Soft  ~ Yoongi  by lucyyjonesxx
Soft ~ Yoongi by Smol_lulu
x Yoongi The main character is a girl called Lani who is recruited to be the 8th member of BTS! (That's all I'm saying)
  • fanfiction
  • bangtansonyeondan
  • jungkook
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lani😚 by ellani-
lani😚by lani💜.
read my shit.
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  • anon
  • ellani
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The Coffee Boy by tink32798
The Coffee Boyby Tink
Anastasia doesn't know what she is missing. She has an amazing best friend, loving parents, and a solid job at Half and Half. She has never had a boyfriend, not that she...
  • poor
  • fights
  • rich
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Scheinehe (Wedding Story) by luthfia_AF
Scheinehe (Wedding Story)by Fay
Bagaimana perasaan kalian jika Papa kalian berkata akan menikah lagi di tahun ke-6 meninggalnya Mama kalian? Menolak? Sudah pasti! Aku, Danisa Putri Mahardika tidak akan...
  • wedding
  • terpaksa
  • pernikahan
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Puns by NoelaniL
Punsby Noelani Lopa 🦋
Punny puns to brighten your day! Enjoy the word play! Among these are bad puns, too - like, really bad. Happy Cringing!! 😬
  • lmfao
  • hehe
  • lol
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It Never Does by MauraNichols
It Never Doesby Your Lie In Bangtan
10 year old twins Leia and Lani crash up to shore on a beach in South Korea. It just so happens that BTS is there too. What will happen? Will BTS take care of the twins...
  • bangtan
  • jimin
  • lani
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Adopted by Kehlani by kehlaniismyhoney
Adopted by Kehlaniby l
Kehlani adopts a 9-year old girl called Laila when she turned 18. Now, Laila is 13 and this is her life, being a famous singer and technically a mom at the same time. Re...
  • shaina
  • toushai
  • famous
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Lani Tsunami SweetxSexyxSavage by officialDinahjane97
Lani Tsunami SweetxSexyxSavageby BlodReina O¢t∆v¶∆
Kehlani Bishes SweetxSexyxSavage
  • kehlani
  • lani
Combining Worlds by Llew_UT_3
Combining Worldsby byw a chariad❤️
WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS TO GRAVITY FALLS AND THE UNWANTEDS An AU in which Mr. Today has not yet met his end. ~~ A malfunction is all it was. A simple miscalculation in the...
  • mable
  • alexstowe
  • billcipher
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YOURS  by Lanitherealest
YOURS by Lani 👧🏾🍒
"I know you read my letters, and I know she does too" **** Updates every Monday 💓✨
  • heartbreak
  • poem
  • shortstory
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Tentang ku : 'Sukma' by shafinasukma_
Tentang ku : 'Sukma'by shafina sukma
❌DON'T COPY MY STORY❌ -Aku Hanya Ingin Teman- Tentang ku 'Sukma' yang bertemu dengan teman pertama ku 'Lani'
  • hantu
  • lani
  • horror
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Guess The Song by NoelaniL
Guess The Songby Noelani Lopa 🦋
I'll give lyrics (with a hint), you have to guess the song they're from :) It can be any part of the song I'll be writing the lyrics of (intro, chorus, bridge etc.) 🐸...
  • oldsongs
  • lani
  • newsongs
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The whydontwe fan girls by haylee-stevens
The whydontwe fan girlsby haylee-and-skylar
In this story some boys from why don't we date 3 girls there is this one girl witch is four girls but she's the mean one 1 of the boys try getting with her but SHE break...
  • whydontwe
  • sophia
  • lani
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Hostage by UnwrittenConscience
Hostageby UnwrittenConscience
Lani Parks. An ordinary teenager who gets caught up in an immense series of events caused by her father, but will she ever get to know the real truth?
  • story
  • namjong
  • hostage
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Lani, The Keeper  by ineedthtgaydrarry
Lani, The Keeper by Kenzie/Tom
Lani made the worst mistake by attempting to killing herself. She's not exactly dead. There's another problem, she doesn't remember anything about her life when she was...
  • lani
  • mature
  • triggerwarning
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New High School Crush by lanijp13
New High School Crushby lanijp13
Isla has entered into a new high school and meets lots of new friends but met Ayrton who is amazingly cute and loyal that both of them likes each other and doesn't know...
  • isla
  • alexia
  • highschool
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Love affair  by marmalademist
Love affair by marmalademist
Just too normal teenage girl who fell in love.
  • mya
  • ilovelife
  • love
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Landis's Rant Book by _landisking_
Landis's Rant Bookby Landis King 🍁🐿
  • book
  • landis
  • lani
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Me My Bestfriend And His Brothers?! by baesuzy_leeminho
Me My Bestfriend And His Brothers?!by baeminho
I just met my bestfriends brothers?
  • love
  • adfgjk
  • lance
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