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My 44-year Best friend by nibandscrib
My 44-year Best friendby nibandscib
Mother daughter relationships have now lost the essence that it used to have back in the days. One of the reason behind it is the growing influence and impact of social...
hiccup✓ #DigitalAMAwithRoshan by auroplane
hiccup✓ #DigitalAMAwithRoshanby a⁷
❝I'm trying to hope for the best.❞ (my entry for the digital AMA writing contest with roshan ali)
Elixir #DigitalAMAwithRoshan by lemontea_Suzy
Elixir #DigitalAMAwithRoshanby Mikaela
A birth which was far from being a miracle. A search which is so near yet far from attaining satisfaction. contest entry for Penguin India 'Digital AMA with Roshan'.
The saddened beauty by ishaarora1234
The saddened beautyby ishita
As the women started to tremble, I just couldn't stop my legs to go and talk to her...,the saddened beauty,with big doe almond eyes, pink lips,looking innocent just like...
#WishICouldTellYou by user405470501589
#WishICouldTellYouby Madhavi karn
My entry to #WishICouldTellYou contest.
#DigitalAMAwithRoshan by Shivanginovelslife
#DigitalAMAwithRoshanby Shivangi Namdeo
This is my entry for the #DigitalAMAwithRoshan contest of penguin India books.
The Greater Good #ThePresidentIsMissing by parisawrites
The Greater Good parisawrites
Challenge by @penguinindia I know the answer...
The Devil's Alternative - #ThePresidentIsMissing by AnkitDhirasaria
The Devil's Alternative - AnkitDhirasaria
What would he do? Kill innocents... Or let the terrorists live? How can I kill seven children? You're not. You're killing two terrorists who are plotting their next slau...
#WishICouldTellYou  YOU MAKE ME FEEL THOUSANDS OF THINGS by aeshaphoenix
#WishICouldTellYou YOU MAKE ME Aesha
#WishICouldTellYou After reading an excerpt from 'Wish I could tell you' by Durjoy Datta, this is what I think happens next in the story... This is a contest entry and I...
Irrevocably by kitty_xmen
Irrevocablyby kitty_xmen
Rishabh never believed that there is only one person with destined for another. He never believed in the concept of soul mates. And the concept of love at first sight? N...
Queer Garden ( #DigitalAMAwithRheea)  by PureDesires
Queer Garden ( PureDesires
Contest Entry for 'The Body Myth' Challenge by Penguinindia. Excerpt : The woman was sitting on a park bench in West Point Gardens, where I came every Sunday for a five...
SHUNYA - The End - #sacredgames by AnkitDhirasaria
SHUNYA - The End - #sacredgamesby AnkitDhirasaria
The end of episode sixteen - 'Radcliffe' didn't really provide the closure that we had wished for. Most of us have the view that it is over for Sartaj Singh and Mumbai. ...
Malamander by Thomas Taylor by penguinindia
Malamander by Thomas Taylorby penguinindia
Herbert Lemon, Lost-and-Founder at the Grand Nautilus Hotel, knows that returning lost things to their rightful owners is not easy - especially when the lost thing is no...