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This Love | ✓ by adverbially
This Love | ✓by Amethyst
Love isn't always enough. ||previously titled 'I Love You, I Love You Not' | extended summary inside | cover by @dysanic | all rights reserved||
  • travel
  • funny
  • ocean
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Not All Blondes Are Dumb by Rudely-Enough_Its_Me
Not All Blondes Are Dumbby Lolli
Born as an evil maniacal pranks- Er, excuse me. Let me rephrase that, rewind please. Born a blonde and a natural at causing disasters, Jordan Leith was destined to cause...
  • blonde
  • breakstereotypes
  • projectgiggle
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The Bad Boys Changed Me (Discontinued) by BlackandBlue222
The Bad Boys Changed Me ( BlackandBlue
WARNING: THIS CONTAINS CRINGE!!! 😂 ***** "So that's why we're interested in you, and that deal we were talking about is this," Logan closed his eyes and we st...
  • gangs
  • humor
  • badboys
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A Bet With The Devils by Pam-The-Lamb
A Bet With The Devilsby Pam-The-Lamb
COMPLETED! Highest-ranking in Humor; #1 "They all eventually end up falling" Alex adds and I smirk. "Not me" "Are you saying you're not going...
  • nomorebullying
  • guys
  • funny
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Mr./Ms. Bully by Wilmer-Lopez
Mr./Ms. Bullyby Owl Lopéz
we all have things to say about people who hurt us daily or who at some point in our lives hurt us just to amuse themselves. But I'll leave this story to be written not...
  • nomorebullying
  • whatihavetosay
Our Faults by kimberlyeunice
Our Faultsby Kremebrulee♥
So he couldn't see her grief stricken face, Loki leaned in until his face was side to side with Violette's. His lips barely brushed her ear as he spoke, "And even w...
  • mentaldisorder
  • girlxboy
  • firstlove
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Swept By Storm by Someone_at_last
Swept By Stormby Someone_at_last
New city, new school, new surrounding. Hopefully a new beginning. But for quirky and awkward Layna Fleming, who is no good with most people, fresh starts don't come easy...
  • bittersweet
  • clumsy
  • quirky
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It Gets Better by kbaspires
It Gets Betterby kbaspires
When you are feeling sad, remember that it does get better. [editing complete] {Bullying series Book one; Listen to our Bullying Stories Book two; It Gets Better} -photo...
  • change
  • nomorebullying
  • courage
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Charades✔  by photorated
Charades✔ by ㄗ尺工S卄ii
✳we all have glass walls, don't we? Easy to break, but we end up hurting others in the process.✳ She is not only smiles; Her hardships are just concealed. She has not on...
  • peopleofthesociety
  • nomorebulling
  • friendship
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The Strength Within|✔ by spellmidnight4515
The Strength Within|✔by Ana
Bullying. It's happening all around us and we still act oblivious. Sometimes people don't even realise they are actually bullying someone. They think of their words as j...
  • power
  • poems
  • victory
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A BULLY IN THE Aleiah Lauron
These story is all about a bully, that hurts people's feelings, teasing, and even fighting to someone and also to a friend of his.These story can help you realize that...
  • howashyboysurvived
  • howhetellthetruth
  • bestrong
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Diary of a Worthless Girl by -demonized-
Diary of a Worthless Girlby DD
My name is Lily Jones, and I'm about to open up to you about things I've never told anyone. {Warning: Mentions of bullying, depression, suicide, etc.} [An LGBT+ story]
  • friendship
  • love
  • nomorebullying
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NO MORE BULLYING by littlelady1234
NO MORE BULLYINGby littlelady1234
Stop bullying. Ready this book and pass this on. Help victims of bullying. Make another video with the steps in the book. Peace.!
  • bullyingpledge
  • stopbullying
  • bully
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The Masked Ones: Society's Rejects by Pinedapple
The Masked Ones: Society's Rejectsby Pinedapples
Saturn, a slermoian girl named after the planet Saturn, is a newcoming alien species that has been on Earth for 3 years. Humans hate her, they hate her entire race. Ever...
  • aliens
  • love
  • life
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No More Bullying by Buster2002131941
No More Bullyingby Buster2002131941
Okay bullying is a big problem. I mean a really big problem. If you see someone getting bullied don't stand by step in and stand up for that person. That's what Kaitlyn...
  • nomorebullying