BTS 8th member ~ Scenarios / Imagines by lucyyjonesxx
BTS 8th member ~ Scenarios / Smol_lulu
#12 in FanFiction ~ 25/2/18 #16 in FanFiction ~ 24/2/18 Hi So I created this book because I love reading imagines and scenarios in my spare time so I decided why not...
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Soft  ~ Yoongi (discontinued) by lucyyjonesxx
Soft ~ Yoongi (discontinued)by Smol_lulu
x Yoongi The main character is a girl called Lani who is recruited to be the 8th member of BTS! (That's all I'm saying)
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BTS 8th Member ~ Imagines and scenarios  by lucyyjonesxx
BTS 8th Member ~ Imagines and Smol_lulu
More Imagine and scenarios for BTS's 8th member
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Let me see....please? [GxG] [Kehlani Fanfiction] by kehlaniisdaddy
Let me see....please? [GxG] [ kehlaniisdaddy
Kehlani, a 22-year old woman sexual orientation: gay Naomi, a 21-year old woman. Sexual orientation: str8t They both came from different backgrounds and grew up differen...
  • conflict
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Scheinehe (Wedding Story) by luthfia_AF
Scheinehe (Wedding Story)by Fay
Bagaimana perasaan kalian jika Papa kalian berkata akan menikah lagi di tahun ke-6 meninggalnya Mama kalian? Menolak? Sudah pasti! Aku, Danisa Putri Mahardika tidak akan...
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~babydoll by bratitudee
~babydollby 🦄
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The Sisters, Guild by GuildOfGraphics
The Sisters, Guildby Guild of Graphics
"Wait, what do you mean they don't have graham crackers in Scotland?" "This needs to be fixed." "Where's the parrot!? SOMEONE FIND THE PARROT!&q...
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#8 sophia
all the pretty girls in the world but i'm in this space with you. kehlani fanfic! gxg
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If I Could Tell You. by LizzyVZ
If I Could Tell LizzyVZ
Previously : In Between Gangs. Emma Black, a supposedly heartless and cruel gang member finally gets the courage to walk away from her gang. The gang leader, Gary, isn't...
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The Unwanteds- One-Shots  by Dx-bby
The Unwanteds- One-Shots by Take me to Artime!
One-shots for the Unwanteds Series
  • samheed
  • simber
  • islandofdragons
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Safari Precure! (Fanmade) Animal Rescue! by Harelow17
Safari Precure! (Fanmade) Animal N
Six cures who never thought anything exciting would happen rethought it all when they were given magical stones to disguise as watches when a pixie named Drew came down...
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Mine  by babygalxoxo
Mine by Badgal
In which a 19 year old girl gets kidnapped by the one and only most wanted criminal, Jason McCann. Will she be able to escape him? Or will she can't help but fall for J...
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Kehlani and Klyde (discontinued) by shunaynay
Kehlani and Klyde (discontinued)by GayGay
read and find out
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Kehlani 🖕🏽🔥❤️😝 by dayday_1503
Kehlani 🖕🏽🔥❤️😝by 🐯
Honestly do you have anything better to do........ Updates on instagram and others
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ain't a game by hope1299
ain't a gameby kk.slays
"I ain't sign up for this!" "You didn't read your contract." "Fuck you JD!"
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The Unwanteds: Loyal by AnnabethChase-2006
The Unwanteds: Loyalby Tryne
When Alex finally settles down in Artime, he decides too propose. To Sky. Soon after, a raggedy young girl arrives. Alex and Sky take her in, and she becomes fluent in m...
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