Groom's Day by KristineInchausti
Groom's Dayby Kristine Inchausti
Clyde has been patient. And he hasn't been feeling like himself lately. But what can a dead man do, except wait? This short story was an entry in the Freeze-Dried Fictio...
  • darkhumor
  • freezedriedfiction
  • margaretatwood
Harbor: a Freeze-Dried Fiction Contest Entry by amberkbryant
Harbor: a Freeze-Dried Fiction Amber K Bryant
It takes a con to know a con. Or possibly, it takes a woman meeting a con to figure out she’s married to a con. This is my entry for Margaret Atwood’s Freeze-Dried Ficti...
  • mystery
  • margaretatwood
  • breakup
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Gwyneth's Secret [RUNNER UP - Freeze-Dried Fiction Contest] by Fairytale_Fabler
Gwyneth's Secret [RUNNER UP - Alicia J. Britton
Sam, a businessman with questionable integrity, is the last person seen with a female serial killer. With the help of Detective Mariano, Sam’s wife, Gwyneth, attempts to...
  • groom
  • fanfiction
  • margaretatwood
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Sister of the Bride - WINNER Margaret Atwood Freeze-Dried Fiction Contest by theattentivesoul
Sister of the Bride - WINNER Jennifer Cooreman
My entry into Margaret Atwood's #Freeze-Dried Fiction contest. Read Margaret Atwood's story, the Freeze Dried Groom, then read my story as a prequel. When Dr. Claire Led...
  • groom
  • mystery
  • margaretatwood
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Freeze-Dried Fiction Winner - Sister of the Bride by Jennifer Cooreman by MargaretAtwood
Freeze-Dried Fiction Winner - Margaret Atwood
Congratulations to Jennifer Cooreman, the winner of Margaret Atwood's #Freeze-Dried Fiction contest!! Read Margaret Atwood's story, the Freeze Dried Groom, then read Jen...
  • freezedriedfiction
  • winner
Miss Hazel Eyes [RUNNER UP] - Margaret Atwood Freeze-Dried Fiction Contest by MorrighansMuse
Miss Hazel Eyes [RUNNER UP] - MorrighansMuse
He doesn't even know her name. And she hasn't asked for his, not that it matters. He wouldn't tell her anyway. And it's probably for the best. The less they know about...
  • femmefatale
  • suspense
  • murder
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Win Or Lose by southwestbordertales
Win Or Loseby Valerie Moore
An entry for Margaret Atwood's contest, The FreezeDried Groom
  • freeze-driedfiction
  • freezedriedfiction
How The Day Ends. by magdalenawolak
How The Day magdalena.wolak
Short story written as a piece for the Freeze Dried Fiction contest.
  • freezedriedfiction
  • margaretatwood
  • shortstories
The Freeze-Dried Groom Fan Fiction Contest by AuthorBKQUEEN
The Freeze-Dried Groom Fan AuthorBKQUEEN
Freeze-Dried Fiction Contest with Margaret Atwood. Where will Sam's fate lead him? Join him in this dark and mysterious tale.
  • crime
  • wedding
  • freeze-dried
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The Engagement by kellykferguson
The Engagementby kellykferguson
  • freezedriedfiction
The Bride by smarshtastic
The Brideby Sarah Marsh
A story about the woman whose groom to be was in the storage unit. An entry for Margaret Atwood's #FreezeDriedFiction contest.
  • freezedriedfic
  • freezedriedfiction
  • freezedriedgroom
Snow Globe Marriage by sdpaedae
Snow Globe Marriageby Samantha Paedae
  • freezedriedfiction
  • freezedriedgroom
  • margaretatwood
How to Save a Marriage by estheria
How to Save a Marriageby Esther Rose Kearney
This is an entry for the Freeze-Dried Fiction contest. Please read "The Freeze-Dried Groom" by Margaret Atwood before reading this story! You can find it here:...
  • darkcomedy
  • crimefiction
  • revenge
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Rubber, Metal, Glass, Plastic by alwatt91
Rubber, Metal, Glass, Plasticby alwatt91
Marina is a beautiful woman, engaged to be married in a destination wedding to wealthy doctor. She could never dream of being this lucky. Everything is perfect. Or is i...
  • scary
  • freezedriedfiction
  • story
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The Freeze-Dried Groom: Part 2 by RobynBradley
The Freeze-Dried Groom: Part 2by RobynBradley
Note: this is an entry into Margaret Atwood's "Freeze Dried Fiction" contest. She posted one of her short stories ("The Freeze-Dried Groom") from her...
  • freezedriedfiction
Competition entry for The Freeze-Dried Groom Fanfiction by hardymilts
Competition entry for The Hardy Milts
My entry for Margaret Atwood's Freeze-Dried Fiction contest. This fanfiction is an ending for her story The Freeze-Dried Groom.
  • freeze-driedfiction
  • freezedriedfiction