The love of my life by franscescahoying
The love of my lifeby Franscesca Hoying
Make sure to vote on every prt to keep me motivated:)
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pentaholic problemos by forbiddenlove711
pentaholic problemosby Moon_Catcher
Read the title, seriously, it's not that hard to decifer
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Something by MEATandPOTATOES
Somethingby SweetAvriel
Something.... Pictures and updates of PTX! Could be funny or sad. Or just pure randomness xD
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Deepest Dark Secret by KaviForLifeeeee
Deepest Dark Secretby Kavi_For_Lifeeeee
Pentatonix didn't know their bass was a vampire until their first tour came. Which means they'll be spending their times together. Since Avi, their bass, couldn't resist...
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Adopted by Pentatonix by LoveLifeFailer
Adopted by Pentatonixby Deserves death
Here it is! My Christmas gift to you beautiful souls~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Olivia, a little orphan girl who loves ptx is living a horrible life, unt...
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pentaholic/scomice shipper problems  by Phantatonix20
pentaholic/scomice shipper Shay❤❤❤
being a pentaholic is fun,but there are those ups and downs
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Tour the way: Book 2 by Red_Shoes5
Tour the way: Book 2by Red_Shoes5
Continuing where Dance This Way left off, Tour this Way tells the story of Erica and Avi's life as a couple with The simple fact that they live in different worlds. It's...
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