Isolophobia {Daito RPO} by Sp00kymm
Isolophobia {Daito RPO}by Someone
"Please don't leave me Daito," I whispered quietly to the man infront of me. "I won't leave you, I promise. I love you too much." He stated placing a...
  • sho
  • action
  • fanfiction
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Through Your eyes - PARZIVAL; ready player one  by Smashedtomatoes
Through Your eyes - PARZIVAL; Smashedtomatoes
"Did you really think I would've chosen you over her?" He screamed "No..." F4ith whispered looking at the floor. Parzival clenched his jaw, he hate...
  • halliday
  • eastereggs
  • keys
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I'm Not Ready [UNDER EDITING] by baepsaepic
I'm Not Ready [UNDER EDITING]by Riptid3
(Ready Player One FF) 'Three hidden challenges reveal three different keys. Are you ready, players?' Riptid3 (riptide) and Art3mis are known as the sixer fixers or the 3...
  • romance
  • fanfiction
  • tyesheridan
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Parzival +Wade Watts oneshots by AmberLee453
Parzival +Wade Watts oneshotsby 1-800-PopCulterQuotes🏝
Oneshots of Tye Sheridan, Wade Watts and Parzival. I Take requests. And I love to write!
  • tyesheridan
  • oasis
  • scottsummers
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READY PLAYER TWO ; wade watts ; ready player one by -txssa
P̴̡̱̾̎r̶̫̊͜͠ȋ̷̱͙s̶͖̺̄̕ỏ̷̮̓ň̴̫̰ě̷̢̟r̵̗̐ ̴̞́0̵͇̪͐0̸̫̆̆6̵̖͌7̸̬͋ ̷̨̽Ń̴̰̥E̴̫͂̚E̷̱̥̍D̷̬͂S̶̺̉ ̸̟̼͑ŷ̷̱ǫ̸̙͊̾ṵ̸̅͒r̸̞̼̀ ̷͍͎͊̉h̸͎̃e̶͍̝͐͌l̴̳̿̑p̸̼̣͋.̴͙̓̔ ̸̱͌C̴̢̪͌̉o̶͍̎ń̵͓͘n̸̂...
  • parzival
  • dystopian
  • virtualreality
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War of the Planets (A Ready Player One Story) by ZombastikGaming
War of the Planets (A Ready ZombastikGaming
This is the first story in the War of the Planets Series. It is set in the Ready Player One universe and follows a 17 year old kid named John.
  • mortal
  • kombat
  • planets
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Just A Player  by KittyGotham
Just A Player by The 1975
Ready Player One Wade Watts/Parzival love story Take on me (take on me) Take me on (take on me)I'll be gone for a day or two So needless to say Im odds and ends but that...
  • tyesheridan
  • wadewatts
  • sciencefiction
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Imagine ➣ Wade Watts x Reader by -zayde
Imagine ➣ Wade Watts x Readerby — zay💫
"I'd know those blue eyes anywhere." © ; 2018 ⤷ Ready Player One » Ernest Cline & Warner Bros ⤶
  • wadewatts
  • parzivalxreader
  • wadewattsxreader
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my le art book/thingy/whatchamacallit by cherry_stardust
my le art book/thingy/ starry night sky
i dont even know anymore
  • stars
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Multi Fandom RP by KenickiesGirl
Multi Fandom RPby Ella Strange
Wattpad deleted my other one... :(
  • mazerunner
  • harrypotter
  • marvel
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random x reader one-shots by thewiseguy01
random x reader one-shotsby thewiseguy01
This is just a series of weird reader insert one shots I I wright for whatever reason. Sometimes because I requested something and got tired of waiting, sometimes beca...
  • overwatch
  • disney
  • fanfic
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Ready Player One Preferences by Parzivalscutiee
Ready Player One Preferencesby Burnt Garbonzobean
•Parzival/Wade x fem reader •Datio/Tashiro x fem reader •Art3mis/Samantha x fem reader •Aech/Helen x fem reader
  • readyplayerone
  • cringeworthy
  • gxg
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poems from my journal ✨🍂 by Evie_maae
poems from my journal ✨🍂by ☁️ Evie ☁️
here's a collection of the short poem sort of things I write for my journal! if they're based on another persons point of view I'll make sure to state that in the title...
  • love
  • poetry
  • vintage
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Video Game Thing by Minty_Kay
Video Game Thingby Minty_Kay
You've been transported to a different world. As perils and threats begin to challenge you, do you have what it takes to save Desyanti?
  • dreamsofestorra
  • são
  • game
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Tomb of the Rail (Book 2 of the War of the Planets Series) by ZombastikGaming
Tomb of the Rail (Book 2 of the ZombastikGaming
This srory is the second book of the War of the Planets series, a Ready Player One story. This follows the time after Art3mis, Parzival, Aech and Zombastik have been fri...
  • war
  • adventure
  • tomb
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⭐Zhou & Huan⭐ {Daito x Reader} by RIPFreckledJesus
⭐Zhou & Huan⭐ {Daito x Reader}by RIPFreckledJesus
"Huan is your real name?" " Yeah, I know your disgusted with what you see and not whats in the Oasis" "No, your even better than I thought&qu...
  • readyplayerone
  • zhou
  • daito
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Survival Quest (LitRPG series The Way of the Shaman: Book #1) by V. Mahanenko by Magic_Dome_Books
Survival Quest (LitRPG series Magic_Dome_Books
Barliona. A virtual world jam-packed with monsters, battles - and predictably, players. Millions of them come to Barliona, looking forward to the things they can't get i...
  • litrpg
  • cyberpunk
  • ready-player-one
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Movie Pitch Monday by EdwardMullen
Movie Pitch Mondayby Edward Mullen
Welcome to Movie Pitch Monday, a YouTube series I started recently to pitch hypothetical and fun movie ideas. As with all my pitches, they come with a YouTube video so i...
  • scifi
  • action
  • aquietplace
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Heart To Heart  (Wade Watts (Parzival) x Reader ) DISCONTINUED by littlesseok
Heart To Heart (Wade Watts ( pyrothetic
A story about a young teenage girl named (Y/N), she is just a normal teenager who loves to play a games, but one day when she first introduce to Oasis or virtual world s...
  • shoto
  • fictionstory
  • wadewatts
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Ready Player Kavi | Daito by thesilentcrescendo
Ready Player Kavi | Daitoby The Silent Crescendo
Katrina never considered herself a Gunter. But when she's thrown in the warpath of IOI, she must help the High 5 win the contest and save the matter what it t...
  • gunter
  • ioi
  • rpo
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