. Evans
After an accident involving a prototype robotic suit, Keres cadet Sky has recurring dreams where she finds herself in a place called Tartaros - a prison, a hell, a night...
  • vr
  • psychology
  • consciousness
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This Game Called Life by Enejiang
This Game Called Lifeby ENE!!!
A drunk Russian communist warrior. An angry Rogue cursing in Cantonese. An Italian who would sooner shoot people dead with words then with his arrows. An African Ameri...
  • battle
  • magic
  • war
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Game On 'new' (BTS J.J.K FF) [COMPLETED] by Weirdoings
Game On 'new' (BTS J.J.K FF) [COMP...by ACTIVESPIRIT
A girl with disability to see, joins a game that her dad bought for her. In that game, she can use her eyes very well, everything is perfect in that virtual world. That'...
  • btsjungkook
  • vr
  • jungkook
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Dark Dayz: Shaded Noon (book 2) by JakeAStrife
Dark Dayz: Shaded Noon (book 2)by JakeAStrife
I MADE IT OUT ALIVE. I'd earned my right to escape. The first boss was dead. FREEDOM. Yet, the pain remains. It's not over. I LOGGED BACK IN. Things are different. I fi...
  • hope
  • fantasy
  • action
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The Journey Across Minecraft by Harold_Mitzvet
The Journey Across Minecraftby Karon Harold Mitzvet
So, you heard of Virtual reality? Then you heard of games being made specifically for that system. Well to be in a world of a fantasy game is pretty neat. But what ab...
  • action
  • virtualreality
  • mercenary
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     GALORE by hentai6ussy
  • stokeley
  • veryrare
  • membersonly
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Death Becomes Him: An Age of Steam and Sorcery Novel by Aesonique
Death Becomes Him: An Age of Steam...by Patrick Charlton-O'Shea
What does a highschool boy do when his life spirals out of control? Play video games, of course! What happens when the game starts to play you back though? How does one...
  • adventure
  • fantasy
  • gamelit
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Virtual Reality by rainnic
Virtual Realityby ulan
"Mama, my head hurts so much." "Hurry!" "Please wait outside of the patient's room." "We will attend to you as soon as possible."...
  • nicdrafts
  • virtualreality
  • vr
"My Broken Reality" by KoreEye
"My Broken Reality"by Kory
Y/N L/N Is An 18 Year Old Boy That Tries To Be Happy But Things Don't Go The Way He Wants. Actually Most Of The Time Things Don't Go His Way. He Has Suffered A Lot In Hi...
  • devils
  • malereader
  • paranormal
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Emperor of Solo Play by ChuuniExtraordinaire
Emperor of Solo Playby Fii-chan
2035. The virtual reality game, Warlord, changed the world.An Jaehyun was one of the many who wished to change his life through the game.After dedicating his life to the...
  • virtualreality
  • coldprotagonist
  • fantasy
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Love in High Fantasy by AnnaQuin07
Love in High Fantasyby Anna
High Fantasy -- the hottest virtual reality game in the six colonies. "Be anyone your heart desires." When Fall logs into the game, she expects to escape from...
  • gay
  • gaming
  • lesbian
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Dreamland MMORPG: Sea Wolf by Protocol0346
Dreamland MMORPG: Sea Wolfby Protocol0346
In real life, Paul was just a regular student. But in the VRMMORPG of Dreamland he decided to become something larger, he decided to do something interesting with his l...
  • city-building
  • fantasy
  • action
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Sinon X Male Reader by slowman1107
Sinon X Male Readerby Night Anime
You just moved into your new apartment with the help of Kazuto,your childhood friend.He convinces you to take a break and play this game named Gun Gale Online and compet...
  • battleroyal
  • anime
  • malereader
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what's normal anyway - ski mask the slump god  by cactusjack-
what's normal anyway - ski mask th...by ASTROWRLD
in which a girl is randomly added to a group chat. (starts as text messages, ends in real life) LONG LIVE JAHSEH
  • abeltesfaye
  • theweeknd
  • skimasktheslumpgod
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groupchat by ybnxjetskii
groupchatby çløüt kïïddø
G.r.o.u.p.c.h.a.t. b.i.t.c.h
  • very
  • vr
  • oof
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Baka on a twilight path by Fr0stF1reDragon
Baka on a twilight pathby Frost Fire Dragon
Aki is desperate for a way out. Or just to be liked. Anything! And he finds it in the land of twilight with a little magic. Inspiration from the game Twilight Path.
  • magic
  • bakaandtest
  • twilightpath
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