She's Mine  by mizzmartinez
She's Mine by mizzmartinez
(18+ please and thank you) strong language!!!!! Madison Avery is a 21 year old girl who lives with her alcoholic of a mother but they soon start to clash causing Ma...
  • eroticromance
  • sneaky
  • fights
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Sweet cheeks by KarmaBlakee
Sweet cheeksby karma
"How is a sadist meant to fall in love with a flower that is afraid of being crushed." ; "What the fuck do you mean?" Lincoln turns around as I notic...
  • kinky
  • threesome
  • boss
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The Donatello Twins (book two of My Mafioso)  by mizzmartinez
The Donatello Twins (book two of M...by mizzmartinez
(18+ only please. Thanks!) ? STRONG LANGUAGE!!! If you haven't read my first book My Mafioso I suggest you go there first. Or else this one might not make sense. XoXo...
  • fighting
  • kink
  • drugs
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be mine  by kainat-kainat
be mine by Shivika craze 😘😘💖
It's start from second shitia wedding in my story shivaay don't know that anika is doing drama of memory loss ok no more description just peep in my story
  • ib
  • shivika
  • mine
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Mine by ruhi_senjuti
Mineby Ruhi Senjuti Ray
Its an manan fan friction guy's ..... The story a girl who is ofcourse our Nandini had a black complexion and she bullied by everyone even her parents doesn't like her...
  • marraige
  • manan
  • mine
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Akame Ga Kill! Rp by weeksjmj29
Akame Ga Kill! Rpby James
Hey guys, thought I give AGK a try. Well, as the title suggests, this rp is about Akame Ga Kill! Let's have some fun. Heh, and some mayhem.
  • takumi
  • jaeger
  • nightraid
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Desire by Talkingshxt1999
Desireby 12:01am
"Every part of you belongs to me and there is nothing you can ever do about it. The only name you'll ever scream out is mine the only name you'll ever have in your...
  • scary
  • sexy
  • boss
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Each Other's Crush by sonal_garg
Each Other's Crushby Sonal Garg
Its a short story about a student nd a teacher who secretly have crush on each other....but but but.....both of them are unknown of the fact that he also likes her nd sh...
  • manan
  • nandini
  • truelove
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SAHAR &. BLAKE by beastlylcve
SAHAR &. BLAKEby — Blake.
We're from a different planet.
  • princess
  • babygirl
  • sahar
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peach kiss. by Ioyalty
peach kiss.by ᶜ
c ©2018 / ON HOLD
  • vent
  • wattys2018
  • love
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Hell Bound~ by emily02110
Hell Bound~by emily02110
Two word's -hell bound- she's been through hell and back... But the fire runs deeper than that.... Can he save her before it's too late?
  • lovetriangle
  • thesigns
  • signs
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The Yanderes Regrets by RinAyano
The Yanderes Regretsby RinAyano
Sakura is an "innocent" girl who works hard and tries her best.But in the dark she's a Yandere who will kill ANYONE for her beloved Kaito...or is her love for...
  • hate
  • splitpersonality
  • emotion
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My OCs by JK_Isabel_06
My OCsby Corn
For roleplays/etc! Kinda self explanatory...
  • mine
  • roleplays
  • rps
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for my space monkey by -aftertastes-
for my space monkeyby your alec
I'm not doing this because you did this, I'm doing this because I want you to know I love you
  • hers
  • love
  • mine
Sྉiྉnྉgྉuྉlྉaྉrྉiྉtྉyྉ: OྉCྉ Bྉoྉoྉkྉ by Hoseokwyd
Sྉiྉnྉgྉuྉlྉaྉrྉiྉtྉyྉ: OྉCྉ Bྉoྉo...by J⃟i⃟h⃟y⃟e⃟
"уєѕ, уσυ αяє ρяєтту тσ∂αу." ~ ~ ~ ~ ʍվ ɑԵԵҽʍԹԵ Եօ ϲɾҽɑԵҽ ɑղ ɑҽՏԵհҽԵíϲ օϲ ҍօօƘ🤧
  • mine
  • characters
  • creation
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My cousin is the reason. by tahsin_rifah
My cousin is the reason.by Tahsin.R ☑️
They were inseparable, nothing could have pulled them apart, they were more than cousins. It was one strong unbreakable bond. He couldn't make a simple decision without...
  • ceo
  • betrayal
  • cousin
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Lucifer's Fall by KarmaBlakee
Lucifer's Fallby karma
Chaos is an angel who fell in love with a demon. ; He peered through the branches as foliage spewed in front of him blocking his sight. It was almost as if he was stalki...
  • darkromance
  • possession
  • obsession
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Akame Ga Kill Characters are the type of... by Perfect_Amethyst
Akame Ga Kill Characters are the t...by ❤Lolli_adicted❤
Hope you enjoy it :)
  • wave
  • chelsea
  • seryu
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M A X I N E by sxftbean
M A X I N Eby ☁️┋ʙᴇᴀɴ
♡ M i n e ♡
  • mine
  • love
  • jagiya
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