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Our Cliché High School Romance - A Sheith Fanfic, High school AU [COMPLETED] by SaltyCatPerson
Our Cliché High School Romance - SaltyCatPerson
"I saw him. On his first day. Across the hallway. He's gorgeous, but I couldn't admit that. No, I'm Keith Kogane. I'm the tough one, I don't have feelings. The soul...
shklance nfsw by galrababe
shklance nfswby k. kogane
lance masturbates to the black paladin impaling the red paladin
Blood and Genetics by galrahobbitofxadia
Blood and Geneticsby lily potter
It's awfully convenient that Keith's Galra, animalistic eye genes didn't show up until season six when he knew he was Galra. What if things were less convenient? What if...
The Omega With Blue Eyes by Lexi323
The Omega With Blue Eyesby Lexi Right
Lance McClain has wondered his whole life if anyone will be able to look past his Omega status and love him for him. When he meets two Alphas, Shiro and Keith, he feels...
Its A New Life by floralsu3
Its A New Lifeby floralsu3
galra! keith x shiro
Miscommunication {|| Sheith Mpreg ||} by SoBasicallyDedInside
Miscommunication {|| Sheith Yuh
Warning! This story will contain: •SMUT •Mpreg (Male Pregnancy) •Angst •Feelz And: •SHEITH!! Takes place season 1-2 (Basically branches off) After forming Voltron t...
you are mine by rusdea1017a
you are mineby CripplingDepression™
keith is abused. shiro is a stoner. read to find out more.
You're safe now [Sheith] by woopwoopboi
You're safe now [Sheith]by Patricia
Keith is captured by the galra, It takes the team a while to find him and take him back, will Keith be the same? warning: very detailed abusive scenes, some angst, cutt...
Together (Sheith/Klance) Voltron Zombe AU by BellesFandoms
Together (Sheith/Klance) Voltron Isabelle Jacobs
When a virus breaks out the world as they knew it is gone. Eight non-infected must fight for their lives all while watching each other's backs. Friendships are made, bon...
Little Keith Age Play  One-Shots~~ (Requests Open)  Voltron Legendary Defender by Somebunny_lovesme
Little Keith Age Play Somebunny_lovesme
This book is for Little Keith Age Play/Age Regression (non-sexual) One-shots If you have a request please inbox me or let me know in the comments!! Hope you guys enjoy...
The Red Paladin (sheith) by ThatRandomNextToYou
The Red Paladin (sheith)by ThatRandom
ShiroXKeith fanfic Keith has grown up with the blades. Having a hard life, he learnt its best not to trust anyone. When Keith meets Voltron and find out he is the Palad...
Kangst for the Soul by Silvershadow989
Kangst for the Soulby Shadow’s Grace
Oneshots about Keith!! Will mostly contain angst but I might add fluff if the mood strikes me.
Keith Kogane Angst Oneshots by cansofclouds
Keith Kogane Angst Oneshotsby lucy
does as says on the tin
Shklance ❤️💙🖤 by pplneedtosmile
Shklance ❤️💙🖤by Ya yeet
Shklance-sheith-shance-klance Smut-fluff [i don't own voltron or any of the characters from it as well as any of he pictures posted unless I say they're specifically min...
Voltron oneshots (requests open!) by that-elf
Voltron oneshots (requests open!)by Jaz
I will take requests with any characters or any ship! The following is a list of characters that I have written for or will write for in the near future. If you don't se...
Love Bug - Klance by 314159265m
Love Bug - Klanceby 314159265m
The team's mission is to go and collect a rare species of bug called Agapi that are scaring the citizens of the planet Amore. It is said that the bug has charming power...
°Mamma Said Its Oke°    [voltron klance, sheith and keitor] by theroseofsatan
°Mamma Said Its Oke° [voltron theroseofsatan
Keith is kidnapped by the galra and has no idea how to get out. will the paladins save him or will he be under the galras power for ever? bdw this is a Keith x Lance x...
Just Your Average College Life by AbbyStaffyIsGeek
Just Your Average College Lifeby AbbyStaffyIsGeek
Soulmate au, college au, coffee shop au, I really out did myself. Lance has two soulmate marks instead of one and wonders what that means, Shiro and Keith are soulmates...
Shklance by Beautiful_Blue_Boi
Shklanceby Lance
A story where a barista an artist and a police officer meet and learn they've each developed a crush on the others but some problems come in the way of expressing the lo...
YAOI pics by little_dino_
YAOI picsby Madyson
YAOI...........i love yaoi so much so immma make a book full of yaoi for all you smole beans to enjoy