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Naruto & Friends: Let's See The Future! by Lucky_C
Naruto & Friends: Let's See The (♡˙︶˙♡)
Naruto has a orb. This orb will let them seem into the future, a person's future can last a few seconds to hours. Watch(Read?) as these young ninjas discover their futur...
Konoha's Mating Season by 11Ava11
Konoha's Mating Seasonby 11Ava11
It was summer in Konoha when disaster struck. It was a beautiful day until Kakashi delivered the news of their nightmares. Kakashi was happy to announce that there would...
Troublesome Love (ShikaTema) by DarkMei36
Troublesome Love (ShikaTema)by DarkMei36
Even after the war was over, there were small troubles here and there. With Shikamaru practicing to be the Hokage's advisor under Kakashi, and Temari trying to organise...
Naruto Daughter Preferences by Chartair17
Naruto Daughter Preferencesby Chartair17
Heyo! So this story isn't a narutocharactersxdaughter!reader book because the daughters in this story develop their own personalities and such and I feel uncomfortable t...
Time travel is real baby! by Elizabeth_Emiya
Time travel is real baby!by Elizabeth_Emiya
This girl gets board and decides to send Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Hinata to the past.
Troublesome (Shikamaru x Temari) by bunnyboi88
Troublesome (Shikamaru x Temari)by bunnyboi88
A cute little story about how Shikadai came along. Shikamaru getting teased by Naruto for not having s kid yet. Temari watching the girls get pregnant before they made h...
友人や敵 | Friends or Foes | ShikatemaFanfic by yunoia
友人や敵 | Friends or Foes | eunoia
"he had a full control of my body. . . I couldn't do anything" "maybe because he used shadow techniques on you" "no, not that"
The Camp Shinobi Disaster by HetaGarden1
The Camp Shinobi Disasterby HetaGarden1
AU. Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto. Poor Sakura Haruno thought that nothing could be worse than having your parents ship you off to some mixed-gender Ninja Summer C...
Time To Fuck Up The Timeline  by Me_KO_
Time To Fuck Up The Timeline by Me_KO_
Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, Shikamaru, and Gaara were 22 when they won the war. They were the only survivors out of the entire world. Guess it wasn't much of a victory after...
Gone (Sasuke Uchiha x reader) by goddessofgreatness
Gone (Sasuke Uchiha x reader)by Liya
After being kidnapped for 15 long years, you return home to find out that all of your friends, and your ex-fiance, are married with kids. This is an ALTERNATE ending to...
Sakura's Instagram by may46117
Sakura's Instagramby May🌺
sakuraharuno_328: Come check out my account, feel free to hit the like button and drop a comment down below! = DISCLAIMER: I, the author of this story, do not own any of...
Home (Sasuke x reader) by goddessofgreatness
Home (Sasuke x reader)by Liya
This is the continuation of my other book "Gone (Sasuke x reader)" Shinori has been captured, and ___ is pregnant, but Sasuke and Sakura still haven't complete...
We are from the future! (On Hold) by MoonWolfie1
We are from the future! (On Hold)by MoonWolfie1
"Wow your future selves are awesome!" Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi are targeted by an evil shinobi who sends them back in time. He thought there was nobo...
The chance ( fan fiction ) by otaku6543
The chance ( fan fiction )by Athmar
so this story will be about naruto and Konoha 12 and some others watching their future It's my first story, I wish u like it 😚 I don't own naruto ( I wish I did ) but I...
Naruko Uzumaki Namikaze by Akahana_9
Naruko Uzumaki Namikazeby Jessica
Basically a story where Naruto is a girl called Naruko. Naruko trains with Tsunade and Jiraiya before the academy, and there is no Uchiha Massacre. SasuFemNaru! Sakura B...
The Legacy Of The Fourth Hokage by Tsuki_Kaze
The Legacy Of The Fourth Hokageby Naruto Uzumaki
Naruhina It's kinda gonna be like Minato and kushina's story. I got this Idea and might use some ideas from "The Yondiame's legacy" there's gonna be A LOT of S...
Naruto Shippūden: The Legendary Team「伝説的なチーム」 by HerPrettySmile
Naruto Shippūden: The Legendary rei
Because of the Fourth Great Ninja War, of the deity named Kaguya, the world almost came to an end. However, something odd happened; the past came right before their eyes...
Konoha 12's future by logophile_132
Konoha 12's futureby amazhang_reader
The teams had just been selected when the Konoha 12 were called by the Sandaime Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, with their newly formed teachers and parents. For what reason h...
Symphony (Konoha School Of Arts) by Subby_star
Symphony (Konoha School Of Arts)by Subby_Star
The story follows the academic life of the students of Konoha School of Arts (KSA). KSA is a school for the richest, most talented and brilliant students but things get...
The Heir and The Heiress by Eevee_Erin
The Heir and The Heiressby Erin Parker
This story takes place after the Fourth Great Shinobi World War and everyone is struggling to find their place and purpose in this new era of the ninja. Naruto and all h...