TOUR[One Direction] by LauraSm1th
TOUR[One Direction]by Laura Smith
CONGRATS YOU'VE WON! Dear Lia, Congratulations on wining 2 tickets for Harry Styles Live On Tour tour on our Capital London Radio Contest. Further information will be g...
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  • teenromance
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Andrew Garfield Imagines by yelyahchamberlain
Andrew Garfield Imaginesby Hayley
Andrew Garfield// Peter Parker imagines :). Requests are open!! Request anyone pls Hayley
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Just Us by touch--the-moonlight
Just Usby touch--the-moonlight
A story about two lovers struggling trying to find acceptance.
  • first
  • sweet
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Fem! Various x Male reader by Aussie_Weeb54
Fem! Various x Male readerby AussieWeeb54
Request open for now.
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Forgotten Lyrics (A Wanna One Fan Fiction) by KimJae14
Forgotten Lyrics (A Wanna One KimJae
Fifteen years passed, I finally achieved my dream. I stand backstage, my hands-free microphone just below my mouth, waiting for our names to be called. The crowd cheers...
  • jisung
  • fanfic
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One shoots-Real crush by Demaraikel
One shoots-Real crushby Demaraikel
Creo que se llama crush porque tu corazón hace ese sonido cuando te enteras que el amor no esta a tu favor. Pequeñas anécdotas sobre la realidad de el amor.
  • romance
  • one
  • amor
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Call Out My Name by iJerome
Call Out My Nameby 🔪
Quiero que te quedes aunque no me quieras nena, ¿Por què no puedes esperar hasta que me desenamre.
  • contenido
  • maduro
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Beyblade burst one-shots  by Alpha_storm_360
Beyblade burst one-shots by Alpha_storm_360
Request I guess? Beyblade burst doesn't belong to me!! And neither do you!!
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Can It Last?  -Niall Horan love story- by aryzona_legacixo
Can It Last? -Niall Horan love Aryzona 💕
Cassidy has fallen for one of her brother's band mates. Will everything turn out to be the fairytale ending she was wanting?
  • onedirection
  • horan
  • direction
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Short storys and one shots! by _Kid_Creepypasta_
Short storys and one shots!by _Kid_Creepypasta_
Ok, since my brain can't stay on one subject for more than one day, I am gonna do this. This is gonna be a mixture of all my fandoms in here, and my own little story's t...
  • shot
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Drive Home - A Shizuo Heiwajima Oneshot by rizanicole
Drive Home - A Shizuo Heiwajima rizanicole
Shortly after moving to Ikebukuro, she'd heard all about the city's local legends, and become particularly interested in two of them. The last thing she expected was tha...
  • drrr
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La survivante (oneshot) by Lunaris666
La survivante (oneshot)by Lunaris
Une guerrière de l'espace a survécu à l'explosion de la planète Végéta. Elle raconte son histoire.
  • guerrier
  • dragon
  • freezer
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Sakuhima one shots  by mastermatcher
Sakuhima one shots by Valentines
It's the next part get ready for truth or dare with blackheart
  • love
  • lgbt
  • true
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double-sided || sequel to lead singer  by shorty_the_surgeon
double-sided || sequel to lead tia schmia
She left college for him and for his band, expecting a big break. But the journey was... a bit different than they expected.
  • one
  • singer
  • pilots
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One Day by EyatnashGnotcab
One Dayby PizzaLord
This story is inspired by a song by Tate McRae, One day. A girl who keeps her profile low, but one guy noticed her. Which he calls her his light. (Listen to the song fir...
  • short
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  • angst
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[Day=1~Live]>The Players Championship 2018 Live stream Pga golf Round One by azizulislam3
[Day=1~Live]>The Players Azizul Islam https:...
  • players
  • golf
  • gt
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pyaar ka junoon by lalityaponguleti
pyaar ka junoonby ponguleti lalitya
this is a love story of a simple girl name piya and she is the anchor ,who is lived in her world and thoughts and she follows her heart and fight for her rights, and th...
  • neverending
  • ishq
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Annoying boy-guanlin by borrana
Annoying boy-guanlinby kimchae
"bisa ngga lo gausah ganggu gue"- guanlin "ngga karna lo gangguable"-chaeci -Non baku -receh?? pake banget -garing tapi enaa. g baca aja . jan lupa l...
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//Matt Healy X Reader// by winterofasgard
//Matt Healy X Reader//by Lavender Winters
//Matt Healy x Reader// Requests are open~~ Comments n suggestions appreciated <3
  • mattyhealy
  • wow
  • fangirl
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My happy place is you. by GlitchTheBunbun
My happy place is Glitch
Ou la suite improvisée de Fantasy qui n'aurait jamais du voir le jour. {Terraink / Laink x Terracid}
  • studio
  • one
  • yaoi
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