The Circle by AliaElaithy
The Circleby Alia
Alexandria Green. Stubborn. Loves adventure. Sick of the rules. Above all, wants to get out of the circle. All her life was inside a bubble balloon which she g...
  • scinecefiction
  • galaxies
  • fantasy
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Explosion by LabsForever18
Explosionby LabsForever18
Maddie Hendricks is 13 years old and living in fear. The year is 2188, and the United States has been turned into a horrid country. After a bloody revolution left the co...
  • dystopia
  • romance
  • life
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The Program. by Fangirl_Queen46
The Katie S. Henry
Kayla didn't chose to be in the program. Nor did her parents. She was taken at age 15. When she gets to a big white building that is surrounded by a wall in the middle o...
  • writing
  • characters
  • warrior
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Acts of War by Aquilus
Acts of Warby Aquilus
  • military
  • scinecefiction