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My Cure (Will Newman x Reader) by Nine_Lives_Singer
My Cure (Will Newman x Reader)by Kathryn
Moving to a new hospital was rough, but somehow I got through it. I have no idea how, but I've managed to survive another year. With my birthday coming up next month the...
  • colesprouse
  • romance
  • cure
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Criminal Family - Dylan. by stealmyziall_
Criminal Family - stealmyziall
Spin-off de Criminal Blood - Versão Dylan. "Minha vida sempre esteve encaminhada.Fui criado através de uma barriga de aluguel com um único propósito, seguir com os...
  • justin
  • dylan
  • owen
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Hot hospital romance x Sebastian Stan X Reader by multi_stories1999
Hot hospital romance x Sebastian multi_stories1999
You have immune deficiency, He has cystic fibrosis. You both aren't allowed to come near people. This story is about people who fall in love knowing they shouldn't. But...
  • chrisevans
  • marvel
  • sebastianstan
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Forever and always  by cal1813
Forever and always by cal1813
What is Dawson never became a fire fighter?And shay never died?What if Dawson and Casey were already dating another person when they met?Read to find out
  • cf
  • dawsey
Medicine | Will Newman by MilkRoad
Medicine | Will Newmanby Rusty✌TPWK
"CF is a bitch" Will Newman x Oc MilkRoad 2019
  • stellagrant
  • feet
  • ốc
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Cystic fibrosis~Daniel seavey  by SarabethRogers995
Cystic fibrosis~Daniel seavey by Sara
"This is Elle Rodriguez signing off" I shut the camera off.
  • cysticfibrosis
  • cf
  • danielseavey
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Will Newman's last days FIVE FEET APART  by happycat780
Will Newman's last days FIVE weird weirdo
His life is ending. The moments he's always feared are close. Stella keeps calling him. Will he answer or will he die in solitude? It's Will's choice
  • willnewman
  • fivefeetapart
  • love
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Living with CF (My Point Of View) by PinkFluffyFujoshi
Living with CF (My Point Of View)by ThatFujoshiWrote
If you don't know what cf is then look it up because I'm not here to explain what it is. I'm here to explain my experiences that are about this condition.
  • vie
  • cystic
  • öf
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Five Feet Apart (I wrote It so you don't have to.) 😁 by Wolfie_16718
Five Feet Apart (I wrote It so Wolfie_16718
Can you love someone you can never touch? Stella Grant likes to be in control-even though her totally out of control lungs have sent her in and out of the hospital most...
  • abby
  • stella
  • poe
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 Intertwined || G.D by unfriendly_Ash
Intertwined || G.Dby -TEETH-
"And it had seemed as if the whole world came to a stop when his fingers intertwined with mine" -h.m. (?) The one where Grayson gets badly injured from the wa...
  • graysondolan
  • cysticfibrosis
  • paralyzed
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Corey Fogelmanis One Shots by yoongi_png
Corey Fogelmanis One Shotsby speedweed
I just write whatever comes to mind
  • imagines
  • cf
  • oneshot
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what could happen? [bughead fanfic]  by jugscloud
what could happen? [bughead jugscloud
Jughead Jones has had CF for his whole life. It had taken so much away from him that he feels that nothing matters anymore, until someone walks into his hospital, she wa...
  • stan
  • cysticfibrosis
  • cf
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Coldrain || Crossfaith || One ok Rock Oneshots  by TaeonV
Coldrain || Crossfaith || One ok V
Lengthy oneshots about anyone who is in these three bands. ♡ Always accepting Requests ♡ Any scenario I'll do my best in writing ♡ Accepting smut/lemon, but more likel...
  • čr
  • crossfaith
  • coldrain
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My life with Cystic Fibrosis by clairenotwineland
My life with Cystic Fibrosisby clairenotwineland
Finding beauty in the sadness.
  • meds
  • life
  • healthy
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Cystic fibrosis Girl  by ElenaSchloemer0
Cystic fibrosis Girl by Elena Schloemer
This 13 year old girl had cystic fibrosis and Is going threw a hard time so she does somthing that you would never think anyone would do.
  • cf
  • depression
  • teen
Family values by Raven5555
Family valuesby Raven5555
A new family book co written with @SidSadie as a fresh start for both of us. This will be very different to our other family books and others that we have read online. A...
  • scotthoying
  • superfruit
  • singleparent
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Find beauty in the sadness  by briellexconcoto
Find beauty in the sadness by briellexconcoto
Before I start writing I just want to say that everything in this story is based on my life, yes I have cystic fibrosis, if anyone has any other questions feel free to a...
  • lovestory
  • romance
  • cysticfibrosis
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If Only by tiny_potato_thing
If Onlyby tiny_potato_thing
"My names Nick, you?"
  • colesprouse
  • love
  • romance
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touch // daniel seavey  by graceseavey
touch // daniel seavey by Grace Seavey
"i never knew how important his touch was... until i couldn't have it."
  • fivefeetapart
  • hospital
  • fanfiction
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New Life | Gale & Katniss by lawsbiansdiary
New Life | Gale & Katnissby lawsbiansdiary
Short one-shot in which Katniss and Gale escape to 13 to start a new life together.
  • gale
  • galeniss
  • district13
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