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Number One Zombie Wife by chrisreenR
Number One Zombie Wifeby Silver Phoenix
Transmigrated into his own novel, Mu Yifan was very conflicted! Transmigrated into his own novel and become a zombie, Mu Yifan was even more conflicted! Transmigrated in...
  • zombies
  • cutecouple
  • rebel
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REBORN GIRL'S NEW LIFE by DanicaDanielle1
REBORN GIRL'S NEW LIFEby Danica Danielle
  • reborn
  • love
  • chinesenovel
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Reborn : Unwanted Attention From Overbearing Heir  by amaira134
Reborn : Unwanted Attention From maira
Tang wei just visited her ex-fiance lu Chen and tang ming, she wanted to apologise for the bad deeds she did for them.....she even made her half sister Tang ming barren...
  • doting
  • romance
  • youth
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Mafia Heroes [ KHRxBNHA ] by PrincessAkiraYuni
Mafia Heroes [ KHRxBNHA ]by Princess Yuni Francia
Died and reborned into a new world. To the world full of Heroes and Villains. Can Tsuna survive on the world where he was sent to,while having struggles for being back t...
  • reincarnate
  • bakugou
  • bokunoheroacademia
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Fragile Reality - Tobirama's daughter II - Naruto by VoltageWriter
Fragile Reality - Tobirama's Haven 🌸
Hayumi Senju had died. Protecting her father, of whom she loved the most, to the end. So how did she end up in the world of the living again? A war? Of her father's doi...
  • naruto
  • tobiramasenju
  • hiruzensarutobi
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A Second Chance by Moonlit_Dragon
A Second Chanceby ❀ Moonlit.Dragon ❀
Being an actor was difficult. After Akira Ayton rose to the top thanks to his acting career, he was alone. Once you reach the top, there's nothing left. Stuck in an inf...
  • prince
  • reincarnation
  • theroyaltutor
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The Favoured Genius Doctor and Businesswoman by AlwaysAlonie
The Favoured Genius Doctor and Alonie
Name : -空间重生:盛宠神医商女 -Không gian trùng sinh: Thịnh sủng thần y thương nữ -Space and Rebirth: The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman Author : -年小华 Translator/s: -All...
  • cunningfl
  • school
  • geniusdoctor
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The Powerful Seven (R27) by RainbowFluff24
The Powerful Seven (R27)by Rainbow_Fluff
The rest is in Prologue Enchantor/Demon Tsuna x Demon/Pact Reborn ~~~~ Once upon a time, a long time ago, Demons and humans lived together in peace. Until havic broke ou...
  • tsuna
  • 1stgen
  • millifore
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The Butterfly Beauty's Revenge by YukinaYukki
The Butterfly Beauty's Revengeby Yukina Harnes
Húdié Měi has lived a perfect life for 25 years, until her parents died in a planned Plane Crash. Greedy Aunts and Lying Uncles plotted against her. Her friends had a mi...
  • reborn
  • transmigration
  • femaleprotagonist
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Reborn  In who  Made Me a  Princess  by amychan96
Reborn In who Made Me a star
(y/n) is reborn in the world of who made me a princess
  • reborn
The sisters Black by MikkiSteel2
The sisters Blackby Mikki Steel
I do not own Harry Potter. This is a dark rebirth story that I love writing and sharing. I keep most of the original pairings. There is some Dumbledore bashing but is fo...
  • fanfiction
  • harrypotter
  • siriusblack
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bl books idea by SolarAce_System
bl books ideaby []
hey ya! so, I just got some inspiration at Random time. but time can't fulfill this inspirational story so I want to give out the idea💡.so if you were interested in my...
  • system
  • shou
  • smutmaybe
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Reborn by tatendach
Rebornby tatendach
I always wanted to be a hero from the moment that he was born to the day I died. I tried so hard to become strong. I worked harder. I did more. but the day I finally bec...
  • mystery
  • imagination
  • adventure
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I Reincarnated As The Duke's Timid Daughter  by 303shabna
I Reincarnated As The Duke's 303shabna
Sakura Ai, though timid and shy, is an excellent chef. Name the dish and she'll make it. It was a normal day as usual and she was returning from work when suddenly she w...
  • peaceful
  • reborn
  • secondchance
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Eternals by Phoenix_Queen_1201
Eternalsby Phoenix_Queen_1201
Ravenia Lily Eirik, just another 15 year old girl trying to survive her abusive "family" the Danvers with her twin brother Jackson, or as everyone calls him Ja...
  • eternal
  • boyxgirl
  • reborn
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Retrace || A Life Away From The Role Of The Nemesis by MegamiYuika
Retrace || A Life Away From The 「女神ユイカ」
Sinking into the depths of the sea, Ria's life had ended painfully slow and tragic. However, after the darkness had turned into waves of light that washed over the scene...
  • fantasy-romance
  • heroine
  • isekai
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Rebirth of the Entertainment Giant by silent_glee
Rebirth of the Entertainment Giantby Dancing She-Devil
Not my story Purely for offline purposes
  • boss
  • reborn
  • arrogant
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Silent Guardian by TahkeeGarcia
Silent Guardianby Decimo
A human who gained immortality and transcended beyond humanity only to find out how to die.
  • lonewolf
  • historical
  • existence
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REBORN  [ Jimin FF ] by ShresthaSimran123
REBORN [ Jimin FF ]by Charil Meng
Why Life Is So Cruel ?? Why Me ?? Why I'm The One Suffering ?? " Unnie-ah ?? No One Wants You Here .......Why Don't I Kill You ?? Even Jimin Doesn't Wants You In H...
  • love
  • tripped
  • secondchance
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A Relaxing Thingamabob by EthelsBirdCage
A Relaxing Thingamabobby EthelsBirdCage
Alexander Graham Winslow -that's a mouthful- disappointingly dies in an accident due to an accident. Consequently, when The Lord's -who?- negotiation department arrives...
  • comedy
  • harry
  • harrypotter
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