Illegal Love (Editing) by x_Rivalryxx
Illegal Love (Editing)by OriginalWish_Dreamz
Demons and Angels, are creatures which humans know exist and are above all. -.-.-.-.-.-.- A marriage, being held between the demon prince and angel princess has finally...
  • angel
  • fantasy
  • natsuxlucy
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Dragon slayer Mating Season  by KaylaArachnid
Dragon slayer Mating Season by Jade Arachnid
It was a normal day like no other in Magnolia. The birds were chirping, the bee's where buzzing, and a loud obnoxious fight was rumbling out of Magnolias top guild, Fair...
  • natsuxlucy
  • natsu
  • fanfiction
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Lessons in Love » NaLu A.U. by korolevax
Lessons in Love » NaLu celestial sky maiden
[ L U C Y / N A T S U ] "if you're too scared to touch me, then just breathe me. i can still feel you that way." ∞ @fairytailawards WINTER AWARDS 2016 AWARDED...
  • lemon
  • exykoroleva
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Her Mafia Boss by Nalu4life1317
Her Mafia Bossby Risa_Royal17
A mysterious girl transferred into a new school. Not just a new school, the worst possible school there could be in the entire country. -- Academy. Not only did she make...
  • fiction
  • romance
  • nalu
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The Bad Boy's Girl (Nalu Fanfic) by xxemmc
The Bad Boy's Girl (Nalu Fanfic)by emmellia
New school, new people. It'll take time for Lucy Heartfilia to adjust to the new environment. She thought that everything will go as what she planned, that she'll meet g...
  • fairytailfanfiction2018
  • fairytail
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Natsu the Dragon King? by MalfyT
Natsu the Dragon King?by MalfyT
Its mating season for the dragon slayers and Natsu is feeling things for a certain someone. Will they complete the mating process? If they do what will happen? Read to f...
  • matingseason
  • manga
  • war
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Celestial Bliss by angelradiation
Celestial Blissby –z–
{a fairy tail // sting x lucy fanfiction} Natsu has been spending a lot of time with Lisanna since her return to Fairy Tail, neglecting Lucy in the process. One night w...
  • fairytail
  • love
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NaLu One-shots by SakuraScales
NaLu One-shotsby Sakura
Here are some fresh NaLu one-shots out of the oven! They also fluffy so don't you worry. NaLu life and very little darkness located within each chapter. Enjoy!! Feel fr...
  • anime
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Celestial Striker {A NaLu Story} by TheHamsterNinja
Celestial Striker {A NaLu Story}by H♠mster Ninja
{1st book of Celestial series. Please read this one first before the other two to avoid massive confusion. Thank you!} Lucy is a hardcore soccer fan as well as a strong...
  • gajevy
  • nalu
  • natsu
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Taste my Pain (Fairy Tail) by CelestialSakuraa
Taste my Pain (Fairy Tail)by CelestialSakuraa
(Being Rewritten) Lisanna has returned from Edolas and somehow she became close friends with Lucy. But, everyone then suddenly bullies the poor blonde which leaves her i...
  • family
  • animefanfic
  • nalu
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Sold to Salamander (NaLu Fanfic) by luxyhexrtfilia
Sold to Salamander (NaLu Fanfic)by Ara Haan ♡
{WARNING. UNEDITED SO GRAMMAR ERRORS ARE REAL.} A young girl named Lucy Heartfilia at the age of 17 was sold by her father to be a sex slave. 2 years later at the age of...
  • fairytail
  • natsudragneel
  • fairytailships
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Fairy Tail Texts by Fairy_Tail_Maniac
Fairy Tail Textsby Fairy_Tail_Maniac
The title says it all. I know that there are MANY of these out there in the wattpad world, but I just thought it would be so much fun to make my own! I DO NOT OWN ANY OF...
  • nalu
  • gale
  • fanfiction
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The Family (II) by boss_baby_
The Family (II)by Åce of Spades
BOOK 2. The Family series. ORIGINAL.
  • miraxus
  • gale
  • natsu
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You're my world, you're my everything ✅ by lm1324
You're my world, you're my JustAnotherAuthor.xP
~ "Oi, Lucy!!" Natsu yells. That's weird, he calls me 'Luce' "We need to talk." • "You're not weak Lucy, you never were weak... but if you want...
  • lissana
  • love
  • guiltiness
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Save Me (NaLu FanFiction) by KeysxFlames
Save Me (NaLu FanFiction)by WHY THE HELL DID I MAKE THIS...
Lucy Heartfilia felt as though she shouldn't be alive. Being bullied, abused, and having her trust broken has driven her into the deep void of depression. Without any t...
  • romance
  • bullying
  • natsudragneel
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With Me... (NaLu) by 666reddog
With Me... (NaLu)by Red of Wraith
Natsu Dragneel the leader of the great Fairy Tail mafia after the past leader Makarov Dreyar had been killed by a unknown mafia group. No one was taking claim for Makaro...
  • anime
  • lucyheartfila
  • mafia
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A pirates fairy tail! #wattys2016 by Yaoi_King_Suga
A pirates fairy tail! #wattys2016by ♡I Am Yaoi Trash ♡
Lucy heartfilia was the next in line to her fathers throne until her father went into debt and sold her at an auction regaining more than enough money Lucy is bought by...
  • nalu
  • guild
  • wattys2016
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A lone wolf who's no longer alone by Frozenflower158
A lone wolf who's no longer aloneby Frozenflower158
Natsu ran away with his future mate Lisanna to make a new start but great tragic was upon them when Natsu watched his mate die in front of him from the scientists who tr...
  • werewolf
  • action
  • wattys2017
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Dorm S! ~Lucy Harem~ by Swordfighterxl
Dorm S! ~Lucy Harem~by Cake-chan
82 main chapters 3 special chapters 1 teaser chapter 7 authors note 3 contest chapters This is a Lucy Harem. And the book is an AU. Also, as the story goes, the chara...
  • lalu
  • jelu
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Double Sided Life by Drina_Bloom
Double Sided Lifeby Drina Bloom
Lucy is the daughter of the famous Jude Heartfilia, the owner of Stellar Modeling Agency, she can act, sing, dance and is a model. She is known and adored by everyone. A...
  • model
  • natsu
  • lucyheartfilia
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