The Prince and the Personal Shopper by merachi
The Prince and the Personal Shopperby merachi
What Isabella Morrison, the personal shopper - cum - unofficial best friend of her highness, princess Victoria of Asmerdale does not expects to find on a horrible Tuesda...
  • isabella
  • princess
  • friendship
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The Rouge and The King by makingsence
The Rouge and The Kingby Hello Random People!
After Light's pack was killed by an unknown Alpha, she swore revenge. By hunting every single pack and Alpha that she can find. Although Silver was looking every for his...
  • prince
  • dangerous
  • royal
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Royal by thegokustalker
Royalby @afif
When Alexa and her friends summon a demon, Alexa gets one wish. power, strength, and most of all royalty... But just because a crown is on your head.. Doesn't mean it wi...
  • possession
  • fear
  • royal
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The Princess by well-then123
The Princessby well-then123
Amanda Hayes has been bullied and abused since she could remember. She cries herself to sleep every night wondering why she is so hated. She is the packs maid and slave...
  • matthew
  • slave
  • royal
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The Half-Magus Royal Guard by UnknownButAwesome
The Half-Magus Royal Guardby Unknown but Awesome
Prasinus, a kingdom where humans and maguses are living prosperously using the technology created by humans and maguses alike. Viticinus, warmongering empire with the go...
  • empire
  • royal
  • magic
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Slave and the 7th Prince *BTS Yoongi FF* by skyla_kim21
Slave and the 7th Prince *BTS skyla_kim21
Hey guys. I know a lot of you guys probably saw this fan fiction on YouTube by SnowFlake. I decided to rewrite it in WattPad because not a lot of people watch fan ficti...
  • fan
  • yoongi
  • bts
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Forbidden Love (SHORT STORY) by QueenDirection14
Forbidden Love (SHORT STORY)by CheekyPrincess
hey guys, this is a short story i wrote for school homework based on the song Love story by Taylor swift It is one chapter but its worth the read.
  • pops
  • story
  • love
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In My Blood by kattleigh
In My Bloodby Katt
It all started with one dance. Since that one dance, I don't know who I am anymore.
  • fantasy
  • queen
  • historical
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Reunion of the Dragon and Phoenix by nicole_liang
Reunion of the Dragon and Phoenixby nicole_liang
The cold-hearted Concubine Yun traded her newborn daughter for a baby boy in order to be conferred the title of the Empress. Years later, the girl and boy meet, their fa...
  • princess
  • romance
  • dragon
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The Littlest Princess by MissWriter97
The Littlest Princessby MissWriter97
Lottie was 3 when her parents died and left her to the kingdom, she was adopted into the family. This girl was brilliant as she devoured books, she is now 7 and everyone...
  • cute
  • princess
  • royal
The Selection by AmyJackson007
The Selectionby Amy Jackson
For thirty-five girls, the Selection is the chance of a lifetime. The opportunity to escape the life laid out for them since birth. To be swept up in a world of glitteri...
  • heartbreak
  • love
  • royal
The disguised royalties  by NaturiaFrozen
The disguised royalties by Naturia Frozen
Mona : she is a princess disguised herself. And keeps her identity as a secret. so that she can study out side the castle. She meets a man called Edward. ...
  • destiny
  • love
  • royal
Do you remember? by Lilndax
Do you remember?by Lilndax
Summer Bloodworth was an ordinary girl with an ordinary life until the day ...
  • royal
  • childhoodsweethearts
  • romance
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What am I ? by melinalovesmendes
What am I ?by melinalovesmendes
Taylor Hunt ist ein ganz normales 18-jähriges Mädchen oder?
  • what
  • war
  • surreal
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The Royal Rebel  by Nic765
The Royal Rebel by nicole d
Ashley Reidman is a rebellious princess, who falls madly in love with a certain bad boy named Ethan Dolan. Her family disapproves of her lifestyle, and they attempt to c...
  • royal
  • princess
  • ashleyreidman
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The Beast Within  by raevion
The Beast Within by raevion
What happens when you fall in love with the Kings son? But there is something deep inside of you that tried to get out at every chance but when you heart is crushed by t...
  • royal
  • peasant
  • murder
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The Unknown Hybrid ✔️ by YhnaMacForRealz
The Unknown Hybrid ✔️by Yhnamac
Katie Ash King Is the hidden princess of the werewolf kingdom She thought her parents were just power rulers of the throne but no they aren't normal wolves well her dad...
  • vampire
  • alpha
  • mate
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REWIND by MidnightDancer218
If you are a prince.Isn't that great,you have thousand of people serving around you.And you can get what you want.But for this prince its different.He even needs to be a...
  • action
  • anime
  • warriors
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The Farleia by Raynepie
The Farleiaby Raynepie
Violet Skye is an ordinary girl with a twin who just wont let her out of her shadow. Violet doesn't get much attention, but she's grown used to it and has learned to enj...
  • twin
  • twins
  • royalty
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The True Heir by Talisha_Lee
The True Heirby loonyTeesh
Thea has been a slave since she could walk and hold herself up. What happens when she finds out she's finds out who she is, where she's from and who her family is. Will...
  • royal
  • heir
  • throne
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