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The Words I Bleed by iraciro
The Words I Bleedby Ira Ciro
A collection of poems
twenty-seven [poetry] by depresivno
twenty-seven [poetry]by lu[cija]
a poetic mess
a moment in existence . by gracelyn_xnn
a moment in existence .by grace ann
A gathering of my thoughts and maybe some smol poems. e n jo y .
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A Poem Book by AutomaticallyMe
A Poem Bookby AutomaticallyMe
A book of poems So that I may think Without so many cluttering thoughts Following me like a lost dog
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Poems and Sayings by leecy19
Poems and Sayingsby leecy19
These are just some of my poems and sayings that I have written down every once in a while, (some of them I have also found on the internet and just wanted to write them...
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Beloved Supremacy by Aaron Ozee by AaronOzee
Beloved Supremacy by Aaron Ozeeby Aaron Ozee
Book Details and Description: Description - Romantic justice and poetic pride formulate the inevitable truths of limitless passion and genuine endearment. Published by L...
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møøn and stars by tai_ookami
møøn and starsby tai_ookami
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Wolf Song - POEM by KelseyJWilliams
Wolf Song - POEMby Kelsey Jade Williams
This is a poem I wrote about a girl who happens upon a pack of wolves and they invite her to join their family but at what expense when a hunter has followed her to them...
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Is it true? by Eilish_B
Is it true?by Eilish
Are Ana's lies really true?
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vital :): [stopped] by vulnerability
vital :): [stopped]by :):
vital ˈvʌɪt(ə)l/ adjective 1. absolutely necessary; essential. "secrecy is of vital importance" _______ "dear diary, i killed him." _______ sometimes...
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Polaris by evaunit03
Polarisby evaunit03
a nice poem about astronomy and the power off rienshio above all else. highly reccomended
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Whispers in the Dark by enchanted_pages
Whispers in the Darkby stream of hope
A poem based on a Tumblr post,"You discover that the lampposts are gossiping about you." Cover:@TheyCallMeCrayCray
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About A Girl by kkmj14
About A Girlby Kayla
A collection of poems about a girl that I loved.
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Black is Poetic by readsbykc
Black is Poeticby k+l
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Poetry by Dramatique_Mushroom
Poetryby Alexandra
Yeah, so. I decided to write a poem. Then I wrote more. And more. And I decided I quite liked the feel of writing any sick, twisted rhyme I wanted. So, here they are.
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Crush by sadi_142
Crushby Sadika
Gosh, those beautiful eyes And that way you say "hi" With your hand slightly raised And that dimpled-smile on your face
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Unrecognizable by moomawrites
Unrecognizableby xx mooma
A collection of poems; by mooma the other side to the person who spoke in riddles that no one could understand.
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A Scattered Anthology by dead_river
A Scattered Anthologyby dead_river
Dreams, poems, thoughts, short stories, etc, etc... Many of these will not make sense, so read with caution.
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Tales Among Tales by RachelShapiro5
Tales Among Talesby Rachel Shapiro
a/n: This isn't like a real book with chapters and a well built plot. It's more of a book with different short stories that I know I would never be able to create full w...
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