Multi-Fandom Imagines by GhostLoveWriter
Multi-Fandom Imaginesby The Vampire Lover
A series of imagines from different fandoms. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this book. All rights go to their respective creators.
  • onceuponatime
  • twilight
  • thephantomoftheopera
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《Please, Don't Be Afraid》Brendon Urie x Reader by thatCutesyPie
《Please, Don't Be Afraid》Brendon U...by thatCutesyPie
(Y/n), A 17 year old female struggling with depression ever since she was young. She is bullied on a constant basis, and abused by her family. She has no friends as the...
  • linkinpark
  • fob
  • patdxreader
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A Dream Worth Dying For by theendofthedream
A Dream Worth Dying Forby erin
Evangeline Dreamsend is trying to unlock her dream power's true potential. Once she's strong enough, she can get back the one thing she's ever wanted- her little sister...
  • princess
  • firstperson
  • dreamworld
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Band Camp by PrayForTheYeemos
Band Campby Nico And The Clique
Inspired by @sourjoshler. From June to July anyone interested in vocal music or instruments could be enrolled in band camp. Most of the time it's just a normal summer...
  • frankiero
  • bandcamp
  • tøp
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Lesbianica One Shots {>Celebs<} by East_to_Wester
Lesbianica One Shots {>Celebs<}by Western wolf
So i decided to just make another book, one that's easier to update because i don't have to stick to one story☺ Main characters: Demetria Devonne Lovato Lauren Michelle...
  • celebrityshots
  • lesbian
  • celebs
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My Favorite song lyrics by ImNotCake
My Favorite song lyricsby ImNotCake
My fav songs and some of their lyrics
  • hamilton
  • evanescence
  • melaniemartinez
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I Wish You Were the One that Got Away by MissMorgueW13
I Wish You Were the One that Got A...by Courtney Renée Tolliver
Read the "Information" chapter for a description. :) Enjoy. As this was the first story that I had every written, I am now going through it and revising. There...
  • love
  • sevenfold
  • a7x
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Disappear by xcmbxevx
Disappearby Charlotte Morley-Brooks
Amy Lee, after her recent break-up with Shaun Morgan, is forced to return to her life with Evanescence to ensure a place in an upcoming festival. when the plan changes...
  • paranormal
  • therapy
  • music
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Everything burns (amy lee / ben Moody fanfiction) by amyleeshusbandishot
Everything burns (amy lee / ben Mo...by mary
After Amy Lees husband dies unexpectedly Amy runs into her old friend Ben and becomes friends with him again. this stories first chapter was Co. written by amyleeshusba...
  • jackhartzler
  • benmoody
  • evanescence
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Missing (evanescence) by amyleeshusbandishot
Missing (evanescence)by mary
An evanescence story. Contains graphic content. Murder Sexual assault Kidnaping Blood Miscarriage If any of these affect you in any way do not read.
  • fan
  • vampires
  • kidnapped
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Recruited by Evanescence (Amy Lee X-Reader) by BlinkOneEightTuesday
Recruited by Evanescence (Amy Lee...by I Need Food
(So far, the only Amy Lee X-Reader on Wattpad!) In 2006, the rock band Evanescence released their second studio album 'The Open Door'. While on tour in their home town o...
  • amylee
  • fanfiction
  • evanescence
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Everest by evanescence2003
Everestby Zehra
What if amy lee and ben moody had more secrets to what happenend when ben left? this is the story of what really happend on 10.22.03
  • johnlecompt
  • benmoody
  • band
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Evanescence [The Chase] -ongoing- by unquotedHUG
Evanescence [The Chase] -ongoing-by unquotedHUG
As I walked through the hallway, I heard a crowd of humans giggling and chuckling inside a room. They're so nice to look at. I peeped my head inside,and saw a pile of gi...
  • emmawatson
  • hot
  • fantasy
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Break The Cycle(An MIW/EV fan fic) by MotionlessKilljoy1
Origin by Soul_Berf
Originby TheOutlaw
Amy Lee is a 20 year old rockstar, who just quit college to focus on her band Evanescence, that she founded with her soon to be husband, Ben Moody.
  • amy
  • fallen
  • music
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Some Of My Favorite Songs!!! by HybridOfTheLabyrinth
Some Of My Favorite Songs!!!by HybridOfTheLabyrinth
Just as the tittle says.
  • shinedown
  • korn
  • evanescence
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SHATTERED (An Amy Lee FanFiction) by SweetsacrificeEV
SHATTERED (An Amy Lee FanFiction)by SweetsacrificeEV
Amy Lee is stuck in an abusive relationship with Ben Moody who's got some mental issues. She's so desperate, so sad and she's screaming out for help. She finds Josh Hart...
  • hartzler
  • amy
  • shaterred
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Emo Band Stuff  by BlinkOneEightTuesday
Emo Band Stuff by I Need Food
Just opinions and stuff on the emo bands I like. Just coz I can.
  • blink-182
  • alltimelow
  • trja
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Evanescence short fanficts by SelinaHoughton
Evanescence short fanfictsby Selina Houghton
short fanficts about Evanescence, Amy Lee, Josh Hartzler,Ben Moody. I don't hate any evanescence member or any part of Amy's family. And I will be using the sing titl...
  • lee
  • moody
  • amy
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Randomness Vol. 2 by xXmisswidowXx
Randomness Vol. 2by աɨɖօա †
Just a few words from a slightly broken goth and metalhead with many a thought and lots to fangirl (and, let's be real) rant about ♡
  • ev
  • halestorm
  • alternative
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