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Frat House2 by endingera
Frat House2by Val
sequel to "frat house" (will update this description soon)
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Gifs by ReposeNation
Gifsby Alex
Gifs of your favorite ships
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TAYLEY IS REAL AND IS HAPPENING - A theory by roundbyroundnow
TAYLEY IS REAL AND IS HAPPENING...by roundbyroundnow
a theory, just a theory that I really believe in
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Miracle by Hayley_Jardine
Miracleby Hayley_Jardine
Love's Not A Competition(Tayley) *FINISHED* by riot_2
Love's Not A Competition(Tayley) *...by riot_2
After a horrible school fight, Hayley and Taylor are forced to bond with eachother so they won't cause any more trouble in school. Not that they mind anyway. Even though...
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I'm Screaming I love You So (Tayley) by MiiaMore10
I'm Screaming I love You So (Tayle...by MiiaMore10
Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl who had their heart broken. The friendship they shared gave each other the strength they needed to move on with their lives...
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we're just friends by parasmoresss
we're just friendsby parasmoresss
what was really happening behind the After Laughter Tour?
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I've been Waiting for a miracle. (Tayley fanfic) by heyimashleyxxx
I've been Waiting for a miracle. (...by heyimashley
Things will never be the same now with all the emotions, being left alone constantly. And Going through heartbreak, the only thing that can heal it are friends. But will...
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Magnetic Attraction by whycantitbereal
Magnetic Attractionby whycantitbereal
Two friends. One band. How long can you resist a magnetic attraction and what will happen when you finally come together A roller coaster of emotions in a multi-chapter...
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Can't Pretend (klayley) by 12thandlanois
Can't Pretend (klayley)by Es
Klaus and Hayley, preschool enemies. While growing up, their hatred grew but when things get rough and reality kicks into their movie like life style, they are the only...
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In Our Secret Moments by whycantitbereal
In Our Secret Momentsby whycantitbereal
After a drunken night of with her bestfriend, How can you continue on as if nothing has happened? Hayley and Taylor start off Tour 2 with a big secret that threatens to...
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Careful - Tayley <3 by lfrompmore
Careful - Tayley <3by lfrompmore
COMPLETED A phone call from a traumatised Hayley changed everything for Taylor. He thought he was helping out his best friend but in fact he is just falling in love with...
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Paper Hearts by Emma_Mercer
Paper Heartsby Emma
a story about two people who have just about given up on love || warnings: rated T/M for explicit language and sexual content
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Band One Shots (Request) by XAttack-on-FandomX
Band One Shots (Request)by XAttack-on-FandomX
Collection of band oneshots I have written and also you can request comment down below :D
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Careful (A Tayley Fanfiction) by georgieavocados
Careful (A Tayley Fanfiction)by georgieavocados
The truth never set me free, so I'll do it myself.
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Come Crashing Down by BananaSplatter_
Come Crashing Downby BananaSplatter_
in which a girl takes a risk that ends up being the best and worst thing that's ever happened to her
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Help Me Push Aside All the Things I've Left Behind (Tayley) by MiiaMore10
Help Me Push Aside All the Things...by MiiaMore10
Sequel to "I'm screaming I love you so" ... Taylor and Hayley have recently taken a big leap in their relationship. They've decided to move in together while r...
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Tayley one-shots <3 by lfrompmore
Tayley one-shots <3by lfrompmore
A bunch of Tayley one-shots! Trigger warning ⚠️
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Taylor I... (Tayley)  by lfrompmore
Taylor I... (Tayley) by lfrompmore
COMPLETED Warning: self harm, sexual assault, abuse, suicide attempt.
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