HOLES (Squidward x Spongebob) Human schoolboy Au by burgrking
HOLES (Squidward x Spongebob) °•Jen•°
A shitty spongebob x squidward fanfic. My friend dared me to do this fml P/S: this story has very, and I mean very very little aspect of the original spongebob in it. In...
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The Neighbor by saltyjin
The Neighborby λυπημένος
"but i love you" "more than your clarinet ?" in which squidward falls for his annoying neighbor, spongebob . two gay fish living out a fantasy down i...
  • alsogay
  • andgay
  • squidward
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Twisted Talesby Marie-Anne
Read this book if you want your childhood ruined. I'll share the shocking, gory and sinister truth about stories that you have grown up hearing about, and their crazy me...
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