Pokémon High School RP by heart_bulbasaur
Pokémon High School RPby Bulbasaur
This is a Pokémon high school rp
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Won't Let Go (sequel to Our Little Secret) by Starlightnight7
Won't Let Go (sequel to Our Starco Trash
Ash and Serena have been dating for a month. But the thing is, no one else knows. Serena has strongly begged Ash to keep it a secret but what will happen when Ash has ha...
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Our Little Secret (Amour Shipping) by Starlightnight7
Our Little Secret (Amour Shipping)by Starco Trash
Serena has known how she feels for our dense hero since she met him. She's in love with his every attribute, except the fact that he is too oblivious to see her obvious...
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sign up book | o p e n by TheRealAshXSerena
sign up book | o p e nby ⠀Satosere
Come and join the Amourshipping account! We are currently accepting Admins! Come join our wonderful team! Cover by Glaceon
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Bonnie's Ships  by Froakie05
Bonnie's Ships by Pyper L.
Title says it all! The Shipping Queen and my Amourshipping master is coming to share her opinions on these ships. BTW: Comment your favorite ships
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Falling For Him by TheRealAshXSerena
Falling For Himby ⠀Satosere
Serena Yvonne is known for being a freak, and a nobody. I bet if you looked up the word 'freak' in the dictionary, Serena's face would be there. Misty on the other hand...
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The One and the Only Ash Ketchum (An Amourshipping Story) by hoopa_
The One and the Only Ash Ketchum ( hoopa_
If Serena Yvonne had one word to describe Ash Ketchum... the word would be dense. For years, Serena had a crush on Ash, but he wasn't exactly smart enough to realize it...
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