The Ugly Ones | ✓ by ulotrichous
The Ugly Ones | ✓by mercy eulogizes taylor
Because being different is not ugly. Being different is a bliss. Highest Ranking: #16 (!) in Short Story. [05-07-2016 - my fifteenth birthday]
  • short
  • fat
  • diverselit
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one of the reasons why  [Short Story] by Eman-AQ
one of the reasons why [Short ee-man
She lives in a haunted house ride. Where else should a girl like her be?
  • reflection
  • freeyourbody
  • ugliness
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Smooth Sailing | ✓ by papersplanes
Smooth Sailing | ✓by - ̗̀ jamilah
❝"Are you deaf?" "No," he shook his head, shrugging. "But I am blind."❞ *** MEET LILA: A perfectionist a...
  • coffee
  • bakery
  • wattys2017
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Breathe  by escapiist
Breathe by ❝wynter blake❞
in which a boy forgets how to breathe every time he sees her face. [ extended summary inside ] for all of these causes: #freeyourbody #bodypositivity #nomorebullying #s...
  • helpfightcliches
  • nomorebullying
  • shortstory
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The #FreeYourShorts Awards by FreeYourBody
The #FreeYourShorts Awardsby #FreeYourBody
Celebrating the best of wattpad's short stories.
  • shortstory
  • competition
  • freeyourbody
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Delicate ✔ by listensoftly
Delicate ✔by Tabitha
Aubrey is different. She rarely leaves the house. She hasn't ever been to an actual school. Aubrey suffers from Congenital insensitivity to pain. This means that she can...
  • congential
  • aubrey
  • cip
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The New Me by deliriouslyyours
The New Meby ❤paula❤
❝sometimes you can find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes, in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself❞ a short story where a girl tries to find herself w...
  • harassment
  • living
  • rejection
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Unravel- #Freeyourbody by transp-arent
Unravel- #Freeyourbodyby Puta
This is a one shot for the #freeyourbody campaign. Thought I'd try and do this :) - The road to one's self acceptance
  • allbodiesarebeautiful
  • thalie
  • freeyourbody
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Dear Autumn by stringofmoments
Dear Autumnby l.a.
❝My Autumn, I think you should know that you're my first and only love. Don't you ever forget that. Love always, August❞ After a series of unfortunate events, August is...
  • wattys2015
  • august
  • teenfiction
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Imperfect by ellanor24
Imperfectby ellanor24
she would never be good enough for them. *lower case intentional cover by the lovely @fourgiving Trigger warning: eating disorders and self harm are present in this story
  • girl
  • acne
  • triggerwarning
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Do Not Hide You #FreeYourBody [Completed] by Danette-
Do Not Hide You #FreeYourBody [ d a n a ♥
Ilan is smiling. Ilan is lonely. Ilan lives his life. But Ilan is stared at by the others. Ilan is criticized for his difference. Ilan does not accept himself. Ilan hide...
  • love
  • critic
  • ilan
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Models ♂ FreeYourBody ✔ by poetroye
Models ♂ FreeYourBody ✔by ❝ Love wins. ❞
Dans les magasines, sur les affiches publicitaires, dans les films, à la télévision, on ne fait que voir des mannequins aussi larges que des brindilles, avec beaucoup de...
  • modèles
  • complexes
  • mode
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21 Funerals by deliriouslyyours
21 Funeralsby ❤paula❤
❝Twenty one funerals in one week...what a party.❞ /short story/ {contains triggering content} highest ranking: #557 //8-18-16//
  • sadness
  • accident
  • brokenheart
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A Million Lights by chaseforeverdown
A Million Lightsby chaseforeverdown
Olivia Warren attends the annual Christmas party expecting it to be a snorefest, like all the previous years. That is, until then she runs into Davis LaRue, literally...
  • holidays
  • stopslutshaming
  • christmas
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Abstraite Beauté by daisycoquelicot
Abstraite Beautéby CLAY
«Il faut souffrir pour être belle» #FreeYourBody Receuil de one-shot
  • freeyourbody
  • corps
  • maladie
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i n d y l u l u by tvriro
i n d y l u l uby Armoured 🥀 Cynic
❛❛sleep where it's quiet. ❜❜ short story #8 in 2014
  • distance
  • depression
  • cancer
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Liars #FreeYourBody by Crazy_Monkey_7
Liars #FreeYourBodyby Crazy_Monkey_7
#FreeYourBody ******** Different. It's okay to be different. Dorky. It's okay to be dorky. Weird. Most of us are weird. But to high school society, it's never okay to be...
  • challenge
  • romance
  • freeyourbody
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Reminiscent by ShreyaSurendranJP
Reminiscentby Shreya Surendran JP
#FreeYourBody He wanted her to be a part of his life. Instead, she became a part of his reminiscent.
  • freeyourbody
  • freeyourshorts
  • romance
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perfect ✅ by Omggsomeoneactually
perfect ✅by off/on.
when a boy who isn't perfect finds himself perfect written and completed on 12.12.17
  • backoffhaters
  • shortstory
  • dontworry
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French Fries ↝ #FreeYourBody #Wattys2017 by toyggdrasil
French Fries ↝ #FreeYourBody poppy
❝i'm not hungry.❞ ❝we'll share cheese fries. everyone loves cheese fries.❞ ______ when all jason wanted was to have a masculine figure and all eryn wanted was to have pa...
  • wattys2017
  • bxb
  • general
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