The Most Realistic Fanfiction Ever Made (Told In The Most Realistic Manner) by theladyinletters
The Most Realistic Fanfiction k
Sa title pa lang ang haba na, matapos kaya tayo sa description? I don't think so.
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Cold-Hearted Kings (Sebaek) by Alexutz_17
Cold-Hearted Kings (Sebaek)by BubbleTeaSebooty
Byun Baekhyun and Oh Sehun.Everybody knows them. "Cold-Hearted Kings" that's what the whole university calls them.There's one problem... They hate each other t...
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Beintaha ishq by Secret_writer2210
Beintaha ishqby Secret Writer
what will happen when a cute cheerpy girl and famous singer meet an artist who is completely fobic to commitment ??? RiKara ff
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Beyond the Lights (NBA Edition) by those2misfits
Beyond the Lights (NBA Edition)by Kayllani and Zee
Ever wonder what happens before or after those stadium lights go up; before the fans fill the arena and go wild; before they put on those uniforms. What happens at home...
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As Time Goes By ✅ by rocbeyhivestories
As Time Goes By ✅by rocbeyhivestories
By: Unknown A death will force them to drift a part, but they ultimately find their way back to each other.
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A Dive Into My Archive by TheScarletSinner
A Dive Into My Archiveby Kalipedia
This is a collection of my writings that I worked on, but didn't publish or some that I did publish and took down from my old account. Some are finished and some are not...
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Butterflies (Sophia x TBS) by TBSxTMR
Butterflies (Sophia x TBS)by TBSxTMR
Sophia has always dreamt of a career as an actress. When she finally gets the chance to play the lead in a romantic movie, she meets Thomas. Their feelings for each othe...
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Eyes// Newt Scamander x Reader by RavenQueen39
Eyes// Newt Scamander x Readerby DanSter
"Love is when you give someone the power to break you, but trusting them not to." ~Unknown ||•||•||•||•|| Eyes. A pe...
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Thinking about you by minyoon-kii
Thinking about youby JustForFun
Tae der Nerd trifft auf den Superstar Jungkook. Tae hasst wortwörtlich alles und jeden, nur das lernen macht ihm Freude was die Leute um ihn herum komisch finden. Bis er...
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Juego Terminado [A Jamilton fanfic]ON HOLD by galaxyspibbs
Juego Terminado [A Jamilton PJ
Many years ago, the two 'realms' were fine. You'd be given the gift of life, you'd live it then death comes. Simple. Until a lost blade also known as the Maldito blade...
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Manager | JIKOOK by nanchimchim
Manager | JIKOOKby 방탄소년단
"You're just my manager" Started: April 19 2018 Ended: April 20 2018 #39 (Rewritten) - May 12 2018
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Living Our Life by AyosSaltyFrie
Living Our Lifeby ❤
Book two of *My son Changed My Life Series*
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It's all in the pictures {Supernatural} by DangelofMegstiel
It's all in the pictures { Megstiel's Child
Disclaimer. This book has *~SPOILERS~* ALL SEASONS This is a book for people who want to: 1. Die of feels 2. Die of cuteness 3. Die of hotness 4. Die of sadness 5. Die...
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FATE || vkook by Chanleevv
FATE || vkookby ChanLee
"-A co jeśli znowu... będzie cię bić..? -Tak wiem, ale muszę stawić temu czoło..." Moje pierwsze fanfiction, zapraszam do czytania!
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P R E J U D I C E [Akira Kurusu x Reader] by Shimxns
P R E J U D I C E [Akira Kurusu Naoki
Prejudice /ˈprejədəs/ (n.) An unfavourable feeling or opinion towards a person regards to the person's nature, social class, values, age, nationality, and other persona...
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Masky X Male Reader by Bangtanboyfanspage
Masky X Male Readerby Shawntae Beahtae
This is a Masky X Male Reader. There will be a lot of lemons in this! (You and Masky are the Yaoi) Don't read this if you are 13 years or older. Take my warning!.. Pleas...
  • yaoi
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Intense BTS Smut by yoongi_is_my_life
Intense BTS Smutby yoonmin_life
Jihope and Taegi and all other ships, involving the four of them, you can think of.
  • taemin
  • hopemin
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Into The Reality! | LLSS x LLSS Seiyuus by -yousoroidol
Into The Reality! | LLSS x LLSS Grill Shukapi
Into The Reality! | Love Live Sunshine x Love Live Sunshine Seiyuus. A new dream, A new way, A new path, To reality? What happens if our lovely characters from Love Live...
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Helpline ((Jughead Jones)) 2 by Pa1ge_B3ard
Helpline ((Jughead Jones)) 2by Paige Holly Beard
I grabbed her wrist before she could walk away, pulling her to my chest. Moving the camera to point at us, getting a close up of her giving me a kiss before moving to ge...
  • blossom
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 CHAIR 💺 ☑ by RoseAnne_GT
CHAIR 💺 ☑by 👑яσѕє🌹αηηє💎
It all started with the chair ...
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