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Mia, Mine #sytycw15 #RomanticSuspense Book 1 by hannahonana
Mia, Mine #sytycw15 Hannah Dean
Crumbs (a Tom Hiddleston fanfic) by circa1927
Crumbs (a Tom Hiddleston fanfic)by Gemma (Germy) Runner
Tom and Charlotte have only ever been friends. Really good friends. They lead totally different lives-he's a jet setting actor and she's a no nonsense, flour covered bak...
The Mystery of my life by Drazy0_0
The Mystery of my lifeby Drashti
Warning: Cliche af! Wrote when I was bit too young! _______________ #8 Romanticsuspence . (13/3/19) "Fuck! You are so gay!" I blurted out angrily. He made me...
Alpha Male *extended version* by 1Blossom
Alpha Male *extended version*by Shanadoa
For some wolves it’s easy finding their other half. The one that will make their life complete. However, it’s difficult for Alpha, Josiph. He’s about ready to cease sear...
His Discarded Bride #thefictionawards2019 by melitajoy
His Discarded Bride Melita Joy
Leilani Davide can't believe this is happening to her. Her pulse clambering desperately, she waits for the plane to take off. Upon receiving life-changing news, Leilani...
THE WOUND by CliffeShyna
THE WOUNDby Shyna Cliffe
Marriage changes everything! feelings, people and life Savannah and Aaron are two distinct people .Savannah is a accounts agent in Aaron's company. She is in love with h...
Gambling It All by theloudlibrarian
Gambling It Allby Marissa Priddis
After a devastating crash, elite motorcycle racer Nicky Gamble wants to get back to the racetrack, but this quiet cowboy knows he's going to need help getting there. He...
Surrogate Pregnancy by sonjakmclucas
Surrogate Pregnancyby sonjakmclucas
Leon, a cattle baron, is in Darwin Hospital for life saving cancer surgery. During his chemo he makes a strong connection with his nurse Lydia. She is unexpectedly calle...
Out of Focus #SYTYCW15 Top10 Finalist! [COMPLETED] by FallonDeMornay
Out of Focus #SYTYCW15 Top10 ♕ Khaleesi ♕
***A WATTPAD FEATURED NOVEL Dec 1st, 2015*** EVA TURNER's a single-mom in witness protection hoping to start over and establish lifelong roots on Haven Island. But thing...
Love Defined by Keri8794
Love Definedby Keri
To Piper Baker, love is a hoax simply created to brainwash us all into believing life isn't as bad as it seems. She knows better though. Piper knows not to trust in the...
My Life with the Boys by RandomGirl1302
My Life with the Boysby Random Girl
Alison Scott life has become an out of control mess. To try and solve the problems she faces in the present she first must think back to where it all began, remembering...
Just One Kiss (BoyxBoy) by EmberRex
Just One Kiss (BoyxBoy)by Ember
*Winner of Best Male Character in the #GrandLGBT Awards 2016* Nolan is adamant; unwilling to accept his sexuality. But after being forced into a crazy plan that was sup...
Miss Ana's Butler        #SYTYCW15 #specialedition by SherlySusan
Miss Ana's Butler Sherly Susan
Diana Wellesley, the only hair of a powerful family that could make the rich society shaken like a leaf isn’t impress with her new butler. He is obnoxious, rude and over...
Boxer Girl by TeddyBearHugger4
Boxer Girlby Raghad
I lived with my father and four brothers my entire life. My mother died when I was two, but my brothers took the best care of me. I loved my brothers, I still do. But li...
Surrender to The Healing(#1) by Ophelia_is_Knightly
Surrender to The Healing(#1)by D. Knight
"Malika, I'll help you. But you understand that I need something in return don't you?" Malika nodded. "But, I already told you, I don't have anything-,&q...
Conflict of Interest by RebeccaLorensAuthor
Conflict of Interestby Rebecca Lorens
When Jackie Prescott's boss forces her to look after the dashing Dominick Tyrell's bank accounts, sparks fly. Jackie knows it would jeopardize her career if she allows D...
Senior Year (Camren) by 5Hhero
Senior Year (Camren)by Logan
COMPLETED. Entering their Senior Year, star football quarterback Lauren Jauregui gets the news of her life from the girl she's head over heels for. Through many obstacl...
Sex Wars by JustOneBite
Sex Warsby Cynthia
When 18 year old Leighla Parks enrolls into an expensive summer academy, she and her friends discover that her longtime nightmare, and new neighbor, Blake Hemingway, is...
Her Temporary Bodyguard by tmburnstad
Her Temporary Bodyguardby T. M. Burnstad
If you want someone found, Logan Gilbert is the man to call. It was easy enough to find his best friend's sister. Keeping her safe turns out to be more complicated. Some...
JUST BESTFRIEND'$ by CliffeShyna
JUST BESTFRIEND'$by Shyna Cliffe
HE IS AN ARSEHOLE !! SHE IS A NERD !! they both are best friends! Adrian and Alice are best friends .Their families are really close . Adrian lives in Alice's house as...