Historical Fiction

Juliette's Adventures by pepperpieonfire
Juliette's Adventuresby pepperpieonfire
Hello! This is my first time posting any of my work online so here goes nothing. I've been trying to turn this idea I had into a book for some time now but I keep gettin...
  • historical
  • victorian
  • victorianromance
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'Til Death Do Us Part by kayaartemis6
'Til Death Do Us Partby Kaya
A story told by Death.
  • death
  • historical
  • story
London Street Runners by traines24
London Street Runnersby Tihana Raines
After five years of travelling around the world, 23-year-old Gregory returns to London some days after King Charles II's succession to the throne. He is an orphan who s...
  • horror
  • london
  • batman
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❝ SCREW THE WALL ❞ by -diablas
❝ SCREW THE WALL ❞by ❝ ǝuıɟ s’ʇı ʎqɐᙠ ❞
  • england
  • hetaliaaxispowers
  • aesthetics
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Villianess? I'm Going To Turn The Table  by Ayahime88
Villianess? I'm Going To Turn The...by Ayangbear
I reincarnated as a villianess in an otome game. I dont care about my fiancee but i dont want my family fall into ruin.. i decide. I want to turn the table around. High...
  • historical
  • josei
  • reincarnated
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For My Country by Joyous07
For My Countryby Joy Adewumi
Dirk Cumbersome dreams of becoming a world-renowned author, but his family has other plans. pushed by his parents to enlist in the British army, Dirk is assured being a...
  • warfare
  • historicalfiction
  • historical
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G by frankieee0973
Gby frankieee0973
  • historical
Everyone has a darkness inside them. Some of us can just control it while the others let it consume them. Princess Alexis Bariatric Grier, the princess of Escocia. Prin...
  • adventure
  • powers
  • action
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|Pieces| by Z25125
|Pieces|by Z25125
The Demon Realm was ruled by the Five most Powerful Clans. The Kitsune Clan, The Hebi Clan, The Vermillion Bird Clan, The Ookami Clan and The Ryuu Clan. But one day a wa...
  • alternateuniverse
  • original
  • rebirth
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under the veil by ButterCup589
under the veilby Butter Cup
This short story is about a the soul swap of a modern day soldier with that of a blind beauty mistreated by his family believing he was nothing more than an ugly blind m...
  • boyxboy
  • transmigration
  • comedy
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MEER VEERA:The Untøld Wãrrior by WeirdlyAwesome07
MEER VEERA:The Untøld Wãrriorby WeirdlyAwesome07
Everyday there is joy and sorrow through birth and death.The birth of few is celebrated not only by the living but also by the nature and the world above.... A warrior w...
  • historical
  • veera
  • rajputs
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If Eliza Didn't {~HAMGELICA FIC~} by emmathedil3mma
If Eliza Didn't {~HAMGELICA FIC~}by Emma Rose
The classic Hamilton story is Alex and Eliza but what if Eliza and Alex never got introduced at the winter's ball? HAMGELICA FIC This fan fiction was originally on my ol...
  • oldtimes
  • hamgelica
  • linmanuelmiranda
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Charge by Book-lover5959
Chargeby Book_Lover
He panted heavily. Tree bark dug into my back as I stared into his swirling emerald eyes. Wind whipped ferociously around us. My chest rose in a staggering gasp. The vo...
  • soldier
  • warring
  • war
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Lost Love in Egypt [ ON HOLD] 😭 by MelinIAm
Lost Love in Egypt [ ON HOLD] 😭by MelinIAm
Today are just like any other day in this Deserted place. Another day I have to be someone I am not. My mom was killed by her best friend friends. My father demands me t...
  • love
  • danger
  • seth
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White lines by Pfunzo18
White linesby Comicallymade
Ignorance is bliss...Ignorance is lack of empathy...ignorance is doing nothing...Ignorance is hateful. Janine lives a sheltered life where nothing else matters outside...
  • youngadult
  • multicultural
  • melaninlove
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If Rose Had Jumped. by JackDawsonLivesOn
If Rose Had Jumped.by Lailah Hannah
We all know the scene where Jack stopped Rose from jumping off the back of the ship in Titanic, but what would've happened if she'd jumped...?
  • rosedewittbukater
  • feature
  • drama
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The Dragon's Flower by ChocoLily
The Dragon's Flowerby Choco Lily
When Le XiaoTing woke up possessing a small cannon fodder's body, she discovered she had transmigrated into a novel she had read but why was the storyline sidetracked? X...
  • transmigration
  • maid
  • humor
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TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES: Pagmamahalang Walang Wakas Hanggang Kamatayan  by sweet_mysterygirlej
TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES: Pagmamahalan...by MysteriousLady_01
Ito ay kwento tungkol sa dalawang taong nagkakilala hanggang sa nagka-ibigan ngunit pinaglayo ng tadhana Siya si Maxine isang maganda, mabait, matalino, mapagmahal at bo...
  • secrets
  • edward
  • julianna
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The Gold Weaver by 0reoluwaWrites
The Gold Weaverby Call me Oreo
Never make a deal with the supernatural. Even when it's your last resort. * * * "Get out." She seethed at the golden Irises that watched her from the corner. H...
  • featured
  • historicalfiction
  • comingofage
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Dear Gen: A love letter by Attempting2Write
Dear Gen: A love letterby Attempting2Write
She was a girl from San Francisco. He was a cowboy from the California foothills. Met by chance, brought together through letters. And though the lovers are gone, the le...
  • nonfiction
  • letters
  • 1920s
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