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Be My Baby by Xxx_Jade_Xxxx
Be My Babyby Jade Young
In the year 2007, a worldwide epidemic struck the female population. With a 98% infection rate, the disease was unavoidable. However, if aged between 11-13, the chances...
  • underage
  • baby
  • pregnant
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GIRLS (#Wattys2018) by khalidvibes
GIRLS (#Wattys2018)by xo till we overdose
Ever stereotype the stereotyped? [alternativelly called feminazi in action]
  • poetry
  • flaws
  • bullimia
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The Rise of Aurelie Moreau (#myhandmaidstale) by Toxic_Wonderland
The Rise of Aurelie Moreau ( M. K a n e
A tale in which a girl risks everything to free the women around her from the chains that confine them. Commissioned by 'The Handmaid's Tale', a new Hulu Original series...
  • thriller
  • crime
  • crimes
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An Unwoman's Tale by MicheleStrider
An Unwoman's Taleby Michele Feltman Strider
A short story inspired by Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale
  • myhandmaidstale
  • womensfiction
By Any Other Name by TeaNHeartache
By Any Other Nameby StrangerGranger
In a world of subjugation, where women are nothing more than tools. One young woman struggles to find her place. She knows what it required of her, but she refuses to le...
  • myhandmaidstale
  • resistance
  • freedom
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Wastes by JaneElandel
Wastesby JaneElandel
Healthy babies were supposed to be a handmaid's salvation and security, but everyone finds the wastelands in the end.
  • feminism
  • margaretatwood
  • dystopian
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VIRTUE by PRBurson
VIRTUEby PR Burson
In the colony of Meritt, young girls are poised to be virtuous wives at an early age. Through rigorous testing and isolation the girls are prepped and groom and for Clar...
  • shortstory
  • sciencefiction
  • margaretatwood
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The Handmaid's Tale by Hulu
The Handmaid's Taleby Hulu
An excerpt from Margaret Atwood's classic story, The Handmaid's Tale. This is a word of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. First...
  • handmaidstale
  • hulu
  • myhandmaidstale
Bridal Rights (Hiatus) by AmethystAmber87
Bridal Rights (Hiatus)by AmethystAmber87
The United States of America is no longer a free state In this kingdom, the King holds all the power and men have all the rights. Young Minnie lea...
  • prince
  • family
  • hulu
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God's Country (inspired by The Handmaid's Tale) by CPLigh
God's Country (inspired by The Christie Ligh
After abortion and birth control were banned, the United States of America suffered from rampant over-population. The government tried various methods to fix the problem...
  • onechildpolicy
  • myhandmaidstale
  • childbirth
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The Servant   ~   [MyHandmaid'sTale] by aeroplanets
The Servant ~ [MyHandmaid' formerly -sugarfree-
Earth. Year: 3129. Dominant Species: Female. I know what it is happening. I know what will happen to me. And I am I afraid. ~~~ Entry for the #MyHandmaidsTale...
  • contest
  • alternateuniverse
  • utopiansociety
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Repopulate//#MyHandMaidsTale by KatieeKatXOXOX
Repopulate//#MyHandMaidsTaleby Katie._.XOXO
"Repopulate" That one word, that one stinking word is driven into every fertile woman's head. "Repopulate" Our job, our one job, all that we a...
  • myhandmaidstale
  • dystopian
  • feminism
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Glass Houses [The Handmaid's Tale] | ✓ by rskovach
Glass Houses [The Handmaid's Tale] RS Kovach
Having reached legal adulthood, eighteen-year-old Matthew must now participate in his first National Women's Empowerment Day. In present-day America, this is an annual...
  • feminism
  • flash-fic
  • dystopian
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First Sight by ErinDuffin4N
First Sightby Erin Duffin
The sight of life born and stolen.
  • constest
  • hulu
  • shortstory
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Lost and Found #Myhandmaidstale by Emmythelandmermaid
Lost and Found #Myhandmaidstaleby Emily Maverick
"I, Dylan O'Conner, vowed to save handmaids' from execution. We're allowed to do that, because we're men. We have the right to bargain the right price and numbers i...
  • brutal
  • young
  • sold
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Red Is What They Want by Zamperini
Red Is What They Wantby Chrissy L
My entry for The Handmaid's Tale
  • myhandmaidstale
Applications To File by LLMontez
Applications To Fileby LL Montez
#myhandmaidstale submission. These are the leaked applications yet to be filed for the F.I.S.T. Illinois division. The Federal Institution of Systematic Tethering has n...
  • myhandmaidstale
Her Battle With Her Body by nicolestories12
Her Battle With Her Bodyby nicolestories12
Gabbie Hannas Battle With Her Body
  • thegabbieshow
  • anorexiarecovery
  • lgbt
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Lilith by LolacanWRITE
Lilithby Lola
#myhandmaidstale Lilith is a handmaid, struggling to stay free in her life.
  • dystopian
  • fiction
  • handmaidstale
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The Price of Silence by SallyMason1
The Price of Silenceby Sal
Facing the all-powerful Justice Board, temptation and death go hand in hand for Zena. Will she choose her freedom over her soul? Commissioned by THE HANDMAID'S TALE, a n...
  • hulu
  • myhandmaidstale
  • women-empowerment