phantom frailties by StarlightShoals
phantom frailtiesby Julia Alice Squires
the darker side of something else, that needs to be expressed.
  • ghost
  • loss
  • fantasy
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The Beast's Awakening by Shorolth
The Beast's Awakeningby Tiny Satan
Colin Hendrix wasn't normal. He was alone; born of hatred and pain, designed as much more than the Mother Luna's assassin. His pack, left to fend for themselves without...
  • ethereal
  • innocent
  • lycan
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Shattered: A Collection Of Poems by tiredpoems
Shattered: A Collection Of Poemsby talya
Poems about a plethora of different things. Thank you so much for checking it out 💕✨
  • poems
  • revived
  • revival
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 Kpop Wallpapers 🍃 by depentblues
Kpop Wallpapers 🍃by J 0 0 H Ý Ü Ņ
•Bunch of aesthetic and simple wallpapers/lockscreens• . . . . "These are not mine i got them from twitter but sometimes i make them."
  • random
  • boyfriend
  • simple
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Ethereal by Doodle_Diva
Etherealby Doodle
»»----- ♡ -----«« Sometimes discovering great fortune leads you to grave danger. And in this case, it sums up Lucy's life perfectly. Lucy is homeless, orphaned and poor...
  • girl
  • happy
  • ethereal
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The Origin (Book 1 of 3) by babybl3u
The Origin (Book 1 of 3)by chloé✨🗝
The first book in "The Strangers" Trilogy, the book that explained how they've become who they are today. Johnny, Chloe, Juliet, Flowerchild & Elijah. Five ver...
  • ethereal
  • freaky
  • mystery
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ethereal - kpop graphic shoppe by _ttaehyungkim
ethereal - kpop graphic shoppeby — 소현 ✨
ethereal - extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world -------- 'welcome ! ethereal is now open !' 'i hope you all enjoy !' -------- c o...
  • graphics
  • shoppe
  • kpop
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Serendipity by alwayzdaydreamin
Serendipityby alwayzdaydreamin
It was pure serendipity that I met you
  • serendipity
  • euphoria
  • ethereal
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ode to terrible things by TWOHEAVENS
ode to terrible thingsby 🕊
the dawn of britney ballads marijauna and the color pink all i want is to be lost forever in a daydream i want the world haunted with the memory of me
  • britney
  • ethereal
  • prose
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Star-Gazing by harpkeating
Star-Gazingby harperkeating
  • stargazing
  • simplistic
  • blueeyes
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Epiphany - Jikook AU by aesthaetical
Epiphany - Jikook AUby 낙원
❝because i don't think you'll ever hear those words from me again❞ A/N: it won't always stick to social media interface. in fact, most of it won't be. status: writing
  • busanboys
  • ships
  • k-idol
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