Into You • That '70s Show  by aquariusmoon75
Into You • That '70s Show by ella
Lola Forman was always just Eric's little sister to Steven Hyde Until one day... .she just wasn't. |That 70s Show| Highest rankings: #2 in #stevenhyde (7/19/18) #8 in #...
  • rock
  • stevenhyde
  • 70s
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Naruto, Neglect, and the Prophecy  by kaka-kun
Naruto, Neglect, and the Prophecy by Robin Karumo
After Minato and Kushina have 2 children, one of them is foretold to have a prophecy to save the village by a fortune teller who suddenly appears in their village and di...
  • kushina
  • neji
  • doctor
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The Bad Boy's Piano Girl by simplyhafs
The Bad Boy's Piano Girlby Hafsah
Every high school girl's dream is to be the best dressed, have a perfect boyfriend and be the next prom queen. Well that is everyone except Heidi... Heidi Thompson is...
  • rock
  • comingofage
  • highschool
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Nanbaka Fanfic: The Quite One by Zecha13
Nanbaka Fanfic: The Quite Oneby Zecha
No.1318, a girl that murdered scientist, auctioneer, and massacered a family, her motive is yet to be known Despite her crime she is a nice and caring girl who rarely ta...
  • inmates
  • rock
  • uno
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Nanbaka Lemons !! by Howdoeshedoit
Nanbaka Lemons !!by Howdoeshedoit
LEMONS FOR THE NANBA PRISON HOTTIES?? I THINK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Drop a request and I will do my best to make your WILDEST fantasies come true ;)
  • nico
  • jyugo
  • rock
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QUEEN MEMES by Roger_Hot_Drummer
QUEEN MEMESby Roger_Hot_Drummer
Hello! I gathered all memes I could find about Queen and I put them in that book Enjoy!
  • redspecial
  • johndeacon
  • rogertaylor
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Oh, Calamity! » a.k by lost-inorbit
Oh, Calamity! » a.kby R
" it's such a shame that we play strangers " #4 in pierce the veil
  • waterparks
  • romance
  • awstenknight
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Area 51 (Nanbaka: Jyugo x reader) by kyralovesanime
Area 51 (Nanbaka: Jyugo x reader)by カイラロヴスアニメ
(F/n)(L/n), a 16 year old female aka inmate number 51, currently incarcerated in Nanba prison for infiltrating Area 51. Though originally placed in a juvenile prison loc...
  • love
  • uno
  • xreader
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Nanbaka X Reader. (On hold) by _AresParis_2
Nanbaka X Reader. (On hold)by Sammy is a boy
Y/n. She was in a secret spy agency, with no memory of her parents of there death nor there faces. Y/n was left alone with her twin brother and her father who adopted th...
  • feels
  • fanfiction
  • nico
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Size doesn't matter with love. M.C by Mikey_is_Punk_Rock
Size doesn't matter with love. M.Cby CRUEHEAD
"Every inch of you is beautiful darling." He whispers in my ear. "Well there must be a lot of inches." Warning, story contains sexual activity and sw...
  • punk
  • fatgirl
  • sizedoesntmatterwithlove
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A Criminal of All Things (Nanbaka's Building 13 x reader) (S1 and S2) by Zer0_Blank
A Criminal of All Things (Nanbaka' Zer0_Blank
All my life, I suffered the burns of the fire and yet, I still get back up for a cup of water, I went through all that to meet the man of my dreams- scratch that, crimin...
  • yamato
  • kuu
  • nicoxreader
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"How can I be this in love with my kids babysitter? It's so wrong but, she's so divine." Robin Fields, good friend of Anais Gallagher, has started babysitting...
  • liamgallagher
  • tonymccarroll
  • gallagher
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Falling For Freddie by atiqah_mercury
Falling For Freddieby Atiqah
"Can you sayyyyy... HELLO?" Freddie asked his daughter eagerly. She was so small seating on his chest, she weighed like a feather to him. "Yello..."...
  • brianmay
  • queenband
  • couple
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B A D D I E S ; Face Claims by Bray_Day
B A D D I E S ; Face Claimsby Don't Care Bear
Baddies for your stories
  • ideas
  • face
  • faceclaim
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Nanbaka Oneshots by Lilith-Kim
Nanbaka Oneshotsby 👅SseuluGi💊
-I don't own Nanbaka or any character in story -The cover is my but the picture I used to it doesn't belong to me. -It's oneshots... So.. -Requests ar...
  • jyugo
  • momoko
  • hajime
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Teenagers // 5sos by BritishBums
Teenagers // 5sosby mia s.
It was more than just a teenage rebellion. Maybe it was a new beginning.
  • life
  • 5secondsofsummer
  • teenagers
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Nanbaka x child reader by erc2109
Nanbaka x child readerby Erc2109
A girl, on ten years old, visit her big brother at the Nanba prison. How will her brother act finding the truth about his sister?
  • nanbaka
  • nico
  • rock
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Beatles Imagines by purplelennon
Beatles Imaginesby purplelennon
Just a collection of some Beatles imagines I've written, that's all.
  • classic
  • beatles
  • thebeatles
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Celebrity Imagines  by Danniduhh
Celebrity Imagines by Danni.duhh
Tell me any celebrity! I will try to make you a short story with the person and you. Let your imagination run wild and free! (Not my cover. Found it on Google)
  • mechx4
  • malakwatson
  • chrisevans
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Ariana's Emo Sister (Andy Biersack fanfic) by BandsAreMyLove
Ariana's Emo Sister (Andy Beagle
Alison Grande, the sister of Ariana Grande, has been bossed around her whole life. She one day decides to change herself and name and start a band. They become pretty bi...
  • biersack
  • bvb
  • ariana
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