city 127| by -jjtarabb
city 127|by 「 ʝเɳ 」
Four gangs. One City. ― In which two gangs return home only to find that they don't rule it anymore. "What the fuck is an NTC?" 13/18 slots taken ©️ -jjtarabb
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Squad 1A! by paytonVaught
Squad 1A!by Payton Pollard
How can an ordinary high school class build the most unbreakable bond ever?! This story features class 1A in amazing adventures, difficult situations, and more! idk I'm...
  • squadgoals
  • izukumidoriya
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T w i s T by LyrasRhythm
T w i s Tby Ilayda Mathews
She needed payback. He needed distraction. All of a sudden, Kevin and Anthisha find themselves stuck together amidst their lives breaking down around them. Are people re...
  • music
  • jock
  • bromance
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She was a PLAYER by SupremeLimelight
She was a PLAYERby Samantha
Everyone knows the story of how the guy is considered the player. The guy always breaks hearts and and doesn't care about anybody but himself but not here. Hi my name is...
  • gangs
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  • lies
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Cartmans book of Everything shitty  by Eric-Theo-Cartman
Cartmans book of Everything shitty by Cartman
Ohhhh this is about to be filled up with everything. my business cards, my opinions on ships, my squad, EVERYTHING be ready for this shit. This will also be counted as...
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S Q U A D G O A L S by Exolovertomen
S Q U A D G O A L Sby ariza mae
Sila Sheila,Tonie,Ariza,at Chinny ay mag kakaibigan mula sa University of Trade na walang ginawa kundi mag enjoy there in highschool moment. 💖😘
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Otaku Squad (Tentative) by Rain-Sensei_desu
Otaku Squad (Tentative)by PiercingWind001
  • comedy
  • squad
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Teachers  // E.D - G.D by Dolantwinsbae6
Teachers // E.D - G.Dby Lea
I thought it was gonna be another typical year of my third year of high school... But that's not what the new teachers had in mind... <<<<<<<<<...
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we are goals // by 97LONELY
we are goals //by Min & Tubbs ©
our friends gc cause we hella funny ! - - - Think your squad is weird well...your squad isn't as lit as mine. Join us on this magic carpet ride *sings 'A WHOLE NEW WORL...
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❝You're the fire and the flood And I'll always feel you in my blood Everything is fine When your hand is resting next to mine❞ [james potter modern day era] [james potte...
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Love Me Like You Do by CoffeeCharm
Love Me Like You Doby ˗ˏ`soums ˎˊ˗
[Highest Ranking: #62 in Humor] "His soul is like a window on a misty day. Fogged, but when wiped away, reveals the most beautiful things." ~*~*~*~ Movin...
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The Quad by CrownedbyNapz
The Quadby Sandy G.
Everybody has their own highschool story. Well, this a highschool story, with a twist. Buckle your seatbelts, this is the story of the Quad. Pictures used in this story...
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Blissful Heaven | Adopted by Shane Dawson by TrinitySecretGaming
Blissful Heaven | Adopted by Shane...by TrinityPeep
She woke up in a cold sweat. 'What? Where am I?' she thought to herself. She turned her head. That was when she realised... She wasn't home... The memories flooded back...
  • idk
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Jack of All Trades by ryannwilsonn
Jack of All Tradesby ryann
❝ and you, darling, are a jack of all trades... and a beautiful one at that. ❞ * Snobby, rich, reputable teenagers? Check. A beautiful boarding school reserved only for...
  • parties
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Hopelessly in love by RANDOM_THINGZZ
Hopelessly in loveby RANDOM_THINGZZ
This is a story about morgan liking Garrett. Love at first sight. She was hopelessly in love and couldn't control her feelings. She ended up in the hospital for a few...
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The New, Gay, Emo Kid (Sanders Sides Logicality & Prinxiety Fanfic) by InLoveWithAWaterMage
The New, Gay, Emo Kid (Sanders Sid...by PrinxietyProblem
Takes place in a High School AU where everyone (not really) is gay. ----------------------------- Virgil transfers to a new school for his Sophomore year. It's not the...
  • angst
  • poorvirgil
  • depression
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The Boy With The Mouse Ears by KateAnnMarie
The Boy With The Mouse Earsby KateAnnMarie
Katherine Schryer had everything she wanted in New York. Everything but an interesting love life. When she wins a sweepstakes, for her and her friends, to spend the en...
  • couplegoals
  • roadtrip
  • beach
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It's Good To Be Bad by SofiaBianca07
It's Good To Be Badby M.E.S.S.Y.B.A.B.Y
Maganda, Matalino, Mabait, Mapagmahal, Mayaman, Masipag Halos lahat na sa akin na... Pero bakit di ka parin nakuntento? Bakit kailangan mo pa akong saktan? Minahal lang...
  • kinggarcia
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That Sudden TIBOK NG PUSO [ON GOING] [#Wattys2018] by WieJayAlien
That Sudden TIBOK NG PUSO [ON GOIN...by Wie Jay Cumla Nuto
Arthur Dave "Art" Wright, lalaking walang ibang ginawa sa buhay kundi mag-Joke, tumawa, ngumiti, minsan namimilosopo, madaling mapikon at ang hirap amohin. But...
  • motivative
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Ask The Squad by Kookiez-Chan
Ask The Squadby Kookie
((Thank you @Anna_Ojousama for the cover)) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kookie: "Hey guys! It's Kookie and I'm here with friends- WHYAREYOUEATINGAKOOKIE!" T...
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