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The Truth About Mommy (Mommy's House Sequel) by z0mbies
The Truth About Mommy (Mommy's Hou...by z0mbies
(MOMMY'S HOUSE SEQUEL, CONTAINS SPOILERS) MUST READ MOMMY'S HOUSE FIRST An officer named James is working on the case of a deranged woman who kidnapped three children. T...
  • bella
  • scary
  • creepy
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Mommy's House by z0mbies
Mommy's Houseby z0mbies
Three children realize they're trapped in the basement of a crazy woman who claims to be their mother, and forces them to call her "Mommy". created February 4t...
  • kidnapping
  • scary
  • mother
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Family Comes First by masonfitzzy
Family Comes Firstby Mason FitzGibbon
Juliet was an orphan and never had a family before. She became a stripper and lived a miserable life. That is, until one night when a strange man comes into the strip cl...
  • killing
  • marriage
  • murderer
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Ashley's Asylum (2) by Infamous
Ashley's Asylum (2)by Bea Infamous
Two Serial killers, one captive, chances of survival? Student psychologist Ashley is on a journey that will shake the foundations of her existence as she fights to stay...
  • mystery-thriller
  • sam
  • ashley
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She Belongs to Me [A Stalker Series] by ReadingtheInsanity89
She Belongs to Me [A Stalker Serie...by ReadingtheInsanity89
Emily Hayden is more than enthusiastic about her second year of college. She's enrolled in the best classes, one year closer to getting her teaching degree, and has her...
  • suspense
  • possessive
  • thriller
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Finding Humanity by NinaMarks
Finding Humanityby Nina Marks
It started in an elevator. For Emily, every day of the last two years has been a blur. She keeps her head down, taking her college courses online and only going out to...
  • zombies
  • zombie
  • wattys2017
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Jack In The Box by KittyKash92
Jack In The Boxby 👑K a s h👑
[Featured in Best Of Mystery/ Thriller on the Wattpad Mystery profile] Jackson Wolfe is WoodVille Asylum's most notorious patient with a history of atrocious violence...
  • obsession
  • featured
  • mentalinstitution
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Bully by -lonelynights
Bullyby kylie
He was the fox, and she was the rabbit - in which an obsessed bully relentlessly torments his victim over the years. !!!THIS BOOK IS IN THE PROCESS OF BEING REWRITTEN. T...
  • maturecontent
  • depression
  • stalker
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Psycho Billionaire ✔️ by KittyKash92
Psycho Billionaire ✔️by 👑K a s h👑
Highest Rank #1 (4/9/17) "Why do you want me to stay here?" I asked. "Because I think you are beautiful and I would like a woman like yourself by my side...
  • psychotic
  • antihero
  • obsession
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Text Horror Stories {✔} by Ge-Ge-17
Text Horror Stories {✔}by Georgie Scattergood
These stories might make you shiver, quake and possibly pee yourself a little. Prepare yourself with multiple blankets, a cup of hot chocolate and let the stories begin...
  • shortstory
  • texts
  • scary
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Just A Circus Puppet [EDITING] by ThePsychoMadHatter
Just A Circus Puppet [EDITING]by ☆ Shiwii ☆
The Circus of Death, it was called. Every year they would choose a handful of teenagers to add to their circus. However, the teenagers weren't as normal as you'd expect...
  • wattys2017
  • scared
  • gore
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Bloody Painter X Reader {Completed} by DeadBlackBlood
Bloody Painter X Reader {Completed}by Ollie Night
~{ranked number one in horror fiction on June 2nd, 2018}~ "Don't you dare forgot the sun love." "Cold white walls, keep you from your panic place, you ju...
  • wattys2018
  • bloodypainterxreader
  • completed
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The Subway  by Jae-Jae
The Subway by Jae-Jae
She hated riding the subway. It was cramped, smelled, and the seats were extremely uncomfortable to sit on for hours on end. Now add a group of crazy weapon wielding ma...
  • thriller
  • survival
  • games
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My Psycho Friend by kishkish13
My Psycho Friendby kishkish13
I was ripped out of my thinking and back to him. "Look." I said, sighing. "If you're gonna kill me... Just do it quick. Tell my mom and dad I loved them...
  • thriller
  • killer
  • fiction
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Male!Doki Doki Literature Club X Reader by Confetti-Cupcake
Male!Doki Doki Literature Club X R...by s a r a
When (Y/N) is forced to join her best friend Satori's club, she's thrown for a loop when she sees the club is full of incredibly handsome boys! As with any other school...
  • xreader
  • naruki
  • school
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Your New Favorite Toy [Creepypasta X Doll!Reader] by ew_itsugly
Your New Favorite Toy [Creepypasta...by Amber Strain
(Also on Quotev) On this night, let it be know The beautiful scars that I have shown Are more important to me than you could guess My porcelain doll arms put up to the t...
  • xreader
  • darklink
  • fanfiction
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Black Rose ✔️ by horizonsummer
Black Rose ✔️by Midnight Lover
Every kill....he leaves a black rose. started -4/1/17 end- 5/28/18 I was inspired by the Korean Drama Save Me!
  • jungkook
  • jungguk
  • killer
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I post my favorite reddit horror stories. All writers are credited, but if someone wants me to take theirs down please ask. This is just something for fun.
  • stalker
  • letsnotmeet
  • shortstory
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DEAD IN BED By Bailey Simms: The Complete First Book by Adrian_Birch
DEAD IN BED By Bailey Simms: The C...by Adrian Birch
You've never, ever read a book like this. When a sexually-transmitted plague breaks out in Ashley Young's small town, leaving its victims with a bizarrely amplified libi...
  • wattys2016
  • mystery
  • kidnap
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Gothic Riddles. by -AnotherBlue-
Gothic Riddles.by Siddharth๏̯͡๏
Here you will find a vast collection of story type riddles. These stories are "scary when you know the meaning". Can you find the creepy hidden meaning in each...
  • featured
  • hell
  • wattys2018
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