My Loving Enemy by DarelNarag
My Loving Enemyby Darel Narag
[On Going|Comedy|Romance|Drama] 04/22/18 #53 highest peak in fan fiction. Kantaphat University is an elite college University for the richest people in thailand. Wayo an...
  • comedy
  • mingkit
  • kimcop
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X+X = Y not? Book II by weirdomakata
X+X = Y not? Book IIby A.❤
Apat na taong nagsimula sa mali. Sa muling pagkikita ba'y sa tama na mauuwi? Paunawa: Kung hindi pa nababasa ang book I,pakitingin po sa aking reading lists.At kung nab...
  • fanfiction
  • rastro
  • gdc
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Infatuation||Algee & Keith Imagines  •slow updates• by kps-toasterstrudel
Infatuation||Algee & Keith Imagine...by 🥀Syn🥀
Infatuation (In•fat•u•a•tion) noun An intense but short-lived passion or admiration for something or someone. A book filled of all you've probably fantasized about with...
  • keithpowers
  • dirty
  • keith
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It's okay now by Cope-with-life
It's okay nowby Rome
A story of a mentally unstable 18 year old boy who's 34 year old neighbor loves very dearly. His family is highly religious , and He's in the wake of figuring out his...
  • rolereversal
  • shortstory
  • friendship
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Be Okay - Self Harm Levi x Reader (Modern AU) [Short Story] by sakuraxstories
Be Okay - Self Harm Levi x Reader...by ❀ sakuraxstories ❀
【BE OKAY】 This is a short story for all of those Levi-lovers where your favorite shorty had somehow transported into our dimension. You have no idea who this man is, b...
  • submale
  • domfem
  • domreader
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Bullied Girl is a Billionaire by magical-chocolate
Bullied Girl is a Billionaireby snickers
Highest rank : #302 in Teen Fiction *Story set in Japan* "You are not Nakanishimatsu Aya when you're going to that school, you're Matsuzaka Aya. No one should know...
  • billionaire
  • bully
  • romance
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Magicians Meet Mortals by minannieee
Magicians Meet Mortalsby Annie
This is basicaly like one of those stories in the PJO universe meeting mortals without Mist and mortals knowing about the gods but in a Kane Chronicles perspective.Hope...
  • félix
  • bast
  • waltstone
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Love Finds a Way... by luigi_san
Love Finds a Way...by luigi_san
  • bondage
  • lovestory
  • sex-slave
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Ruby Redfort Except Gay by WARNINGwhovian
Ruby Redfort Except Gayby WARNINGwhovian
Probably nobody apart from @universalasteroid will read this and that's okay because this probably will be pretty joking and not the highest quality writing that you've...
  • otp
  • rr
  • spectrum
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In the last sequel Ruby Redfort comes face to face with LB's twin sister Clarice and narrowly escapes her clutches. However, now her friends have found out about her be...
  • catchyourdeath
  • hitch
  • rr
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Roman Reigns Imagines  by putridcocks
Roman Reigns Imagines by Cock
A whole bunch o shit
  • reigns
  • rr
  • kids
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Harry + Hermione - Umbitch's lines (One Shot) by lesmolsoul
Harry + Hermione - Umbitch's lines...by Emmä
Harry and Hermione had been closer ever since they were on the train in their first year. They had gotten even closer by the time fifth year came around and someone didn...
  • lowkeyships
  • rr
  • noncanon
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Lonely Raven by LonelyLittleGirl_RR
Lonely Ravenby LonelyLittleGirl_RR
This story is about you Raven Reyes (you) You are 15 years old , you have a little sister , your mother died and your father ...well he left you and your mom a long time...
  • ravenreyes
  • memories
  • read
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Art of KanGian by KanGian
Art of KanGianby KanGian
Art of KanGian /ärt əv kæn-dʒi-ɪn/ noun 1. Something (or somethings) drawn or created by the person who on Wattpad goes by KanGian. 2. Some possible rants as well
  • art
  • rr
  • artist
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WOF NightWing name generator! by Dragonstar234
WOF NightWing name generator!by Dragonstar234
find your NightWing name! plz comment.
  • ii
  • ée
  • ww
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Rooftop Rebellion by HerCrystalHart
Rooftop Rebellionby ҼӀÍՕɾⱭ
"Maybe I'm hiding from my entire past-maybe I'm not. Maybe I can fly-maybe I can't. Maybe I live on my only alliance's roof-maybe I don't. Maybe my mother was murde...
  • rooftop
  • dove
  • death
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Spectrum  「 RUBY REDFORT ↝ FAN CAST 」 by creepslayerz
Spectrum 「 RUBY REDFORT ↝ FAN CAS...by astrid
In which Astrid and Rosie give you casting suggestions for Ruby Redfort, feel free to use these for your fics [ ruby redfort belongs to lauren child]
  • rr
  • spectrum
  • hitch
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That Special Word(Jiminff) by VivianaMatos
That Special Word(Jiminff)by lil
You were just 12 years old when u got introduced to BTs .They had a auditions for an 8 member of BTs whether is a girl or a boy.
  • rr