The Diary of She by kiya_1212
The Diary of Sheby AKIYA HUNTER
young girls tells their day to day story in diary form.....
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Song Book by ASpoiledPrincess
Song Bookby ✨Adri✨
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My Poem Collection by HighPrarieAngel
My Poem Collectionby HighPrarieAngel
Just little poems that I've made up, they really aren't much. Just please don't steal them. I won't really update often, it'll just be whenever I come up with a new poe...
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My Slam Poetry by CatTomlinson21
My Slam Poetryby Cat Tomlinson
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My O/C's  by Adavi2225
My O/C's by Sammy Winchester/Aaron Brooks
Just read the title and you'll understand
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Mine by InternetPotatoes
Mineby Goose on the Loose
Willow is a teenage girl. She's happy, with her popularity, beauty, family friends and her gorgeous boyfriend Max. Many boys have their eye on her but what happens when...
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Mine//Daniel Seavey  by LmaoMariana
Mine//Daniel Seavey by Fanfictionwdw
Luna a 18 year old has family problems but fall deeply in love with Daniel not just for his looks but for the things he does for her but will they confess their love and...
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OC Book by Greater_Evil_
OC Bookby Greater_Evil_
A book of OCs.
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what the fuck were you thinking?  by siirisenpai
what the fuck were you thinking? by siirisenpai
just some random ideas, idealogies, anything that comes to my small narrowed mind. wondering shit.
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!Older Ciel X !Plus Sized Reader- Ballroom Blitz [Drabble] by bonkers-4-hatter
!Older Ciel X !Plus Sized Reader...by Nikki
~I just had to let you know you're mine~ -Short drabble that goes along with Bazzi's song, Mine.
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Talk to my ocs by Nestle_Vulpixie
Talk to my ocsby Nestle the Vulpix
My ocs are a lot. Talk to them and ask them things. :3
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translucent by soibag
translucentby soibag
In a world where a time is displayed on ones wrist that counts down until something life changing happens, Alex (m17) moves into a new home with his family. When his tim...
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2 | The Mighty Fall ▸ Meet My OCs by starfragment
2 | The Mighty Fall ▸ Meet My OCsby ˗ˏˋOG Satanˎˊ˗
❝Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. ❞ - A.A. Milne ©starfragment | meet my o...
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still my heart by neverforeverx
still my heartby windows 98
she asked me to stay but i was already gone
  • sad
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Um by Hoggie3469
Umby Hoggie
I moved accounts
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My OC's by Serena_Stormward
My OC'sby Serena Stormward
For Roleplays!
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