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In The End (On Hold) by shutupdehlia
In The End (On Hold)by what’s her name?!
"Athena Jackilyn Novak, you're my beautiful love story." - Mason Calebs awaited his death. The night he collapsed, he was sure his last months were around the...
  • mason
  • girl
  • athena
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Killer Romance° #Wattys2019 by RoseNeighborhood
Killer Romance° #Wattys2019by L.K.
She throws the knife against the wall, and stalks towards me. "Stop," I say, pointing the gun at her. "Come any closer and I'll shoot." She laughs, a...
  • breakstereotypes
  • romance
  • prettyboys
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The Eve° {#WattPride}  by RoseNeighborhood
The Eve° {#WattPride} by L.K.
•|•|•|•|•|• "It's you." She whispers, holding my face in the palm of her hands. "Every match and every win, it was you I thought about." •|•|•|•|•|•
  • prettyboys
  • fanfiction
  • wattpride
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midnight thoughts by johnschorwinson
midnight thoughtsby pink + white
"some find light during morning. mine? i find them during midnight." highest: #1 in poetry All Rights Reserved © John Schorwinson 2017 a compilation of short p...
  • featured
  • freetheboy
  • hiddentreasures
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Gentle Femdom (Role-Reversal) #Wattys2018 by RoseNeighborhood
Gentle Femdom (Role-Reversal) L.K.
Short Oneshots of Gentle Femdom and Role Reversal.
  • poc
  • softfemdom
  • humor
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Crazy° Love. #Wattys2019 by RoseNeighborhood
Crazy° Love. #Wattys2019by L.K.
•••••• Trying not to touch his petite waist I clench my fists together. Hard. "I'm not gonna fuck you." I say through gritted teeth. He pouts and rolls his hi...
  • drama
  • softfemdom
  • teenfiction
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1 | PREY  ( FINNICK ODAIR ) ✓ by kingbIack
1 | PREY ( FINNICK ODAIR ) ✓by angie
THE HUNGER GAMES ━━ ❛ my nightmares are usually about losing you. ❜ FINNICK ODAIR x MALE OC CATCHING FIRE ANGIE & KATHERINE © 2018 BOOK TWO CAN BE FOUND...
  • death
  • finnickodair
  • katnisseverdeen
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The Prince & The Bodyguard #Wattys2019 by RoseNeighborhood
The Prince & The Bodyguard L.K.
I glare at him, as he smirks and wraps his plump pink lips around the red lollipop. Walking up towards him, I clench my fists. "I am your bodyguard, you little shit...
  • rolereversal
  • softfemdom
  • breakstereotypes
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Marcelle is  by nonfictionmax_
Marcelle is by m a x o l e u m
Marcelle is attractive. Marcelle is a football player. Marcelle is cliché. Marcelle is a wolf in sheep clothing. Marcelle is a Christmas fanatic. Marcelle is just downr...
  • boyxboy
  • teenfiction
  • christmasstory
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Introvert  by -ciewrites
Introvert by Sucker
"Do you love him or me? Choose because you can't have both" [ mature content and graphic language ] Copyright ©️2018 -ciewrites Highest ranks _____________ #...
  • gentlefemdom
  • introvert
  • twolovers
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Why Me? by whisperer10
Why Me?by Ashalia Rambhawan
*Completed* What happens when hunters fall in love with the very thing they were after in the first place? Meet Ashton Cree. A sixteen year old girl with no friends to s...
  • random
  • witches
  • friendship
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Promise Of Crows  by Mrs_Barker
Promise Of Crows by Mrs_Barker
Two siblings, Three Crows, A Guide and a Forgotten Knight... 《 Rest of this Blurb is coming soon. 》
  • romance
  • paranormal
  • talkthepoc
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Aurelian  by shatteringsoul14
Aurelian by shatteringsoul14
"When a person puts gold into the fire, it comes out purer than it was before. The same applies to you, Yusha. You've been through hell and back but it doesn't make...
  • freetheboy
  • boyspov
  • abuse
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just another point of view by chandelles
just another point of viewby d.c.
On a scale of one to ten, Julian Bryant's life has hit an all time low. There's his dead cat, to begin with (which to most people is relatively minor, so something m...
  • diverselit
  • freetheboy
  • wallflower
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Against the Universe by errormessage
Against the Universeby caz
In which Madelyn Armstrong finds refuge in Grover Simmings, former popular basketball player and copper-eyed lost boy whose identity is waiting to be found. And in which...
  • freeyourbody
  • highschool
  • paraplegia
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B° For Bianca #WattPride  by RoseNeighborhood
B° For Bianca #WattPride by L.K.
•|•|•|• #WattPride
  • prettygirls
  • freetheboy
  • prettyboys
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GxB Femdom Malesub Bully by zonefirestar
Pure° by RoseNeighborhood
Pure°by L.K.
In which the Professor falls for the new student. (This book does not support nor is an age gap love story. Selene is 25 and Eli is 20.)
  • wattys
  • humor
  • prettyboys
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HERBOLOGY 101 ( REGULUS BLACK ) ✓ by kingbIack
No one ever thought that a Hufflepuff and Slytherin would be seen together, let alone be getting along, but it happened. And it all started in Herbology. [marauders era...
  • bxblove
  • stopmentalhealthstigma
  • gay
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