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messages | grayson dolan by LUVME1600
messages | grayson dolanby EMMA <3
'hope you had a great time last night whore' 'what?' started on april 25,2018
Good morning, detective. by ChloeLuciDeckerstar
Good morning,
A one shot based on the amazing work of my friend @lucifanart on Instagram (cover)
Celebrity One Shots! (Taking Requests) by wtfolivia120801
Celebrity One Shots! (Taking LilKitten🥰
CURRENTLY TAKING REQUESTS FOR ANY PERSON!! There's gonna be a lot of smut but I'll put warning in the title and in the beginning of the chapter! I will also write lov...
Jarley A love story (Fan fiction-Harley and Joker) by addictinq
Jarley A love story (Fan Meg
Jarley = Harley and Joker undefined love for each other. You know the story, but here it is told in a different way. With different characters and Different adventures...
Is that alright? by ChloeLuciDeckerstar
Is that alright?by
"...She felt his big hand wiping the tears away from her cheek and his lips gently touching her forehead in a protective loving gesture. ..."
🎨Dibujos de FNAFHS🎨 [Terminado] by xXChaos711Xx
🎨Dibujos de FNAFHS🎨 [Terminado]by (?
Aquí recopilare algunos de los dibujos de la serie FNAFHS recuerden yo le doy el respectivo crédito a quien hizo el dibujo y yo doy mi opinión :3 -Portada : xXChaos711Xx
Addiction  by 18luvz
Addiction by 18luvz
I don't need to play with your feelings. I'll mix your emotions when I'm pounding you
Дневник худеющей лисицы by user70319040
Дневник худеющей лисицыby CryingFox
ДИСКЛЕЙМЕР ЕБЭНЭ Имеются нецензурные выражения и всякая такая дичь Не пропагандирую рпп, курение и всякую вредную ерунду Каждый сам вправе выбирать как жить Это просто м...
My Dad Is Patrick Dempsey? by PureLeibin
My Dad Is Patrick Dempsey?by Mrs.Shepherd
Penny Lane is a beautiful four year old who has a perfect life. She was adopted at birth when her adoptive family gave up on trying after they had nine of their own boys...
Murphy x reader by side_walk
Murphy x readerby l.iv.yyy
you and murphy are part of the 100. you guys are dating. this story involves jealous, fights, but many amazing moments. (sexual details included)
Pretty Little Liars: Emison&Ezria by xvsarahx
Pretty Little Liars: Emison&Ezriaby Sarah Dallas
When Alison was found A came to ruin Aria and Emily's life possibly... For good. Ezra is shot and Alison is shot several times, both of them get a severe brain damage an...
Ο δολοφόνος  by rodothea06
Ο δολοφόνος by rodothea06
Ο δολοφόνος . Κάποια παιδιά που ζουν στην χώρα της αγάπης δεν μπορούν να ζησουν όπως θέλουν εξαιτίας του δολοφονου που το σκάει από την φυλακη. Κοντεύουν τα χριστούγεννα...
The boogeyman j.d x reader  by imagerysin
The boogeyman j.d x reader by Sinner
Y/n was getting pretty lonely so she signed up to a dating site but what happens when the person she is talking to gets obsessed
Nie zapomnij o mnie by takaa_sobiee
Nie zapomnij o mnieby juczkoo
Kiedy poznałam Archiego, moje życie zmieniło się o 180 stopni.