Adventures of fem deku by harsha2000g
Adventures of fem dekuby Sriharsha Gollamudi
Midoriya suddenly became a girl and his.... sorry..... her friends like this.
  • femizuku
  • allmight
  • shigaraki
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Cold Blooded Wife by BeastFrn
Cold Blooded Wifeby Sado
Born with unparalleled beauty and strength, Xingxie was originally a virtuous and benevolent woman. However, because of her soft hearted and forgiving nature, others to...
  • timetravel
  • ancient
  • reverseharem
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The Elements of Rage by JadeQueen100
The Elements of Rageby Jade
I step forward with a vicious grin and declare, "Fight me." - Powers are only bestowed on those that deserve it. The kind, the gentle, the meek, those destined...
  • fighter
  • dark
  • heroine
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The Doll Princess by MisMatchedNightStar
The Doll Princessby Zombe@nie
Vylette Raven. A beautiful Mafia boss of the most powerful mafia in history, Blood Ravens. Due to a poison that coursed through her veins as a child, Vylette succumbed...
  • ruthlessfemalelead
  • otome
  • supernatural
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The King's Harem by LAArcher
The King's Haremby LA Archer
Lady Allayna wanted to be an artist. She had big dreams to travel the world and use her travels as inspiration for her work. She had it all planned out...until her fat...
  • erotic
  • drama
  • 18andup
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Miss Little Mage | Yona of the Dawn | by KutiePotato
Miss Little Mage | Yona of the Unicorn Potato
"A life that has no purpose is really boring, right?" Read as a girl who has an abusive mother, travelled through time and found mysterious people on her journ...
  • fanfiction
  • hak
  • shinah
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The Water Fairy (Fairy Tail x Reader) by Mizushima_Izumi
The Water Fairy (Fairy Tail x Izumi
[[ONGOING]] Juvia Lockser had a little sister, named (Y/n) Lockser. They got separated as children and now has gone separated ways, Juvia has joined Phantom Lord and (...
  • reverseharem
  • fairytail
  • wendymarvell
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Operation: Make the protagonist happy by irene0516
Operation: Make the protagonist vinegar0516
Set in a vague world based on otome games, your mission, as the antagonist, is to make the protagonist happy. You and your posse of stereotypical good looking love inter...
  • romcom
  • cliche
  • satire
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The 7 (Watty's 2018) by galaxyTzuyuYoda
The 7 (Watty's 2018)by NamRyan
When a young 17 year old girl and her friend went to an empty mansion that is reported as 'haunted' she never knew that her life would changed when she accidentally woke...
  • kpop
  • fanfiction
  • werewolves
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The Only Female Vampire by snowwygirl
The Only Female Vampireby snowwygirl
It's a world ruled by men, but not any man mind you, vampires. All the men in this world are vampires, while the woman are human. And no, it's not turn a woman into a va...
  • action
  • adventure
  • mature
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Saki: Quartet Night's Composer by Zecha13
Saki: Quartet Night's Composerby Zecha
Shining Saki, Daughter of Shining Saotome was assigned to be Quartet Night's composer, since Nanami Haruka went with ST⭐RISH on their tour around Japan, Saki is a tempor...
  • utanoprincesama
  • ranmaru
  • reiji
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The Cardinal Bird by mia1200s
The Cardinal Birdby Mia Smantz
Summary: Sang has always been a little bit different. She was made fun of for being a math-whiz in school up until her father sold her. Growing up in the crime world f...
  • victor
  • marc
  • north
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Maybe, there is a chance by SincerelyAQueen
Maybe, there is a chanceby ~SA. Preßler~
Sang's life is an endless cycle, do missions, save people, move on, repeat. Her life was never simple, and she accepted that. And unlike most she isn't afraid of dying...
  • ghostbird
  • assignment
  • academy
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Sang Insane | ✔ by JadeQueen100
Sang Insane | ✔by Jade
Sang Sorenson doesn't understand what is normal. She has been abused by her family and heard two voices in her head her whole life. The Blackbourne -Toma team goes to As...
  • crazy
  • sorenson
  • completed
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Harem High School by nerdi4books
Harem High Schoolby nerdi4books
{Reverse Harem } Marianna Levine spent half of her life in isolation from the opposite sex at a Catholic boarding school because of her mother's fear of what Marianna is...
  • royalty
  • paranormal
  • harem
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My Dominant Mistress (sub! boys x dom! reader) by strider105
My Dominant Mistress (sub! boys ~*Foxiee*~
Boys landing right at my feet is such a bore.... That's why they want more. IF YOU ARE NOT FINE WITH MATURE THEMES SUCH AS, SEXUAL ACTIONS, CURSING, AND ECT, DO NOT READ...
  • reverseharem
  • readerxvarious
  • dominantfemale
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Reincarnated as the Villaines older sister[CURRENTLY EDITTING] by DogFace_123
Reincarnated as the Villaines Crema Cream
i was the most feared genius assasin in the 21st Century. with IQ of 550 and godlike skills killing me is imposible ,yet i want to do a facepalm for my stupid death. my...
  • beautifulfemalelead
  • magic
  • overpowerfemaleprotagonist
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Somehow I got Reincarnated as an Fantasy Otome game's Rival Character by Wynnfield
Somehow I got Reincarnated as an Wynnfield
The last thing I remembered was flashing lights, and someone shouting into my ears. When I woke up, I was immediately picked up by a towering figure that looked really f...
  • countrygirl
  • reverseharem
  • rivalcharacter
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There's always been a sexual tension between the seven male members and the one female member. It's just she hasn't noticed. When one of the members snaps and tries to...
  • kpop
  • reverseharem
  • romance
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Fated Lovers  by RaveMaster16
Fated Lovers by RaveMaster16
The famous truck-san strikes again and the victim is a wayward girl named Rosellie Brighton. She manages to get reincarnated into nosebleeding inducing otome game and to...
  • beautifulprotagonist
  • otome
  • otomegame
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