The Alignment has happened before. This time--it's going to be deadly. The race between good and evil has begun to discover the secrets of The Third Alignment. Who will...
  • action-thriller
  • mystery
  • adultfiction
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shadow of the past trilogy ∞ the displaced | **A Wattpad Featured Novel** by kemorgan65
shadow of the past trilogy ∞ the d...by kemorgan65 ˊˎ ˗
A Paranormal SCI-FI Mystery-Romance Fantasy Thriller rooted in our time & space! One Disaster...Two Earths...Three Survivors: ONE has No Memory...and is found by Him. ...
  • youngadult
  • investigation
  • nbr
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The Next Big Recognition [CLOSED FOR THE SEASON] by NextBigRecognition
The Next Big Recognition [CLOSED F...by NextBigRecognition
This is a peer-review community designed to help expose your novel to the greater Wattpad community. Whether you just joined Wattpad or have been an active member for y...
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Supplemental: NBR Newsletter: THE SPOTLIGHT by MichaelHoliday
Supplemental: NBR Newsletter: THE...by Michael Holiday
Supplemental information and interviews from NEXT BIG RECOGNITION SPOTLIGHT.
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Demon Hunters: Book 1 Faith-Updates Weekly by ChayAvalerias
Demon Hunters: Book 1 Faith-Update...by Chay Avalerias
God has sent watchers, a powerful set of warrior angels, to earth to track down and kill the evil descendants of the Nephilim, who have managed to unleash demonic powers...
  • hell
  • paranormal
  • hunters
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Interviews with Writers Big and Small on Wattpad by wrightstory
Interviews with Writers Big and Sm...by KimberleyS.B.Lieb
So I thought it be interesting to speak to my fellow Wattpad Friends and to share their love of writing, food and life in general. This is not only for big writers to sh...
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Crossing the Line by The3dreamers
Crossing the Lineby Amber Boyd
Tessa has a secret--one that draws the unwanted attention of a hidden world beyond our own. When an innocent game turns deadly, she's guilt-ridden, determined to set th...
  • magic
  • dragon
  • necromancer
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The Moonlight Boy by angelapoppe
The Moonlight Boyby Angela Poppe
In Goodharts, the small town between the hills, nobody knows how the Donovan child looks. His mother has been keeping him out of sight for over seven years. When the boy...
  • middlegrade
  • unseen
  • nbr
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Next Big Recognition Contest by DawnStarling
Next Big Recognition Contestby Dawn Starling
This is a contest designed to help expose your novel to the greater Wattpad community. Whether you just joined Wattpad or have been an active member for years, the sole...
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The Dream Traveler by The3dreamers
The Dream Travelerby Amber Boyd
Being engaged to a fiery world that's lost in the darkness of her memory can be dangerous. In Acklemar, Wren learns every decision has a price--even love. Can the Travel...
  • supernatural
  • water
  • magic
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Calling Mr. Nelson Pugh by ChristopherOpyr
Calling Mr. Nelson Pughby Christopher Opyr
Mr. Nelson Pugh suffered from crippling anxiety, so when his first suspicions about the calls from home began to plague him, they could be easily cast aside as another e...
  • anxiety
  • horizonawards
  • featured
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Woven Tales by ThatGreyGirl
Woven Talesby Savannah
A collection of short stories woven by my imagination. ▪▪▪ © 2016 by Savannah A. Colt. All Rights Reserved. ☆ cover credit: @_grimm ☆
  • love
  • family
  • nbr
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The Ghost and The Wolf: Book I of The Broken Series by shellyxleonn
The Ghost and The Wolf: Book I of...by shellyxleonn
[EXCERPT!] [BEING PUBLISHED!] [Highest Rank: #4 in Mystery/Thriller] [Featured Story - Fall 2017] Student reporter Penelope needs to prove herself. She chases a story ti...
  • urbanexploration
  • stlouis
  • ghosthunters
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The Dream Weaver by The3dreamers
The Dream Weaverby Amber Boyd
*Previously Featured* Wren's first day at her new school is a twisted kind of day--in other words, anything but ordinary. With Kellan and Jaxon battling for her attentio...
  • visualstory
  • projectcharacter
  • love
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I Barely Survived: My Story of Love and Violence by Tracy Shelton  by tracyb1111
I Barely Survived: My Story of Lov...by Tracy Shelton
The Book of James This is my story of domestic violence and abuse. The names of everyone have been changed. This is my first story of how I barely survived loving violen...
  • nbr
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Posted As Missing by ZonderZorg
Posted As Missingby Michael Walsh
Early in World War One, a young Canadian soldier is wounded and trapped behind German lines. He uses quick thinking and ingenuity to evade capture, then deeper into enem...
  • maleprotagonist
  • nbr
  • grownupreads
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PARAVEL by leah_tee
Cora and Matthew can hardly believe their luck when they win first prize in a once-in-a-liftetime contest. Granted advance access to a revolutionary virtual reality gami...
  • game
  • city
  • fantasy
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It Came Around by NotAUTHORized
It Came Aroundby Bushra Irshad
This is a short story for the #NBR prompt challenge :)
  • nbr
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  • revenge
Forgotten by Several7s
Forgottenby Melda Teitha
He left her to be experimented on. Abandoned her in the lab where she lost her sanity. But she escaped, and she's coming for him.
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misc. by LLMontez
misc.by LL Montez
Bits and pieces.
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