.💜. by veryxrare
.💜.by 很稀少.
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Angel {OT4} by Foodislife2001
Angel {OT4}by Where's the food?
Three angels try to tame one little demon named Michael.
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Save me. by Ayeitskaylaaa
Save Kayla 😍🙈
Yes it is a Jayonce story BUT also my first so if it's not good please let me know so I can delete it. Thank you! ~Kayla 😘😛
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eXPOSE YA'LL #sorrynotsorry (closed for now!) by signasmaes
eXPOSE YA'LL #sorrynotsorry ( pika!
lmao like im sorry
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Alexander Hamilsin by JustTryingToLife
Alexander Hamilsinby Hamiltrash
Hey! This is my first fanfiction so please don't hate I know it's cringey I'm sorry! Comments and requests are literally my life force SLOW UPDATES I'M SORRY I PROCRASTI...
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Choke Me by SpiritOfTheLabyrinth
Choke Meby SpiritOfTheLabyrinth
Johannes has a choking kink. Henrik and John accidentally find this out, and Jonas takes advantage of it.
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-COMPLETE or the one where after harry everything changed started: 06/08/17 Finished: 09/06/17
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Eros and Agape  by fangrell-
Eros and Agape by Hanji is my Wife
Yuri x Yurio (BoyxBoy) Honestly I'm not sure about this ship but I'm trying it out.
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Kik - frerard by trazedone
Kik - frerardby love yourself
gee_the_meme is typing......
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Steven X Connie | The Date! by fnaftaleuniverse
Steven X Connie | The Date!by wut
Steven has finally built up the courage to ask Connie on a date and she says yes see what will happen
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The Story Of Us 2 (CAMREN)  by capteyyncamren
The Story Of Us 2 (CAMREN) by capteyyncamren
"...and then, everything was a restart,"
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Evanstan Oneshots by bucharest-
Evanstan Oneshotsby ♡
a series of unrelated oneshots staring evenstan.
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Random by Bookworm_Malfoy
Randomby Bookworm_Malfoy
Random stuff because why not.
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The Pony War by Equestria20000
The Pony Warby xXPonyAuthorXx
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Divulgence by DonovanTheDonDon
Divulgenceby Donovan
A Deetranada x NiaKay fanfic.
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Give me all the good Puns! by Approximately_BL
Give me all the good Puns!by Approximately_BL
This will just be a very punny book :) (Sorry, not sorry)
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Assassin/ love Rp by Lost_in_this_land
Assassin/ love Rpby I'm a demon, deal with it.
Do what you want, it's for fun, so have fun.
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girls/girls (girlxgirl) ✔ by FlamingFandom
girls/girls (girlxgirl) ✔by jail is super
girlxgirl "Did I mention I'm into girls?" Highest Ranking #468 in Romance completed story c: f f.
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Tell Me You Love Me • Demi/You by icallyoutoomuch
Tell Me You Love Me • Demi/Youby :):
(GirlxGirl) you are a famous model. one day while you were doing photoshoot for Calvin Klein, your manager called you and said you were gonna work with Demi Lovato on he...
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Mate Trouble by Kitten916
Mate Troubleby KathrynRomanaRiddle
What happens when Natsu realizes he's in love with Gray? Before he gains the courage to tell him, something happens. Gajeel announces that he's in a relationship with Gr...
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