"The difficulties lay not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping old ones" Technology had been playing their most important in human lifestyle in this...
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Life Uncensored by katlynjoey
Life Uncensoredby Katlyn Joey
Disclaimer: The following story is not written like any other traditional story. It includes an awkward writing style that may not appeal to everyone. I have had a hard...
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The Horrible Truth They Tried To Hide... But I Didn't Die by Cici_Caouette
The Horrible Truth They Tried To Cici_Caouette
I said I'd write a book about the shit that happened. Here it goes.
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No more Fear ~Jelsa fanfic~ by Sharaaah
No more Fear ~Jelsa fanfic~by Sarah
Elsa grew up in a castle room alone. She concealed her powers and made sure that no one knows about it.The things is, can she keep them hidden all the time? Can she be h...
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