Clonenic Bond by TrinityOseaHall
Clonenic Bondby Trinity Osea Hall
Ara and the remaining population of polluted Earth set off many years ago to find a suitable planet alongside their clone/cyborgs and robots who were recently enslaved b...
  • dystopian
  • teenfiction
  • aliens
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Be There For You by ChitraGS
Be There For Youby ChitraGS
Life's precious moments are not in the grandeur of things, but in brush of a finger and a blink of an eye. And in the promise that no matter what, we will always BE THER...
  • shortstory
  • promise
  • love
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Travel Eat + Drink by travel
Travel Eat + Drinkby Marriott TRAVELER
Read along to take your taste buds on a trip around the world! Eat and drink with Marriott Traveler's hot travel tips.
  • tastebuds
  • marriotttraveler
  • inspired
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Travel Brilliantly: Artificial Intelligence Story Contest  (Contest Closed) by travel
Travel Brilliantly: Artificial Marriott TRAVELER
Exciting news, Wattpadders! We've teamed up with Marriott Traveler and Marriott Hotels' digital magazine Travel Brilliantly to bring you a brand-new opportunity that wil...
  • hotel
  • artificialintelligence
  • challenge
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Travel Tips + Trends by travel
Travel Tips + Trendsby Marriott TRAVELER
Preparing a trip? Whether it's with friends, family, or solo, we've got all the tips and trends to set you off on the right foot! Brought to you by Marriott Traveler
  • travel
  • marriotttraveler
  • wanderlust
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The Partnership | #TravelBrilliantly by thefirstwitch
The Partnership | A.D. Argyle
#5.1 | Contest Entry With an entire galaxy left virtually untapped, one woman sets out to expand her business beyond the stars. ⋆★❂★⋆ This is a piece done for the Wattpa...
  • cyborg
  • technology
  • tech
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The First Born by Tim
The First Bornby Tim Johnson
Richard Keyes is about to change the world. Read the story to find out how. This is a short story for the Intelligence Issue of the Marriott Travel Brilliantly campaign...
  • contest
  • shortstory
  • near-future
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CALL ME AI by Mikey396
CALL ME AIby Micheal Charles
The world has been overun by robots and the creator is to be held responsible.
  • science
  • sciencefiction
  • science-fantasy
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Travel Brilliantly: "You Have Arrived" by MyWorldOfWriting
Travel Brilliantly: "You Have MyWorldOfWriting
Entry for the Travel Brilliantly contest. Enjoy!
  • travelbrilliantly
Doctor, Doctor by quatto74
Doctor, Doctorby Celaena Sardothien
Ava Carver is a medical student at the Washington General Hospital, learning her way around patient care and surgeries under the guidance of her experienced mentors. She...
  • contests
  • travelbrilliantly
Travel Maker | ✓ by rskovach
Travel Maker | ✓by RS Kovach
What if you could make travel planning effortless? My entry for the Marriott #travelbrilliantly contest imagines that world.
  • contest
  • artificialintelligence
  • wattpadstars
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Travel Companion™ ||#TravelBrilliantly|| by AftonMoore
Travel Companion™ || Afton Moore
Have you ever wanted to see the world on exclusively your terms, but not by yourself?
  • artificial
  • travelbrilliantly
  • scifi
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Iris  | #TravelBrilliantly Contest by toptrees26
Iris | #TravelBrilliantly Contestby Ella Hayden
My entry for the Marriott #TravelBrilliantly contest. (996 words) A story about a little girl, her loving grandfather, and their new friend Iris. #TravelBrilliantly
  • granddaughter
  • contest
  • grandfather
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The Beggar by katiebug82304
The Beggarby katiebug82304
In a future where the world has been consumed by artificial intelligence... An entry for the Marriott "Travel Brilliantly" contest.
  • artificialintelligence
  • futuristic
  • travelbrilliantly
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